Microsoft names Kevin Scott as new Chief Technology Officer

Microsoft has today announced that Kevin Scott has been appointed a newly created role under the title "Chief Technology Officer", joining the Senior Leadership Team at Microsoft and reporting directly to CEO Satya Nadella. This new role is an expansion from his role at LinkedIn as Senior Vice President of Infrastructure.

Satya Nadella said in an official blog post: (opens in new tab)

"We are thrilled that Kevin will bring to Microsoft his unique expertise developing platforms and services that empower people and organizations. Kevin's first area of focus is to bring together the world's leading professional network and professional cloud."

This move aims to "drive strategic, cross-company initiatives" between both LinkedIn and Microsoft. Prior to Kevin Scott's role as Senior Vice President of Infrastructure at LinkedIn, he lead a number of engineering leadership roles at AdMob and Google.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • When will there ve a new linkedin app uwp on the windows store
  • Can he program as well?
  • Maybe years after Andrios
  • I'm sure they're working hard on it as we speak...not.
  • Corporate politics, don't you just love it: "We are thrilled that Kevin will bring to Microsoft his unique expertise developing platforms and services that empower people and organizations." Possible translation: "We give him a nice title, a raise and get him out of Linkedin (which we have recently purchased) and put our own guy in there at our leasure."
  • Or they bought LinkedIn because they liked the business LinkedIn had built, and they brought one of the core team members responsible in to their own leadership team because they see talent. A good company does not willingly get into the habit of creating false roles and filling them with unqualified people.
  • I read an article about how Microsoft has been pretty hands off with the LinkedIn buy. They are letting them do their own thing. They even let them keep using G Suite. However, word is Google doesnt like it and might force LinkedIn to not use their products. They dont want 10,000 Microsoft employees knowing their road map or something... :) Anyways, thats what the article I read a few weeks ago was saying :). 
  • Well they did the same with Skype and we all know how well that went for skype, the users and Microsoft 
  • I am excited to see what may come of this deal. I use LinkedIn but not other social media sites, hope the focus stays on business.
  • At last Microsoft now has a better social network than Google, Google + is an abandoned ghost town and now most serious people don't put serious stuff on Facebook, so the only serious social networks today are Twitter and LinkedIn.  I bet 100 dollars that Google will purchase Twitter later this year after they see Microsoft's success and what LinkedIn will bring to the profits in the cloud business.
  • In Europe this one competitior to linkedin: Xing. But they are totally screwing up with annoying people on preminum features.
  • Interesting, didn't know LinkedIn had competition, I agree with your disagreement, Xing should design a strategy to attract more angel investment capital and keep premium for free to attract european companies like BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz to make this service more popular, that will make things better for both LinkedIn and Xing in long term.
  • Someone should teach Satya some synonyms to the verb "empower".
  • Ok, but how about a proper full-featured LinkedIn app for W10?