Microsoft launches a new ad for Windows Phone: "Everything a smartphone should be"

Looks like the Windows Phone ads are finally getting better these days. Microsoft has launched a new ad focusing on "Everything a smartphone should be" and it features the Samsung Focus. Using extreme close ups, it shows off various functions, including live tiles, email, texting, the keyboard noise, Xbox LIVE, etc. Actually, we're kinda impressed and like this style, so good work there MS.

No word if this will actually be on TV where people will, you know, see it. Fingers crossed.

Source: WindowsPhone (YouTube); Thanks, Philip, for the heads up

Daniel Rubino

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  • this commercial should definitely be aired on tv
  • It should be, I like it, good step up.
  • Yea, that's a sweet ad, WP is a step up from most smart phones.
  • Everything but cut and paste, timely updates, and 3rd party app multitasking.
  • I like the "Trade up" tag at the end.