Microsoft's Edge Web Summit 2017 will kick off on September 13, the company has announced. This year, the conference will take place in Seattle, giving developers a chance to learn about what's next for Edge and check out sessions on a number of technical subjects. Microsoft to hold Edge Web Summit 2017 in Seattle this September

From Microsoft:

You'll learn how to use exciting new web platform features like Service Worker, Web Authentication, and CSS Grid to build modern, performant experiences with native-like capabilities. And you'll have an opportunity to try out next-generation experiences built with technologies like Progressive Web Apps, WebVR, and lots more.

Microsoft also says that it will have representatives there to help developers squash bugs on their sites and improve the efficiency of their code.

This will mark the third annual Edge Web Summit, with the first having taken place before the browser officially launched. Registration isn't open just yet, but Microsoft promises web developers will be able to get more details and sign up starting next month at the Edge developer portal.

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