Microsoft goes deep inside IE in Windows 10 to explore Chakra JavaScript improvments

Microsoft gets highly technical in their latest Internet Explorer blog post that describes the improvements that have been put into the Chakra JavaScript engine in Internet Explorer for the Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Most of this blog is not for the ordinary layman but it's still a fascinating look at how Microsoft has tried to improve IE for Windows 10. Here's an example that describes a new method in IE for faster performance when loading websites and apps.

"Starting with Windows 10 Technical Preview, Chakra now has an additional JIT compilation tier called Simple JIT, which comes into play in-between the switch over from executing a function in the interpreter to executing the highly optimized JIT code, when the compiled code is ready. As its name implies, Simple JIT avoids generating code with complex optimizations, which is dependent on profile data collection by the interpreter. In most cases, the time to compile the code by the Simple JIT is much smaller than the time needed to compile highly optimized JIT code by the Full JIT compiler. Having a Simple JIT enables Chakra to achieve a faster switchover from bytecode to simple JIT'ed code, which in turn helps Chakra deliver a faster startup for apps and sites.

Remember, this is just the preview build of IE in Windows 10. Microsoft is holding off on releasing the full version of Internet Explorer 12 until sometime in the future. In the meantime, what do you think about Microsoft's efforts to improve performance in IE via this preview build?

Source: IE blog

John Callaham