Microsoft giving out Windows Phones to celebs: Blake Griffin edition

Brandon Watson is persistent, we all know that. In his continued attempt to woo all potential-converts, especially those of a high celebrity profile, Watson is trying to get Windows Phones in the hands of those who can spread the word.

We've seen this before with CNet's Molly Wood and cartoonist Scott Adams and now basketball's Blake Griffin (of the LA Clippers) is the latest to be swayed. Complaining in a Tweet about his iPhone crashing, Brandon reached out to Griffin and his brother (the two are evidently close) in an attempt to get them to switch. Griffin has accepted the offer so we'll have to wait and see on what he thinks about it in a few weeks.

Our bet? We'll hear about how it doesn't have Words with Friends yet.

Source: Twitter; via Mobility Digest

Daniel Rubino

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  • **Our bet? We'll hear about how it doesn't have Words with Friends yet. *** -- > LOL.i love how they Roam twiter lookign for some one complaing about the Iphone or Android just so they can send them one. i wish they put that energy into other more usefull things lol .
  • It's his job to find potential users and I personally think it a unique way to do it. You can only focus so much on an individual thing before you start wasting resources on it.
  • This is not cool, I've been complaining on twitter about my supposed droid and Iphone everyday and I still haven't heard one peep from Brandon. I think this entire game is rigged.
  • Molly Wood? Scott Adams? these are high profile celebrities thats gonna shoot WP7 past all others? And soon to be a unemployed basketball player (nba lockout likely to kill season)? Instead of giving phones to these people, how about spending ANY kind of money on advertisment. MS cant afford to rely on word of mouth from some stupid reality star to sell phones. Although a pic of Justin Beiber using a WP7 might do something (I hate myself for typing that)
  • Although a pic of Justin Beiber using a WP7 might do something (I hate myself for typing that) LMFAO!!!
  • I don't think it costs Microsoft a cent to do this kind of thing. It helps generate publicity and is a good idea.Sure, we all agree better advertising is needed, but these two things are not mutually exclusive so I don't see how they are linked.
  • Well come award season time I hope Brandon drops a high-end Mango phone in every celebs gift bag. Then they need to sponsor the half-time show for every NFL and NBA game. Also they need to sponsor the NHL, PGA, Olympics, MLS and whatever else they can. Microsoft needs to plaster that little WP7 square EVERYWHERE! That is how you gain mindshare, have people damn well addicted to the words Mango and Tango and Apollo. I hope someone from Microsoft gets that one day. It worked for Windows 7, there was a time where I couldn't watch anything on TV without seeing one commerical or another for Windows 7 but not the same for WP7. Make it so!
  • this Basicly sounds like the START of a Produc palcement campain ,
  • They going to keep this up until someone with a million followers trashes the heck out of WP7. I'm sure that'll put a end to this useless Twitter campaign. I thought it was funny at first, now it seems desperate.
  • you say the most outlandish things sometimes. this doesn't seem the least bit desperate. Google giving out android to OEMs and carriers for free. now that's desperate
  • Just get the carriers to promote them... not the silly broken copycat droids and brain dead iphones.Went to best buy the other day, I saw one device and it wasn't obviously displayed.The sales guy hadn't actually seen the phone in action.
  • At least your Best Buy has a device. Ours has a space between two shelves that is separate from all other phones, and not separate in a good way. On that space, are three placeholders for Windows Phones. Two are missing and the one that remains is a dummy HTC Surround. I am very disappointed in Best Buy's promotion of Windows Phone. They still have a live Zune HD for customers to try out, but you won't find a working Windows Phone on display anywhere in our Best Buy.
  • These celebs are all no doubt Verizon or AT&T. They're not penny pinching on Sprint/TM. With that in mind MS needs better CDMA devices to give away.The Trophy is great at $49 smartphone with a great OS but it doesn't leave a WOW THIS IS FANTASTIC impression like the at&t Samsung Focus does (see Molly going from large-screen Droid to a 3.8" Trophy). In comparison to the small-screen iphone the iphone has the "small/thin" factor going for it also.
  • I think this one (Blake Griffin) is a good move, he is high profile, Molly Wood is a joke, a 'pop star techie' who really knows nothing and does nothing but complain about WP7, even Zune Pass which we all know is a much better value than iTunes and the lack of Words With Friends. I also totally agree that they should have waited till the new Mango phones came out to do this, sandling them with an HTC Trophy is sure not going to prove how good this OS is.
  • Microsofts #1 priority should be trying to get Words With Friends in the marketplace so people will stop complaining about not having it. Honestly, WP7 not having Words With Friends is probably the only reason millions of people aren`t getting a windows phone right now.