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Microsoft might be working on a 'Touch Cover' for the iPad

Microsoft's original Touch Cover for the Surface back in 2012 was an interesting product, if only because it was a unique idea at the time. A full keyboard in a tablet cover, except with the Surface Touch Cover, it wasn't really a full keyboard. It was a flat piece of fabric with no real buttons, which some liked, but most didn't.

Since then, Microsoft has refined its Surface cover accessory line, building only the Surface Type Cover now in 2017. It appears however that Microsoft isn't done with its Touch Cover idea, with a new document (via WinFuture) related to lithium batteries that reveals that Microsoft is working on a Touch Cover for the Apple iPad.

The document (opens in new tab) doesn't reveal much about the accessory, apart from it having some kind of battery in it. The document is part of a selection of documents where Microsoft details its battery use in all its products, including Lumia, Surface, and Xbox. The iPad Touch Cover is casually listed alongside all these other Microsoft products.

Microsoft is yet to make any official announcement regarding a Touch Cover for the iPad, for all we know it could have been canceled. But it's interesting nonetheless to see Microsoft building accessories for other tablets such as the iPad. It will be interesting to see how closely Microsoft's iPad Touch Cover resembles the original Surface Touch Covers.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • bluetooth or for the pro?
  • With the battery in it, I would guess BT. It would make more sense to take advantage of the connector on the Pro's though. Those are tauted by Apple as being productivity devices, and supported by MS with the 'Office Suite'.* Maybe both. Not sure how it would compete with Logitech, Zagg and the zillion other iPad keyboard/case options. *Yes I know Office Mobile runs on all the iThings, but it was highlighted at the Pro Launch, supporting the productivity aspect.
  • They have a Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad already so it probably uses the connector. Anyways could be a good idea, the pros keyboard doesn't look.that good. 
  • The touch cover was easily the worst keyboard I have ever used on a Surface device, which is why it was quickly replaced with the type cover!!!
  • Same. It was garbage
  • They will be a subsidiary to Apple in 10 years...just like IBM.
  • It's a Trojan horse to lure iPad users to surface
  • Like they released Microsoft apps and Cortana to iOS to lure people to Windows Phone?  We all know how that turned out.  
  • No, that was to lure IOS users to the Microsoft ecosystem. MS is not an OS or phone company. They're primarily a software company that also makes an OS and some hardware. Obviously they're going to push their software where the users are. To do otherwise would be to bite off their nose to spite their face.
  • Apple working on a new windows mobile! Since MS can't help but make things for other platforms, someone's gotta pick up the pieces MS left behind.😒
  • I think the zagg is my best bet.  I like them the most.
  • Hmmm...  I was going to get pissed, angry that MS would develop hardware for Apple products and not its own mobile OS.  Then I realized they are setting up for the iPhone product line to be the next Surface phone!  Macbooks can dual boot into Windows, why not iPhones?  The Apple A# chips are all ARM based.  What if the ARM demo with the 835 is just the tip of the W10 on ARM iceberg?  Dual booting on Mac hardware was a thing long before the surface hardware came out; what if MS's mobile re-trenching strategy is *that* far down the road?  dual boot for a while, then find their niche with new hardware later.  With mobile hardware being Apples profit center, they may be ok with it, expecially considering W10Ms market share.  They will whine & complain to get some attention, without actually making it difficult to load up W10M on ARM.
  • I actually liked the thinness of the touch cover, I got pretty good at typing on it. Sounds of a battery being in it seems like it'll be bluetooth instead, which is something I am not looking forward too. Was hoping it would have been smart connector based.
  • I liked how thin it was as well but the typing experience sucked. If, like me you're a touch typist, then you can't get up to any sort of speed on it as it constantly misses keystrokes. It reminded me of the Sinclair ZX80 keyboard, typing on it was like trying to read braille through gardening gloves!!!
  • Sega 2.0
  • Hmm interesting creating a more broader range to make cash.
  • In Android, MS has been trying to put themselves in front of the user with Arrow launcher and custom keyboard. But there's no way of doing that in iOS because it's locked down. So I'm guessing this keyboard cover somehow gets them an in from a different angle. Maybe it'll have shortcut keys for Office365, Skype, etc