Microsoft may pay around $400 million to acquire Xamarin

Microsoft's's planned acquisition of Xamarin could cost them as much as $400 million. The company revealed its plans to buy the San Francisco-based mobile app development tools creator earlier this week.

The numbers come from Bloomberg, which added:

"Talks between the two companies started late last year, almost two years after earlier discussions failed to result in a deal, the people said. The two companies have had a partnership for several years."

If the numbers are accurate, buying Xamarin would still be cheaper for Microsoft compared to earlier acquisition deals, such as its purchase of Skype for $8.5 billion and more recently the purchase of Mojang, and its Minecraft game franchise, for $2.5 billion.

Source: Bloomberg

  • Bargain!
  • Agreed that it sounds like a bargain. As a developer, I know how great the Xamarin framework is. Huge benefits for the developers. Also, if it propels iOS and Android developers to use Visual Studio as their development tool, it could be huge. They would find how easy it is to publish a Windows version of their app while they work on their app. Win-Win for everyone.
  • That's a big 'if'. Let's have a brief look at the past... ( The Nokia acquisition was supposed to save Windows Phone. FAIL. Universal Apps were going to save Windows Phone / Mobile. FAIL. Project Astoria / Islandwood / et al would save the Windows Phone / Mobile platform. FAIL. I wouldn't be surprised if Xamarin will very shortly wither and die. A shame, really, because Window Phone / Mobile remains a pleasing OS to use, but is crippled by developer indifference.
  • Actually, no buying nokias phone division was adage control, Nokia threatened to join the android market after microsofts contract with them expired, if it had happened WP would have been completely dead.
  • You're kind of failing on your grading there bud. UWP and Islandwood (as well as WM10, aren't even fully implemented yet, so how can you say they are fails?
  • Thanks, islandwood just got new update, universal are almost ready for prime time ebuk is talking out the side of his neck epic fail
  • I disagree with universial apps failing. For one the platform just launched and it only fails if Windows 10 fails to produce enough numbers to support it. Right now they are off to a pretty good start and I am seeing differences already from things I would not have seen in the past. Such as owning a Nikon D750 camera with wireless support for iOS and google play stores only. Now there is a 3rd party that developed a universial app that compliments both my phone and Surface pro 3, so developers are seeing the relevance in the eco-system and I think that will continue to grow into seeing a trinity of mainstream apps advertsing windows 10, app store and google play in the not so distant future!
  • Universal apps aren't a success just coz some damn third party developer develops a priced app. It is a sucess when companies start making apps themselves
  • If anything, UWP is just getting started. Took years for IOS ipad/phone compatible apps to take off.
  • Have to agree, they're not just getting Xamarin, but essentially all the developers along with it. Sounds like a steal to me.
  • We don't know how many would stay?
  • MS needs to lure them in with affordable or free licenses. They should make this announcement at Build 2016!
  • Buy all the bullshit in the world..we windows phone users wouldn't gain a thing as usual..iPhone and android users can party as always..
  • The entire point of Xamarin is porting apps... I am someone, of the 2639th variety.
  • You got my thoughts. Exactly what I wanted to,comment
  • Not much if we think they have acquired other companies for so much more offering so much less like Minecraft... 2.5B for that was way too much. at least Xamarin is more useful.
  • Minecraft was still a bargain I think.... They have probably made sooooooo much money of that thing.
  • Not sure why you were downvoted. I agree. They are still raking in the dough. It continues to stay top in sales. Have an upvote! :)
  • Thanks haha, I mean I think Microsoft in general is doing really well and being very smart about its purchases.... but xamarin sounds 90% discounted haha, I feel like this company would have been more valuable to Microsoft than Minecraft, but both these purchases will and do help Microsoft in a myriad of ways.
  • Very much agreed. This sounds like a heck of a deal. What I understand of it that is....
  • yes Minecraft was a no brainer. They recovered costs and were making money in under 6 months
  • Factor in the couple hundred million they'd already pumped into Xamarin of course... Which is why there's a bunch of us watching that were all - stop the funding, just buy them already ha ha
  • How do you define too much? They are already making a ton of money off it. The idea was to make more money with the 2.5B than they would by 'leaving it in the bank' so to speak.
  • Umm are you suggesting that Minecraft was a bad decision? 
  • Can they buy me a firmware update for my 950 too? AT&T won't spend a dime to help out. Hope Xaramin and VS mate soon and give us a greater product.
  • 20+GB visual studio kinda scares me. I am someone, of the 2639th variety.
  • I was on the fence about whether or not I should take the time to learn UWP or learn Cordova with Ionic framework instead. But now that MS is purchasing Xamirin, I'm going to get started learning UWP this weekend.
  • Xamarin raised a lot of money over the years so I expected a high price. I wouldn't compare this acquisition to the Skype, Nokia or even Mojang deals really. I'm a big fan and long time user of Xamarin but Skype was the most popular voip client, Nokia was the only company doing WP and Mojang was a phenomenon. Most people building iOS/Android aren't even aware Xamarin exists.
  • That's it?? Xamarin charges 2k per developer license per year....
  • Microsoft make Xamarin licenses free and developers will come!
  • Buying Xamarin = Swift Islandwood integration. Win.