Microsoft issues critical Adobe Flash Player fix after delayed Patch Tuesday

Just a week after delaying its usual monthly Patch Tuesday updates for February, Microsoft has issued a critical Adobe Flash Player fix (opens in new tab) for Windows.

Rated critical Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016, the update includes patches released by Adobe last week. However, because Flash Player is included with Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, any fix from Adobe has to be distributed from Microsoft via Windows Update to cover its browsers. According to the patch notes, this patch fixes security issues that could allow remote code execution by an attacker.

Usually these types updates would arrive on the second Tuesday of the month, otherwise known as Patch Tuesday. However, in an unusual move, Microsoft delayed the monthly batch of updates over a "last minute issue." Microsoft latest clarified that this month's updates would arrive with next month's planned Patch Tuesday updates on March 14.

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  • Thanks for the heads up!
  • Do people even still use Flash? If yes, you use it in IE11/Edge in W8, W10 or Server 2012/R2/2016?
  • I have one service I pay for that uses Flash. W10 with Edge. Haven't noticed any problems. Yet.
  • Kinda unusual to see them still patching RT. I considered it virus proof.
  • Viruses and exploits from software vulnerabilities are completely separate issues.
  • So how does this work? I get and install monthly patches directly from Adobe and then I get and install another one via MS update! I use five browsers between W8.1 and Win10, Edge, IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari...
  • IE and Edge updates for Flash come from Microsoft, and from Adobe for other browsers. Also, Safari is so obsolete it's not even funny. Apple stopped support for Safari on Windows several years ago.
  • That's the reason I use Safari. Because it's so outdated....
  • But that also means any new vulnerabilities have not and will not be fixed.
  • It's not showing up on Windows Update here, on build 15031
  • It wouldn't, these updates are for production OS. Latest Flash will be incorporated in a future build.