Microsoft patent would keep Surface Type Cover from 'flopping' with magnets

What you need to know

  • A newly discovered Microsoft patent could prevent your Surface Type Cover from "flopping" open when in tablet mode.
  • The patent describes a few different methods of using magnets to hold the Type Cover in place.
  • As with all patents, there's no guarantee this will make it to a shipping product, but it could solve one of the Surface Pro's more irritating issues.

Microsoft may be planning a way to keep your Surface Pro Type Cover from "flopping" open when using the device in tablet mode. As spotted by Windows United, Microsoft has patented a way to use magnets to hold the Type Cover to the back of a device.

The patent appears to work much like magnetic mechanisms on current tablets when covers are closed, but in reverse. It would securely hold the Type Cover to the rear of a Surface Pro, preventing it from folding back open when attempting to use the device as a tablet.

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As is the case with all patents, there's no guarantee this mechanism will see the light of day in a shipping product; Microsoft patents things that go unseen all of the time. However, it would be a handy addition that could solve a somewhat irritating issue in the next Surface Pro.

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