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Other OEMs will still be able to license Windows Phone

Microsoft makes Windows Phone software. Nokia makes Windows Phone hardware. Microsoft just bought Nokia. No need for other OEMs right? Not exactly. Microsoft may make their own PC hardware with the Surface family of devices, but for the foreseeable future you’ll still have PC choices from other OEMs. What about Windows Phone?

Terry Myerson was once in charge of Windows Phone. Since Microsoft started their transition earlier this summer, he’s now in charge of operating systems – Windows, Windows Phone, etc. He shared some thoughts on blog post. But the question a few OEMs might be asking is if they’ll still be able to make Windows Phone devices. The answer? Yes. Here’s what he mentions:

“Today’s announcement doesn’t change that – acquiring Nokia’s Devices group will help make the market for all Windows Phones, from Microsoft or our OEM partners.”

So don’t worry about not being able to buy a Windows Phone device from other OEMs in the near future. They’ll still have the option.

Source: Windows Blog

  • ...whoa. Nokia + Microsoft= indestructible Xbox, surface... "first" lol <-- hate these
  • I actually would be interested in a HTC One WP version.
  • +1020
  • LOL. But L1020 still better than HTC's One, IMO.
  • Some would buy the One WP edition instead of the 1020. I like Nokia more, but it would be nice to have choice. Windows phone shouldn't be JUST Nokia.
  • The problem there is that if Nokia are the only WP OEM then two things will happen. Market share will drop and Nokia can charge whatever they want. Market share WILL drop if they are the only OEM especially considering there are only four WP OEMs anyway, including Nokia. Just look at the price of the iPhone 5C, where Apple is the only OEM, which is not exactly cheap at $500
  • It's kind of off topic, but remember that Nokia has been releasing most of its apps to all WP and not making them exclusive for the Lumia line.
  • A couple issues with your logic. 1) Nokia is already like 80% of the WP sales. Samsung is barely competing. One HTC is making a decent effort to make good wp smartphones. Therefore, market share won't drop. 2) Nokia is still competing with android. So, they can't charge whatever they want. 3) Nokia is the only smartphone oem for WP that is making low end phones. You think if they are the only manufacturer on WP they will stop making them?
  • Guys, I made a mistake. I meant windows phone SHOULDN'T be just Nokia. I put should on accident. Just edited it.
  • Yes, but true (RGB stripe) 1080p and stereo front speakers would be really nice. I skipped the 1020 because of the screen. And it's just annoying to have to cup your hand around the phone's base correctly to get the audio to point in the same direction the screen is pointing.
  • A One variant with WP is what I'm waiting for...that or a GS4 with WP.
  • Maybe this will force Samsung and HTC to pick their game up!
  • +1
  • Why would this force them to pick up their game? As far as the other OEM's are concerned, nothing changed, just the name on the back of the phones.
    They don't care, and still won't. Not until something of significance happens in favor of Microsofts mobile operating systems. If they want to force Samsung and HTC to pick their game up, then they should do something to make WP8 device sell in large enough numbers to be something other than a blip on those companies quarterlies.
  • Due to they all could prosper in the success of WP. The only OEM that advertise is Nokia. The only manufacturer that is safe is Samsung due to them running things over at Android.
  • Why would they want to, though? MIcrosoft just bought the biggest player in Windows Phone. It's not like when google bought Motorola (because motorola was a small fish for android for Nokia's Giant to windows phone). 
  • Will nokia still have its name?
  • That's what I wanna know...
  • Yes they will it's in the presentation I think
  • Actually, it isn't. Not clearly anyways. They say they have a deal with Nokia to use the name for the next 10 years but the overall feel of the presentation gives me the impression that they'll soon start calling it the "Microsoft Windows Phone" range. That gives me jitters.
  • No, they will *NOT*
    All Lumia's will be Microsoft Lumia's, the "NOKIA" name is dead for smartphones. Asha feature phones *ONLY*.
    Its all in the press release, on here, The Verge, Twitter... Amazing how now one f***ing reads.
  • I really hope so, if the Nokia branding on lumia and asha phones went away, it would really be bad.
    Does anyone know the answer.
  • Nokia is retaining ownership of name. Though the Lumia brand has been acquired by Microsoft. Happy that they recognize the value in the Lumia brand.
  • Nokia brand will be used for phones, Mircosoft has already acquired 10years license for Nokia brand and can extend it further.
  • Yes but MS licenced it for 10 years.
  • Hope so. Love Nokia licensed phones
  • No it won't, its going to be Microsoft Lumia.
  • Ehh I don't care about HTC or Samsung but for hose few who do this is good news.
  • That's what she said…
  • They'll be able to license it but I doubt anyone will.  You can't partner with somebody and compete against them at the same time.  It'll be another Windows RT situation.
  • Question remains: HTC may still produce WP's but will Samsung even bother with WP now? I have a feeling that IF Microsoft is able to buy Nokia, the next announcement will be by Samsung announcing they'll drop WP altogether (and I wouldn't be surprised if, at some point, Samsung tried to buy Android from Google...they've already turned it into a Samsung-centred OS).
  • Samsung is actually making their own OS now. I doubt they'd buy Android at that point.
  • How much of that OS is Android or Android-based? From the little I know (not a Samsung fan), Samsung already molded Android to their whims. If they develop their own OS, there's a fair chance it uses Android as a base for it.
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  • Enjoy your iphone.
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  • You idiot, he has already announced that he is buying iphone and went on a hatred mania against Microsoft and WP8 in the other thread.
  • oops replied to the wrong message, my mistake that was to him and I've seen that message he posted. I apologize
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  • You first. See, I actually like my WP and have no plans on buying an iPhone... unlike you.
  • How dare some people prefer certain products over others?! Such utter madness!
  • Samsung and HTC forced Microsoft to buy Nokia and produces his own devices, just because they shown that they don't care about WP
  • Even though they will be able to license it, this buy out will just force all other OEMs to quit.
  • Kinda hope HTC will still create WP.
  • I also believe that Samsung and others will leave ship. HTC might continue if MS lets them serve the high end segment with a WP version of the One.
  • That's just what WP doesn't need, there are only four OEMs making Windows Phones anyway and more choice for the consumer is a good thing, unless people on here want Windows Phone to become a one trick pony like iOS!!!
  • I think that we are kidding ourselves if we think that HTC's first reaction wasn't "...crap...", and Samsungs wasn't "Wait, we still are making Windows Phone devices?".
    I hope that HTC is still able to make some WP devices, but it will be all or nothing for them. More likely nothing. I've given up on Samsung.
    Huawei? Who's Huawei??
  • I hope HTC carry on making WP devices as until the Lumia 925 came out I thought the Titan was the best looking WP but Nokia have put everything in for WP HTC decided to look at the Android side and lose out on the WP side. I wounder if Microsoft will look at Picking HTC up at some point to as having HTC and Nokia developers working on a WP would be very  intresting as they both make very nice hardware and HTC have made intresting UI's since the WM days.
  • Yeah, I feel sorry for HTC. They're such a good phone maker. I have the HTC Titan and it is a beast. Please stay alive HTC.
  • The Radar was gorgeous, as is my Titan II. The 8X looks awesome, but I passed it up for a Nokia. I'm afraid I'm in an overwhelming majority. HTC doesn't have a chance, the way things are now. I hope Microsoft was serious about "jumpstarting OEMs".
  • The reality is that although we had other OEMs for wp8, they didn't really make up a significant portion of sales. So, can there be other OEMs even now with the new MS relationship, sure. The question is, does it really matter. My opinion, won't matter until ms breaks 15% market share, at which point the Sammys of the world might take notice.
  • My thought exactly. Unless they do include somethings or features in WP that people want but Nokia nor Microsft can't afford to do it, then what's the point for these OEMs to release new devices. Aside from Nokia, I don't really see any other OEMs WP device worth buying. 
  • It might be the say way like when scroggle bought motorola
  • Nice! That probably makes the prices stay normal. If they should be the only once making them the prices should probably go up.
  • Why would they want to considering Nokia dominates WP market. It's like a lost cause.
  • For the same reason other OEMs create Android devices and Samsung dominates the Android market. Money!!!!
  • This is good news. They can now release the Lumia 1020 or new Lumia to all major carriers at same time.
  • With this acquisition, the market share will explode, so I'm pretty sure other OEMs won't want to abandon a profitable ship.
  • When Windows Phone 8 launched, there was details of a purported "Surface Phone" that surfaced, anyone remember that?
    Also, recent news of Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT merging.
    And the 6' Nokia "Bandit" phone that's been supposedly leaked recently.
    NOW, does anyone else feel like there's a Surface-esque type phone that will feature Windows 8/RT capabilities, in a phone factor? I mean, it only all adds up at this point.
    If Microsoft/Nokia releases a phone with a nice 4.5 - 6 Inch display, quad-core processor, multiple gigs of RAM, a 1080P screen, a killer Nokia camera and the ability to not only RUN Windows, but also the power to process actual windows-based programs. Just imagine for a second the possibilities.
  • I'd like to imagine a 6 inch surface rt with phone capabilities and pureview 41mp camera. I'll have everything I need by then for my travels!
  • I would kill for any phone that will run windows8
  • Other OEMs make Windows Phones? :P
  • But why would they want to  I wouden't If it was my call. 
  • If other OEMs had little incentive up until now to produce WP8 device, what do they have now?
    I know we all love Nokia and that' great. There are many reasons to do so.
    But, if you learned one thing from Apple, it's got to be that one manufacturer can not compete long term against an onslaught of OEMs. It's what happened to Apple back in the Macintosh aera and is what's happening to them now with the iPhone. You need other OEMs to hold significant market share.
    Sure, Nokia has a variety of devices while Apple has one. But they make a ton of money off of this one device, while i would expect the profit margin of the 520 to be rather small.
    I don't want to be all negative about this. Of course there are pros to this acquisition. Increased colaboration, more money for Nokia to do what they do best. Maybe even further improvements to Nokia Maps, which will benefit all WP devices.
    I just think that, what they (Nokia and MS) did that last years finally started to work and i don't see the reason to change that.
    I really think this has much more to do with Stephen Elop then with Nokia. Who know what deliberations really went into this decision.
  • Might be the situation now, but you don't buy Nokia to just use it as just a reference phone, kind of how the Surface devices are. Once contracts are up with other OEMs, MS will fly solo.
  • Not going to happen, worldwide Windows Phone has an insignificant market share so ditching other OEMs would be suicide.
  • I was worried there for a moment! If Nokia was the sole producer of WP hardware, then Lumia users wouldn't have other WP users to antagonize and we'd all have to get along. Phew!
  • We would all end up like iPhone users, mindless zombies all using the same phone!!!!!
  • Good good ! That's all what I wanted to know.
    Got me worried for a second there .
  • As a Sprint user, who's staying on Sprint, I wonder if Sprint even offers a viable WP8 phone after this announcement?  I believe HTC wants to make WP8 phones, but times are tough...Samsung seems to keep WP8 on life support just in case...
    So is there even a safe option right now on their network?  It appears to be a gamble.