Microsoft might be working on a 'Touch Cover' for the iPad

Microsoft's original Touch Cover for the Surface back in 2012 was an interesting product, if only because it was a unique idea at the time. A full keyboard in a tablet cover, except with the Surface Touch Cover, it wasn't really a full keyboard. It was a flat piece of fabric with no real buttons, which some liked, but most didn't.

Since then, Microsoft has refined its Surface cover accessory line, building only the Surface Type Cover now in 2017. It appears however that Microsoft isn't done with its Touch Cover idea, with a new document (via WinFuture) related to lithium batteries that reveals that Microsoft is working on a Touch Cover for the Apple iPad.

The document doesn't reveal much about the accessory, apart from it having some kind of battery in it. The document is part of a selection of documents where Microsoft details its battery use in all its products, including Lumia, Surface, and Xbox. The iPad Touch Cover is casually listed alongside all these other Microsoft products.

Microsoft is yet to make any official announcement regarding a Touch Cover for the iPad, for all we know it could have been canceled. But it's interesting nonetheless to see Microsoft building accessories for other tablets such as the iPad. It will be interesting to see how closely Microsoft's iPad Touch Cover resembles the original Surface Touch Covers.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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