Microsoft pits Cortana against Siri in new commercial

We could tell you all about Microsoft's latest commercial pitting Cortana's abilities on the new HTC One M8 for Windows against Siri on the iPhone 5S, but we'd rather you see it for yourself.

Interested in knowing more about all the cool things Cortana can do? Check out our Cortana topic page. What features do you like the most? Is there any feature or service you'd like to see added to Cortana? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: YouTube

Thanks Kyle for sending this in!

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia for Android Central, Windows Central's sister site. When not reviewing phones, he's testing PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, gaming accessories, and keyboards.

  • I really like it when they make iPhones look like the shit they are
  • They are not that shit, the real shit is android.
  • True real shit is android. But apple has made the image which has made ppl sheeps. Consider MacBook as an example.
  • I was once thinking like that, but when you see and hold MacBook in real life, and then go to ultrabooks, you see that there's only a few ultrabooks that can really compete and their prices aren't even THAT different. Honestly, I'd love a MacBook pro with native windows 8.1 :)
  • Dell xps 15 is your macbook pro with native windows 8.1 Light, sleek, fast. Qet the qhd for outstanding video out. 
  • Yes, they have nice chassis. I owned a MacBook, iPad and iPhone for three years before I got my surface pro. No way I'd ever go back.
  • they told me at the Apple Store they could and would if I like do that to my MacBook Pro, still seriously considering it since it is so much lighter to haul around then my lap top  
  • Boot camp for mac.
  • Macbooks are great computers :/ Expensive, but they're excellent. Stop being such an awful fanboy, its embarrassing
  • I'm with you. I have 3 Windows Phones but also own a Windows 7 laptop as well as a MacBook Pro. Great computer indeed. I'll never understand why people bash Apple like that.
  • Have you ever owned a MacBook Pro? I gave up my Surface Pro 3 to go back to my MacBook Pro. 
  • Really.
  • I'm shocked!
  • I won't go that far now.
  • Yes, and the Mac OS is simply didn't impress me. Very unintuitive.
  • Totally agree not worthy of the price, better to buy a powerful ultrabook and install Ubuntu on it
  • Oh hell yeah i like this plan Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Totally disagree, but to each his/her own. I couldn't live without my MacBook Pro.
  • My wife's old MacBook pro was pretty nice, hardware wise; I can't get into OSX. I'm on her iMac quite a bit but prefer win8.1
  • wow you must be an apple fanboy or just really stupid.
  • I owned one for three years, and there's no way I'd go back to a MacBook from a surface pro 3 (note: Yes, I own a surface pro 3 256GB:)
  • Those two aren't comparable. Apples to oranges. XPS 15 and 13.
  • Wow, just wow. Posted via WPCentral App.
  • Could not agree. Google services like google now, google maps and hangout integration are more better than Microsoft. And also 3rd party app resume frustration is a huge blow for me.
  • All that gets thrown out the window for me though since I know they're using everything they give the customer to build an advertisement profile and sell it to the highest bidder and share personal information about you with other services.
  • Lol for the first time i will say this. Your information may be sold, but it is anonymous thanks to the coded advertising ID they generate for you. So no matter what, even if your info is sold... No one can tell the difference between you and Bob. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Doesn't matter... I do NOT want to be profiled by a company that earns money by profiling... In my world it's worse than governments profiling their citizens since it's for profits. And giving services I don't use access to my profile/information... Nah.
  • Okay fair enough. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Aye
  • Cortana, Bing Maps, and Skype are better.
  • I concur..
  • Ehh, that is a matter of opinion. WP is the only platform where the netive messaging service isn't integrated into the SMS app itself. Bing Maps is not better than Google Maps, Cortana is not better than Google Now, but it is getting close to parity.
  • I have to disagree with you. Android is a good OS. Sure, it has problems but what OS doesn't? The problem comes from manufacturers. They load the OS with crap and tons of bloatware and themes, they block updates, they force you into using their services (Galaxy S3 has 3 Music apps, 3 Vide apps and 2 Game centers (GPlay not included)) and all these without considering the crappy hardware they put that OS on. Basically, it has the same problem Windows Mobile had from day one.
  • No you are wrong my friend any WP device will walk over an Android device on performance and stability
  • Yea sure *rolls eyes* fanboys are just sad has come a long was as has iOS and windows, why is that so hard to accept?
  • Why does one have to be a "fan boy" just because of their opinion? That's what he believes and he most likely currently owns a Windows Phone and prefers it's experience.
  • Yes, there's nothing wrong in having an opinion, and that cannot be seen as fanboyism. It becomes fanboyism when one states his/her opinion as a fact though, as he/she did. Posted via WPCentral App.
  • You post your own question. Why is that so hard to accept WP OS is better than Android?
  • How can you compare different OSes as if they were actually comparable, just like that? It's just a matter of taste. Posted via WPCentral App.
  • That is a very fanboyish comment, so all those resuming complaints and buggy apps and beta buggy apps and broken and abandoned apps are just the epitome of performance and stability. Stop beign a fanboy for 2 seconds.
  • I'm working all day long with all iOS/Android and I couldn't see any problems with Nexus phones as well as high end devices other than the tons of bloatware provided by manufacturers. Also, my WP start freezing like crap since the last update. I can't deny that WP is far mor stable than Android but in terms of performance you just can't compare a high end device to a low end device. Other than this, WP has a very frustrating issue: loading and resuming times ar way too big. And I wouldn't be saying this if I didn't know how the OSs work.
  • Laggy (Android) vs. Resuming (Windows Phone) being that I've experienced both. I'd take WP any day. I'd probably take Android again over IOS ,save for the fact that I no longer like Google.
  • My HTC One M8 disagrees on the laggy part, just saying... Posted via WPCentral App.
  • Both are shit !
  • Yeah android or rather turdroid sucks. Bloody awful! Never touching that nasty laggy piece of rubbish again.
  • Agreed! Android is shit.. But I think Android L will make it "less" shit..
  • They also put WP up against iOS becouse this comparison does not offend potential future OEMs. If they did this against Android devices they risk pissing off potential new WP partners. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I dont think so.. I think they put it against the iphone because their os works in a similar way in terms of multi tasking and such, its a familiar style that might attract iphone users, where as against android, there is an obvious disadvantage with wp.
  • I don't think OEMs give two shits, they only go where the market share is. MS chose to attack Siri because it's the most iconic, not out of fear of losing OEMs.
  • It's funny sometimes, but really, this is not the right way to show your product lol..
  • Either way that was a funny ad.  Wait until they compare the 5+" iPhone phablets!  A Nokia Lumia 1520 has, what 6 microphones or speakers is it??  LOL. Keep it up Nokia.  We consumers LOVE having choices. 
  • My Nokia Lumia 920 is sitting on the speaker too
  • Hopefully the 940 won't do that; it would be great if more phones had speakers directed towards the person with the phone, instead of the person two meters to their right.
  • My old 920 did and it wasn't a problem. Still funny to hear it from an iPhone. My 1520 rocks, not even sure where the speakers are but they kick.
  • How could you don't know ?
  • It appears to be between the screen and the body at the bottom, but the gap is too small to be sure that's what it is, especially the sound it packs. If I cared I'd just look on the specs page for the Lumia 1520.
  • There is clearly a speaker grille on the 1520. Take your eyes off of that amazing 6 inch screen and look where the sun doesn't shine on your phone and you will find the mystical speaker grille that emits sound from your device. See, that's simple, no need to look at a specs page when you can look at your device...if you really have a 1520.
  • It's an advertisement for HTC phone dumbz... Not for a Lumia phone
  • Sure, but it makes fun on phones that sit on their speaker.
  • I was; "LOLZ, wait..."
  • As is my 1020
  • So is mine and my 1520.. Still sounds better than the iPhone and Cortana still sounds better and more natural than Siri..
  • Ok
  • My 820 too sitting on the speaker
  • Yeah, me too
  • This commercial is funny but dumb. It indirectly insults all the other windows phone that are not the m8 aka every phone that got Microsoft the market share it has. Not the best thought out commercial.
  • Oh jeez, it does not.
  • Yeah it does. We don't have speakers in the front.
  • It's an HTC commercial for the M8! It indirectly attacks any phone that's not an M8. Should HTC have waited until Lumia's started having dual FF speakers? Oh jeez Micah - I already know your answer (smh)
  • Maybe you should explain why you think that as ALL Windows Phones in the US have Cortana!!!!
  • No it doesn't. Cortana still sounds better and more natural than Siri. And alot of WP devices are still loud even with rear firing speakers. My 1520 sure sounds good.
  • Micah, I usually agree with your sentiments, but disagree here.  The focus of this ad, is mainly to sell the new WP device - HTC M8; and in order to do that, the ad must highlight/market the benefits of this device over the single largest selling device on the market (iPhone5).  The highlights are appropriate - you get a larger screen, two front facing speakers, attractive design (all hardware components) and Cortana (software).   This is an ad for HTC M8 vs iPhone, not HTC vs. all other Windows Phone OS oems.
  • I thought the same, funny but dumb.
    However I thought it was dumb because it doesn't matter the the speaker is on the bottom because: A: People do not stand their phones up, since the old nokias that you could make dance with the ringtone vibrations. B: Poor speaker placement would be anywhere that the hand covers when the phone is held. i.e back cover, and left/right edges of the phone.
  • No, my L820 will fall, because there is no flat surface.
  • Nice. Love how the mirror harps on people who constantly go on and on about the iPhone's design aesthetic.
  • Just a bunch of dead icons. At least it can't turn to ugly in the same way random widgets smacked together on Android can.
  • My feelings as well. IOS is just so primitive, with it's unwieldy, dead app list. Android has potential, but it can go both ways, and considering the lack of sense of style of most people, it's more likely than not to get real ugly real fast...!
  • This was absolutely hilarious oh my god
  • Funny, but not a real disadvantage unless your phone is standing on a table... ;-) adrian said, same for my 920 :-P
  • My 1520 is laying on the speaker
  • My Lumia 1520 is Sleeping on its Speaker
  • No its not, its slightly angled, so ots not flat with any surface laying down.
  • Love it. However, am I the only one slightly annoyed by the HTC's updated Netflix icon?
  • Maybe it's a hint for an update. Really hope it is
  • Thats the new Netflix icon. It's already in use on the 8.1 Modern UI version.
  • Love these commercials, still not an HTC fan but love bashing apple.
  • Hope it comes to AT&T REAL soon!
  • support my native language,that's what I want most
  • Exactly! Siri wins by default, since Cortana simply isn't available to the vast majority of users...
  • Add Italian or just make it available also in Italy
  • Precisely! Make it available! We'll live with it being spoken English only...!
  • WP rules...!!
  • Can't say I love this ad, promotes the hate of the many fanboys that apple have... This way they are not even close to switch
  • Well you have to remember that Apple started these comparison adverts when they ran the Mac vs. PC ads which did exactly what you stated.
  • How can anyone switch,when you buy a WP and after six months its worth 50%,things can't work this way,you don't have value for your money.
  • ???
  • How can anyone buy a phone with 16Gb of storage for $199 on contract when you can buy a 32Gb for $99 on contract?  And you want to talk value?
  • The only phone I have on contract is my 925,and I paid an up-front of €48,00 that my provider is refunding me in 12 months,I pay a fixed quote of €20,00 a month for 24 months with a 800 minutes 400 sms and 2gigs of provider in Italy is Wind, satisfied ?,as for the iphone 5 I paid I cash and its a 64gb. Need any other info?
  • An iPhone holds it's value better than any smartphone on the market,. That is what the comment was talking about, but that went over your head.
  • I can still sell my iphone 5 for €500 after 2 years, I got a Lumia 820 one year ago for €499 and I cant manage to sell it for €150 as they sell a new one for €250, and the NEW 930 is out about a month and it already just lost €60 from the starting price, in the next six months it will lose another €90 at least,stay tuned and I will keep you informed
  • €500 for a second hand phone that's 2 years old, Jesus iSheep have no limits to their stupidity!,
    No SD card
    No 4K video
    No live tiles or widgets
    Not water proof
    Not dust proof
    No double tap to start or close
    No wireless charging
    No 4K screens
    No large phones
    Hah, iSheep idiots.
  • Yeah,nothing of what you stated,but it sells,try selling a Lumia 930 after two years and what you get is a kick in tha ass :) and by the way,with 64gb of memory you don't need sd cards !
  • Because WP fans aren't stupid enough to pay €500 for a 2 year old out of date phone, as iSheep are, my point exactly mate. I was out of contract and signed up for a new 2 year contract. The same contract I have whether in contract or not, so makes no difference. I got my Lumia 930 for £9.99, and the wireless bundle included for free. So when my contract finishes I will sell the 930, probably for £80. Therefore I will make a profit. You wont catch me paying stupid prices like you iSheep.
  • Cortana is totally not on the level they are making it seem like she is on the commercial...sorry but no.
  • Sounds like they brought Jen in to record the voice over and chopped together the Siri side
  • Neither is Siri. It's a dramatization.
  • Useless comparison,when will company's show there product without comparisons,they should learn from Apple how to make product advertisements,Apple never compares,that's why its superior and sells more.
  • Does the catchfrase 'Hii I'm a Mac. And I'm a PC' ring a bell? You iSheep sure have some selective memory... Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I have an imac,a windows pc,an iphone and an iPad as well as 2 Lumia phones,925,820,so what's "your " problem ! Cant you afford them,?
  • WTF is this response about? You complain about Microsoft add style by saying Apple does a better job en never would sink as low to compare its product against a competitor. I just kindly point out to you that it's completely bullshit as the 'Hii I'm a Mac. And I'm a PC' proves that point. And for the iSheep remark, dude, you have a Apple logo as pic on a platform dedicated to Microsoft news. Its like shooting for a open goal. And you have to get all 'shut up I'm rich, are you jealous?' WTF you little prick you dont know anything about me or what I can or can not afford. People like you are so fucking sad... Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Keep calm.
  • Yes he be calm but he's right. All isheeps are like that. It's so true. Ppl buy MacBooks common reason They don't want windows
    They want to show off that lightning apple logo
    The third ones are celebrities who want to defend themselves buy buying apple products as their standards would go down.
    The fourth and last are the ones who use it for productive things like video editing, music editing etc.
  • Yes he be calm but he's right. All isheeps are like that. It's so true. Ppl buy MacBooks common reason They don't want windows
    They want to show off that lightning apple logo
    The third ones are celebrities who want to defend themselves buy buying apple products as their standards would go down.
    The fourth and last are the ones who use it for productive things like video editing, music editing etc.
  • If smartphones make the market,its thanks to Apple,if you have apps to download its thanks to Apple,before accusing someone of being isheep wash your brain asshole,and yes its obviously can only afford a windows phone and complain ASSHOLE !
  • If MacBook has 7 or 8 percent share thanks to Microsoft.
  • Yeah,that's also the share of WP.!
    Thanks to Apple :)
  • It seems you're lost so allow me to direct you to the appropriate website, see the wpcentral logo you need to click the arrow next to it and click iMore. You should be more at home there instead, as for calling other people poor for using anything other than Apple devices that just shows how arrogant you really are.
  • Yes I am arrogant,but not less than idiots that always compare devices or OS in the wrong way.
  • Good for you, but arrogant people often say things they'll regret later!!!!
  • Let me direct you,i have been using Windows since 1996,so maybe it's better if YOU direct yourself somewhere else.the people i call poor are dumbheads,whant to join the there team ?
  • I've been using Windows since 1988 so no, it's NOT better if I direct myself elsewhere. No, you call people poor because you're arrogant!!!!
  • It doesn't make him arrogant; it makes him stupid, for equating price to quality and wealth to intelligence...
  • You are such a big dick. Wtf is wrong with you! Some one sets you straight and u have to (again) make your self feel better by saying you can afford more then other people (of who you know absolutely nothing, so who knows who has a bigger bank account). Your fucking unbelievable stupid, I feel so sorry for you. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Well said, the "Can't afford it?" remark is always used by iSheep when they haven't got anything else left to say.
  • Well,if you read my post well you can see that I also have windows products,I can compare and give an honest opinion,others just criticize without having tried other products,so I consider them idiots.
  • I've used Apple products so I can give an honest opinion as well, I just choose not to be an arrogant idiot about it.
  • Verry good,give an honest opinion then.
  • I keep my opinions to myself and only voice them when they are needed, which is not here.
  • You may have WP devices, but an informed opinion seems to be beyond you...
  • True. He is boasting above that he sold his 2 year old iPhone for €500. €500 for a second hand phone that's 2 years old, Jesus iSheep have no limits to their stupidity! No SD card
    No 4K video
    No live tiles or widgets
    Not water proof
    Not dust proof
    No double tap to start or close
    No wireless charging
    No 4K screens
    No large phones Hah, iSheep idiots.
  • And the fact is without MS, Apple wouldn't be around today. MS helped develop the Mac OS and provided Office at a time when Apple were just about to go down the tubes. Check your computer history. Apple and MS actually get on and have helped each other along the way. There is a huge amount of respect between the two companies. It's only the user base where the problem is. Some of the comments so far proves that!!!!
  • Apple released the first pc in 1985 with mouse and keyboard,check your computer history,and i never accused windows of anything i just said that making comparison as publicity is stupid.Siri was born log before Cortana,so lets say that Windows made a copy of it,  they didn't have the idea,Apple had it for first,at least commercialy.Apple also presented the first smartphone in  1997,and others just if you have a windows phone today,say thank's to Apple !
  • Yes, but as I said, Apple released their first PC in 1985, but without the OS (developed by MS), it would have just been a more modern copy of the Apple II. I realise from your logo, you are a diehard Apple fan (nothing wrong with that!!), but credit where credit is due....
  • I became an Apple fan,but i do not denigrade Microsoft products like someone denigrates Apple,and as i stated at the begining, i have windows products and Apple products and i use both of them,there are things that i appreciate from Apple and things that i appreciate from Microsoft, that's it,i didn't start of with the "isheep" frase,another idiot did and i answered.
  • Actually the Macintosh OS was developed by Apple after they visited Xerox PARC and saw the GUI they were using. MS didn't help develop it at all, they did however release the first version of Office on the Macintosh though.
  • Let me correct you. Apple did indeed copy PARC's mouse based GUI, but couldn't implement it because they didn't really have the know how. MS offered to help them develop MacOS. A few of the MS team were seconded by Apple to help get things done. If you find the interview with Jobs and Gates on YouTube, it gives an interesting insight into that particular venture....
  • Well there you go, you learn something new every day. I honestly didn't know that. I knew about Office as Multiplan, which is the predecessor to Excel, had its first GUI based version on the Macintosh. Word 1.0 was also released in 1984, the first year of the Macintosh.
  • i made a mistake in typing on my post, "Apple presented the first Iphone in 2007 not in 1997" sorry about that,but however the first iphone was developed in 1983. : Just to avoid comments from experts.!
  • I would say thanks to Microsoft as Cortana is an expansion of Microsoft Voice Commander which used TellMe on Windows Mobile, became Microsoft TellMe on WP7-8, both of which arrived way before Siri, and now Cortana as of WP8.1!!!
  • 1997, lolwut? This disagrees with your apple release. Also. Apple's first computer.. Came way after IBMs computers. I advice you to do some research before you make such huge claims. It is fine to love a product. Prefer a product over another. And even tell people why you prefer. But there is thin line between that and telling people your perception of facts over the actual facts. Posted via Windows Phone Central App Edit: mouse and key board. Stupid me. I didn't see that.
  • Thank Apple if you today have a smartphone.
  • Nope, I thank HP and Compaq for Windows Mobile PDAs which are the predecessors to modern smartphones.
  • No,if you want to go that way back then thank PALM, if it was up to HP and  Compaq,there would be no smart phones today. !
  • No, I don't thank Palm as they weren't creating Windows Mobile devices until the Treo. Compaq however, created the iPaq range which later became the HP iPaq. HP had the Jornada range of Palmtops. If I have to thank anyone prior to HP and Compaq it would be Psion who had the PDA idea nailed in the 80s.
  • Okay we are finally agreed,thank Nokia Too.
  • I did make a mistake on the year,but check this link: Mr.Wikipedia !!
  • Nice.. you were using iPhones 10 years before they were available to anyone else. Good job re-writing history.
  • we got another dumb head here,read what i wrote idiot, i was using windows on PC in 1998,drink water man and go to a rehab and get your brain fixed.
  • "Apple also presented the first smartphone in 1987" Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • 1983 :)
  • @Bruno Sain: Why are you being aggressive and abusive??? There is no need for it. If you have a point to make, then fair enough, but calling people idiots and assholes because they get something incorrect or don't agree with you, is not the way to go....
  • You sound like an idiot. This has nothing to do with apple or Microsoft. As a person, you "Bruno Sain" are an asshole and a certified idiot. You want people not to think less of you??? Instead of buying phones go get therapy.
  • Looking at yourself in the mirror ?have you tried suiciding's,could work for you and help clean up the planet from dumb guys like you,please try suicide,please !
  • No, I said " Bruno Sain". With all that iPhone money I thought reading and writing would've been included.
    Are you typing with your feet because I don't speak monkey?
  • Yes I am typing with my feet,try it it should come natural for you !
  • I can tell.
    Is that the reason why your parents buy you things monkey? You don't mind if I call you monkey do you?
  • No jackass I don't mind,:)
  • I'm glad to hear that Monkey.
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  • Don't worry you will find a brain to fit you head sooner or latter,in the meantime continue to cash your mothers income as she's is getting older and loosing customers, couple of my friends came back last evening unsatisfied as she doesn't satisfy the customers',however hope doesn't get pregnant again,could be harmful at here age,but you can put your sister at that corner ad get your mother working at home,she deserves it after so many years on the road. By asshole.
  • That's a cool story Monkey.
    Are you using Google translator or just smashing your face on the keyboard? You should totally change your avatar from an apple to a banana now!
    Ok really gotta go now...
    Windows Phones don't buy themselves Monkey.
  • Go to bed get some sleep your small brain is tilted,take care of your mom and sister they are a good income for you.
  • Where do you come up with this stuff Monkey? Its like you pick up shit and just throw it on the internet lol.
    How old are you?
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  • Monkey you aren't very smart but you sure are amusing. Enjoy that banana - going to bed since it'll probably take you another 30 minutes to type 5 words again. Goodnight retarded monkey.
  • You are so biased. Apple first? If saying one thing is completely wrong, it is saying Apple was first with [fill in product here] Apple copies existing concepts and putting Apple sauce around it (pun intended)
    Everything we are talking about here on WPCentral was made first by Microsoft: Tablet, Smartphone, MP3 player, Operating System, Office, Cloud stuff, Voice recognition etc.. Not untill later Apple came in and made their own version of it. Apple made some of the stuff more mainstream and popular, yes, but let's not forget who is the real innovator here, shall we ;)
  • Fantastic ! so the first tablet was made by microsoft,the first smartphone was made by microsoft,the first mp3 player was made by microsoft and the first operating system was made by microsoft,and especially the first cloud system was microsoft ! so thank you verry much for the information mr.Wikipedia,i really do apreciate could i be so dumb !
  • 1984. You can't even get the bleeding year right... In contrast, MS introduced the first pc-oriented mouse in 1982. Of course, both were preceded by several prototypes from as far back as the 60's. It's so embarrassing pointing out other peoples' errors, when you can't the facts straight yourself...
  • Check things better and especially read carefully the post's
  • What ever it is tech companies develop things to earn their livelihood. Haven't u copied in your xams? The main thing is money for ppl.
  • Microsoft invented the computer mouse. you epically failed here by not getting your facts straight. You lost. you're a loser and i bet you're used to hearing that.
  • There is only one loser,its your brain! The first PC mouse was presented by Steve jobs,make a google search idiot.
  • This^
  • Cortana is totally not on the level they are making it seem like she is on the commercial...sorry but no. The HTC one is a broken windows phone. My att rep tells me they have a ton of them that are DOA, and there are issues with Bluetooth. Cortana was also disabled on their demo phones by their Nokia rep due to it not working correctly.
  •  People in the forums are enjoy cortana on their m8, I think they are trying to put you off on purpose. It's as if all the carriers formed an anti microsoft alliance.
  • Your AT&T rep told you this? Are you a time traveler? How do they have a ton of DOA M8s for Windows when they don't carry it yet?
  • The person's att rep doesnt care to sell windows phone since the money is with android and iphone considering they sell better and.. Well less chance of dumb customers returning and saying "my windows phone doesn't have -insert app here- so i prefer iphone or ill fall behind on kim kardashian" or something. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • That's what I thought, and by his other comment above this, he seems to be trying his hardest to bullshit people. The question is why? lol
  • Is your at&t rep like a personal banker or financial advisor? Do you guys sit down, talk about your phone needs & what's new in the market?
  • How many of these Verizon exclusives does your AT&T rep have?  Please, do tell.
  • Liked the add made me smile
  • To me it's smart to go after Apple. Most people on IOS like it because of the simplicity. To me WP (especially 8.1) is the sweet spot between IOS and Android. Simple, straight forward, and much better looking than IOS. It's much smarter to go after the people whose OS is more basic.
  • It is more difficult to do certain tasks in Windows Phone 8.1.
    Case in point....go to the dialler, then switch to the phonebook. Tell me how to edit the contacts (it isn't possible - edits can only be done in the people hub! Crazy).
    There are some other ease of use things that iOS does far better. I.e., settings pull up from the bottom of the screen, and notifications pull down from the top. Much better than what we have.
    Windows Phone isn't simpler to use....but I do prefer it. IOS sells well because it does get the job done quicker.
  • @spinzeroWL Try setting an out of office rule in the email client for iOS. No, you can't but apparently there is an app for that. WP can do it natively.
  • Trade offs. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • don't mean to be a troll but if they (apple or android) want to make fun of WP, they could choose an app for ex Facebook LOL
  • meh... Cortana does not sound like that
  • Agreed, she only sounds like that on rare occasions, otherwise she sounds like a robot
  • that would be funny. but we don't care. we'll laugh too.
  • Lol on you, we have a better app their apps are just simply broken and has a shitty UI well at least on ios it does Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • the wp app is more fluid but my brother has a nexus 5 and i compared the timeline from desktop to the timeline on both devices...i must say that  approx 30% of posts were missing on the wp device, not counting the features that ios and android have...and the features of most apps on android and ios are better than WP...i haven't got enough money to buy an iphone,they are pretty expensive where i live...i might steal my brother's phone for a few days and see how it goes...cortana is useless where i live and this is why i'm thinking to make 'THE CHANGE' :))
  • Beware the dark side of the force :/s
  • I'm due an upgrade in April next year. The question is should I stay with wp?
    I've got a lumia 1520 which is my first windows phone . Its brilliant as is the camera but I'm not sure if I will end up going back to android or not. Is anyone in the same situation?
  • Strange place to ask this question... To answer, I'm in the same position as you in regards to how I feel about WP. In general I like it but I'm finding it too slow in getting the apps I want. Everyone is different and have different needs. Some will stick with WP because they like it for whatever reason but I personally like see what else is out there as I haven't really done that. I won't go to Apple though.
  • I'm th same I wont ever go back to apple. My wife has a 5s and she has said that if I had used my 1520 before she got her iphone she would have got a 1520 as she likes it and is always using it. I only jumped to wp for the camera on the 1520
  • Yeah mee to got the 1520 for its camera :)
  • If it was only for the camera, you should have gotten a 1020. I have the 1520 and 1020 and the 1520s camera is much worse than the 1020. I know the lure of the 1520 has something to do with the gorgeous 6 inch 1080p assertive display, Snapdragon 800 and expandable storage as well. :)
  • I was originally going for the 1020 but when I seen the 1520 next to it in the shop I thought ill have instead please
  • It makes me sad that Microsoft keeps targeting Apple instead of Google in these ads. Google is the real problem, and Microsoft should be partnering with Apple instead of being so ridiculous.
  • Absolutely.
  • WP is third on the market, iOS is second. Take it one step at a time. You conquer iOS, you basically conquer today's generation
  • Very true! And it's already starting ;) Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • True.
  • Yes,true,but Apple only releases one model at a year and Windows is releasing about 2-3 models a month,so Apple is still doing better with only ONE product.:)
  • i quote you at 100% on this post.
  • So funny!
  • funny haha
  • Siri and Google Now still have quite a huge advantage over Cortana around here: They're actually available without messing around with regional settings. Helps with the usefulness quite a lot.
  • Well, seeing as this is a US commercial, selling a device that can only be bought by people in the US... I'm going to have to say the gripe about "US only" is not valid in this instance. This commercial isn't trying to sell internationally, so limited international Cortana support is fine.
  • Very good point, but it doesn't change that cortana still cant do other languages. But soon... I wanna practice my many languages with her xD Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • It doesn't even have to handle my language. Siri doesn't, but it doesn't prevent me from using it here. Why couldn't Cortana do the same?
  • Hey I'm on your side about this. It just takes time. And siri doesn't handle your language? Which one do you speak? Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Finnish. But if Siri's gained Finnish support at some point I've missed it as I use my phones mainly in English. I still prefer having other regional settings in their Finnish version, though.
  • Oh i see. I did a quick search, last update was apple searching for interns who speak Finnish (and other languages). This was 2 years ago. Eh.. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Smallish population combined with nasty grammar doesn't exactly help with getting synthetized speech into products that originate from areas where the language is more or less irrelevant. This is why I'm really hoping they would simply let me use Cortana in English regardless of my regional settings.
  • Well, Cortana IS still in beta... What do you expect? It is primarily aimed at the U.S. market. Once the program is completed and it's out of beta, you may see regional variations. I personally don't use Cortana, so all the gripes and bugs don't affect me in the UK....
  • Yes I know it's in beta, but it's strange that it looks like Microsoft isn't even trying to compete. The rival platforms have their assistants available around the world while Microsoft insists on limiting the availability, thus making the experience worse for a lot of WP users (around here the marketshare is much better compared to that in the US). If they're really going to wait until Cortana is fluent with the language of the country before making it available, it's pretty much given that we're not going to see Cortana in Finland in years. So why exactly should Finnish users stick with WP then instead of going for iOS/Android?
  • You do know that you don't have to switch regions to get Cortana with the Update 1 DP, don't you? So those "gripes and bugs" don't affect me either as I'm using the UK version of Cortana.
  • Well as Cortana is turned OFF on my 1520, I don't have to worry about any of that. I have no need for a voice assistant. I do acknowledge that the Cortana technology is an interesting avenue for MS to explore. As for competing, I don't think MS care one way or another, which is the way it should be. MS have always trod their own path, and long may it continue....
  • Well, you do realise that you have Cortana since they've launched it in UK, don't you? I'm enrolled in DP and fully patched but I still don't have Cortana available as I live in Finland and have my regional settings defined accordingly.
  • So, are they saying that the iPhone speak(er)s out of what it sits on?
  • loved this ad :)
  • To me it's everything but smart. Let's face it: Most iOS users will probably not change their systems. iOS folks I know have been loyal for a long time and are happy with what they get. MS should continue to develop the ties to consumers that realistically might convert to WP.  We should be glad that Apple doesn't need to compare it's products to competition when it comes to advertising. With basic services such as Skype or Music in critical condition, I wonder what would happen if they were to target those weaknesses. Thankfully, this isn't likely to happen any time soon.  
  • Don't be so sure on that. Most of the younger people out there don't remember the comparison commercials Apple used to do. It wouldn't take much to smack down WP at this stage. Also both Google and Apple have taken pot shots at MS in during their product releases.
  • Exactly, this generation need to search on Bing for Mac vs PC ads and see all the videos that show up.
  • I know Music is in critical condition, but Skype? What's wrong with it?
  • Still laughing that "And Im Stting on it" :D
  • Sorry for being a little off topic, and it's probably old news for most of you. But If I tell Cortana to do an impression, the "Halo" transforms into 2 minions when she does the Bananaaa impression, and a magic wand with expecto patronum! hahaha I didn't notice that before...
  • She even has more, she does one of buzz light year, Yoda and even one from lord of the rings
  • Cool, I'll try those :)
  • The lord of the rings one is Gollum.
  • Hahah "I have only one and am seating on it" that's hilarious lol
  • Hahahah Siri trolled
  • No Cortana in Malaysia... Common M'soft!!!
  • Do you have siri there ? Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I had front facing stereo speakers on my Nokia 5530 back in 2009 :D
  • HAHA, good commercial... shame Cortana doesn't sound remotely like Cortana at all in the UK... T_T..
  • IOS is about falling,Android is about boring,WP is about waiting....
  • MS marketing is so dumb. Comparison ads make them look so sad.
  • Its not a global thing though in the UK Microsoft don't put ads out like this and I assume not in the rest of europe. Seems the comparison ads is a US centric thing.
  • Just like the Mac vs. PC ads made Apple look sad!!!!
  • Nice... Lol. Apparently, Cortana is going to be fully launched today. Is that true? There's some Microsoft guys in my building and that's what they've said. I have the beta version and its pretty good...
  • I remember the iPhone 5S vs the Lumia 635. Hilarious ad!
  • The last comment Siri made was funny haha
  • Funny advert lol
  • Hi friends, for some reason I can't understand some of the words uttered by Cortana. Can you help me fill in the blank? "Me too, I can check your calendar and traffic to help you make your ... on time".
    By the way, does Siri say "sleek" or "sweet" when she first responds to Cortana?
  • 1) she can help you make it to your "mani-pedi". It's short for manicure (where chicks get their nails done) and pedicure (where chicks get their feet done).
    2) sleek
  • "to help you make your mani-pedi on time". That's right, thanks, Jas00555! It was a tricky one for a Spaniard, although we also say "manicura" and "pedicura". :D
  • I miss how you could say "Wake me when you need me." to set an alarm with Cortana. I was like o3o yusss when I found it like a few weeks ago, I tried last night and it didn't work anymore. Awhhhhhh :C
  • i say microsoft should invest more on ADVERTISING to attain brand awareness that windows phone truly deserves. Beats Audio has been doing this and is constantly gaining much attention despite its crappy product... why can't you, msft?
  • I think this ad going to make it to TV.
  • Funny commercial, but the comparisons are dirty, market products based on their own merit, please. :-)
  • I've said it before and I'll say it again, go look up the Mac vs PC ads and tell me how those sold on the merits of the product!!!
  • Fair enough, but i think that Microsoft shouldn't stoop to this level
  • The thing is that this advertsing works in the US, here in the UK it doesn't and we have drastically different WP ads as a result.
  • Eh, it wasn't as effective as the last commercial and it wasn't funny. I am happy they're showing off the One though. It makes the iPhone look awful standing next to it.
  • MS is going for the jugular.
  • One day, I hope my kids can live in a world without YouTube comments.
  • LOL Guess comments can be helpful and educational, if written by those with a brain. Maybe just eradicate the others :/
  • Cute commercial. Yesterday a friend said he needed to check his flight and told him I wanted to see if Cortana could give me the flight status. I said "What is the flight status of United flight 3855" and it immediately gave me the update. He tried the same thing on his iPhone and Siri just pulled up search results. We were both pretty impressed.
  • Video not found. :-(
  • Neat but it attacked the apple, competition
  • I got caught laughing in a silent business room... :)
  • Saw it. Was funny haha!
  • Microsoft can laugh at Siri, but Siri is availiable for all contries around the world.....what about Cortana ? As a Swiss frech user, I'm still waiting to Cortana speaking french....and usable for Switzerland.... MS, if you ear us.....
  • They do hear you but: 1. This ad is for a US only phone and will only be shown in the US. 2. It isn't as simple as flipping a switch and having Cortana enabled worldwide, the backend infrastructure needs to be in place first. Just look at how long it took to bring it to the UK and China, then look at all the other languages, regional variants and dialects there are and you can see the work that Microsoft have ahead of them.
  • Look how long its taken Apple to design a phone with only dead icons whilst others have developed tiles that flip and contain info or widgets that show weather for the week etc etc.
  • I wonder if there is someone who researches the claims made in these adverts. Mt wife just got a 5c and I decided to test out her out, to see if she could remind me to tell my wife happy anniversary. Sure enough, she did. I also asked her to tell me when a flower shop was nearby and sure enough, she did. So my question is are they just making these claims out of there asses or do they not honestly know they Siri can do these things?
  • Love that get it on the TV...not just online.
  • I'm just here for the comments... Quite amusing actually... :)
  • I really wish MS would go back to the "...and this is my WP" ads. Comparison vids are ok, but it's not enough. Yes Apple did it with Mac, but back then it was only competing with Windows. There wasn't anything else so it was only natural that they worked(in the same way the android commercials worked, cause it only had the IPhone to compete with). However MS has to compete with both the Android and the Iphone. Once two things have been established then it's hard to make a 3rd thing come up and work. Especially when there's so many misconceptions about the devices. (off topic slightly)I was talking to my uncles about the Surface, and they were only knowledgeable about the Surface 1. They didn't know there was a 3. (back on topic) And one of my aunts(and a few friends) were talking about my WP and again, misconceptions of the problems with the OS. The good thing about the "...and this is my WP" ads was that it showed the phone worked for all these different people(that it wasn't just a phone, but your phone). It also showed that we have apps, that there are different physical devices for different people, and it showed off some of the cool stuff most people that don't use the device won't know about.
  • I agree
  • Xbox music in it... Lol
  • My 1020 is sitting on hers too :( but she can sit anywhere she wants to
  • Apple don't need Siri to target Microsoft. All they need is just show the Skype on iPhone against windows.. That's it.. Microsoft please have us that lobby g overdue update.. You really testing my patience.
  • Yes, I would like Cortana to fire whoever made Xbox music app. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Microsoft really needs to stop making these comparison ads. It's truly embarrassing and desperate. If you know how good your product is, then showcase it ON ITS OWN and stop trying to bash the competition. Focus on how the product can help the consumer rather than trying (and miserably failing) at ridiculing your competitors, because in the end all you get is an angry herd of iSheep, a ton of biased journalists and bloggers, and even the occasional Android fan attacking you as a company, and making your image look even worse. Their promo ads for Surface are a step in the right direction for what they need to show. Not the "Head to Head" or other comparison videos, the very first promo video to show off the product. All you see is the product shining in its own light--no iPads with fake outdated Siri voices or stupid gimmicks. Just the beautifully crafted Surface. Now all they need to do is show how this helps improve the consumer's life or workflow. THAT'S IT. Leave Apple and Google out of it.
  • There is a LOT of hate for WP in the comments for this video
  • Am I the only one noticing the updated Netflix app?
  • No. I notice that too. The tile looks like the windows 8.1 version... Finally an update coming soon?
  • why is MSFT so hell bent on apple when android is the real new "windows" and who is eating their lunch. Apple is self limited by their narrow audience which admitedly larger than OSX, it is in decline and powerless to stop android.
  • Off topic, but I wish quiet hours didn't require Cortana. And that Cortana didn't require location services.. :/
  • "I have one speaker, and I AM SITTING ON IT"...!! :D :D 
  • iPhone speakers better. The sound will never be blocked. HTC one speakers can be.
  • I'd like to know if the UK is going to get the Jen Taylor version of Cortana instead of the idiotic attempt at a British voice that is so irritating. I mean, who says 'certainly'?? I have got the US version but it can't understand the British lingo much. So come on MS.... Lets have Jen Taylor for the UK and not that robotic crap that's replaced her
  • You certainly are correct, maybe.
  • I really wish MS would refrain from these embarassing ads comparing Windows Phone to iPhone. iPhone is crushing it in sales and ads like this do not convert anyone.
  • "And I'm sitting on it." LOL!!! Love it!!   My Lumia 920 suffers from the sitting-on-my-speaker problem too... who thought bottom-facing speakers were a good idea?
  • Lol to iPhone awesome add
  • I'm affraid that wasn't as good as the last siri vs cortana commercial.
  • I got all excited when I saw that Netflix has its new logo on the One M8 because I thought they had finally updated it. Alas, twas not the case
  • Cortana is great, no doubt about it, but, although it's in BETA, it doesn't compares to Siri, which has been for years in the market, all around the world! I don't care to speak in english but, I'm not confortable with needing to change my region settings! Cortana willn't be as good as Siri untill the day it has worldwide support and distribution.
  • I only have one speaker, and I'm sitting on it. The other day a teenager told me, the reason why I don't have an iPhone is because I can't afford one.  I said the reason why you don't have Windows Phone is because you don't know what it is !
  • I love Cortana, but me and the wife did a test the other day her Samsung against my Lumia to see which one would recogonize a song on TV.  I lost...Cortana had no idea what was being played.
  • I don't know if anyone noticed but the Netflix logo seems to be updated in the commercial. I wonder if this is some kind of post production fix or an actual foreshadowing of an updated Netflix app that is sorely needed for Windows Phone 8.1... Only time will tell if we are getting a new universal app for Netflix.
  • and I'm sitting on it!!!  LOLOLOLOL
  • hahahaha i'm sitting on it ... LOL
  • Got some fun asking to Cortana how is her relationship with Siri.
    Answered me some things like 'I know her, but I don't know her to know her' or 'I don't talk to her a lot, our conversation are mostly one-sinded' and stuff.