Microsoft Licenses Flash Lite for Windows Mobile

Looks like, in addition to Silverlight, Flash Lite will be rolled directly into Windows Mobile by year's end, per MacWorld [via pocketnow]:

Microsoft has licensed Adobe Flash Lite, the Flash Player runtime for mobile devices, so that Windows Mobile phone users can view Flash content in the browser. Microsoft has also licensed the Adobe Reader LE software, so that Windows Mobile users will be able to view PDFs.

We've been pretty pro-Silverlight here at WMExperts, less so with Flash. You're much better off implementing an awesome Full YouTube on Windows Mobile Hack than mucking around with the anemic Flash Lite (although, yes, it will support video). Silverlight seems like it has much more potential as a platform for mobile devices than the resource-intensive Flash and it's weaker little brother, Flash Lite. Let's hope that:

  1. Flash Lite as implemented on Windows Mobile doesn't turn mobile browsing into a slow, punch-the-monkey-ad-filled, and generally painful experience.
  2. Flash Lite doesn't smuggle in the slightly troubling back-door cookie problem that Flash has brought to the desktop.

Yes, we want a better browser on Windows Mobile - but “a better browser” doesn't mean Flash, mmkay? At least Silverlight is coming first - as early as this Spring!

WC Staff