Microsoft Lumia 650 camera samples

We couldn't test the camera on the new Microsoft Lumia 650 during our initial hands on thanks to the need to get on a plane and head out to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress.

Barcelona, however, provided a great backdrop to test out the 650 and see what it's made of.

So here's a bunch of pictures taken straight from the phone. Our CMS reduced them in size a little to fit within its boundaries, but otherwise they're untouched. All were taken with Rich Capture turned on and allowed to do it's thing. There's some ranging from bright sunlight, through overcast, into a press conference and then into an apartment in the evening.

It generally seems to do OK when the light is good. Perhaps a little over-saturated and a little warm at times, equally these could be dumbed down by turning off Rich Capture. The performance inside the Huawei press conference was admirable, though when you get indoors in low light, things get pretty rough.

But also remember this is a cheap phone. Given the asking price, I'm not too disappointed so far. But what say you? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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