Microsoft plans to open new data centers in the UK

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Microsoft has announced the company plans to open new data centers in the UK. Microsoft's own Azure and Office 365 services will be made available from localized centers in 2016, following stricter data protection and privacy laws being passed through in the EU for US-based companies.

As well as tackling European authority concerns of data protection, Microsoft will also be able to provide local consumers and partnered businesses with decreased latency when accessing said online platforms, meaning you should be able to do things that little bit quicker.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, commented on today's announcement:

"At Microsoft, our mission is to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more. By expanding our data center regions in the UK, Netherlands and Ireland we aim to give local businesses and organizations of all sizes the transformative technology they need to seize new global growth."

Microsoft's partners in the UK include Glasgow City Council, Marks & Spencer, Natural Resources Wales, Pizza Hut Restaurants and Virgin Atlantic. The Ministry of Defence has also sparked interest in Microsoft's new development to provide physical infrastructure in the UK.

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Rich Edmonds
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  • Good news. I just feel sorry for the customers outside of Europe (Americans' in particular) who do not benefit from the EU's privacy safeguards.
    Now let's hope the British public don't vote us out of the EU!
  • Will this mean data transfer and use of Office365 will be......faster? Guess the public will be influenced by those in power - and what do the Government want..... I see the public voting us out, which will be a mistake!
  • I like to think the public isn't that stupid.
    Additionally, I would like to see stores arrive also.
  • It's going to be a tough sell. The biggest selling newspapers' (/rags) are overwhelmingly anti EU.
    The fragmentary approach to the refugee crisis is also going to stoke the UK's anti immigration sentiment.
    I do hope most people are reasonable. The idea of a Conservative led country with no supranational body like the EU protecting our civil liberties. Eurrgh. I shudder at the thought!
  • Agreed.
  • Too right, though I don't think any government in the UK will actually do what they should and deliver on all promises, Conservatives are my second to last choice by far with only UKIP managing to sink any lower.
  • If you're so worried about fragmentation in the UK, shouldn't SNP be lower too?
  • Nothing wrong with the SNP. They are the moral compass of parliament.
    (Labour are just infighting - so no one can take them seriously right now)
  • Ok I guess, but what about flagship store in UK? When that is going to happen?
  • One Flagship store in each major city would be kinda cool.
  • Don't get greedy let's start with them managing to get one over here for starters lol
  • Lol, true I was hoping they would open one at Westfield, Stratford.
  • You should be happy you can buy the new Lumias outside the is a us-only company...sad but true
  • Better keep out of UK. Ireland, Netherlands etc. are less intrusive than US lapdog.
  • Current eu regulatory rulings mean they may end up all in it together.
  • UK is leaving EU.
  • Haha, we most definitely are not! We're having a referendum as a kind of political pissing contest, but there's no way the public will vote to leave.
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  • Pfff.. Call me when they run w10 =)
  • Make a huge data centre on the other side of the Earth all for. 0.000532 milliseconds faster downloads :|
  • No, it's about international borders and authority
  • Empower.. Nadella's word
  • Good news
  • Regarding the Datacenter in the Netherlands: servers are powered amongst other by heat from flowerhouses. Probably this Datacenter will be one that will be extended. Like 'Azure powered by flower power' :)