Microsoft news flash: Consumers like mobile music!

Sometimes you just have to shake your head at Microsoft and sigh.

In a recent interview with the Reuters news network, Andy Lees, senior VP of Redmond's Mobile Communications side, said future versions of WinMo will focus on improving the music experience.

"One thing that Apple has leveraged on is the music scenario, and I think that that is something the operators and ourselves are partnering on."Lees said music in cellphones was a huge business opportunity, since every year consumers bought 10 times as many music-enabled cellphones as iPods.

You can almost see Microsoft execs walking into Tuesday night's Celtics-Lakers thrashing in fourth quarter, sitting down and saying, "Hey, guys. How's it going? Who's winning?"

So, let's recap the recent MS revelations:

Catch the trend? We ... Need ... Better ...

Now the good news: Microsoft really is working on all of the above. Real redesigns - and not just "better" apps - are actually in the works. Let's just hope that it comes soon enough to counter the coming iPhone marketshare onslaught.

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  • For all the blind ribbing the Zune takes its interface and functionality is actually top notch. And I do mean "blind" ribbing since most of my Mac co-workers who knock it have never actually used one, but will eventually concede it is actually very nice and easier to navigate than the iPod classic interface after they've had a chance to play with one for a few minutes. Having that type of player functionality seems a no-brainer to me. If the screenshots for WM7 are any indication, the 'twist' navigation from Media Center and the Zune is clearly going to be making its way in WM7. Go ahead and bring it fully into play be using the Zune interface for the music/video experience.