Microsoft reaches patent agreement with smartwatch maker Olio Devices

Microsoft has made yet another patent license agreement, this time with the high-end smartwatch company Olio Devices. Other than the fact that the agreement does indeed cover "wearable devices", the specifics of the deal, including any possible financial terms, were not disclosed by either Microsoft or Olio.

ONick Psyhogeos, the president of Microsoft Technology Licensing, did state:

Mutually beneficial and collaborative patent licensing agreements like this one promote innovation and lead to better products and experiences for consumers."

Olio Devices revealed its first smartwatch, the Model One, back in March 2015 and started shipping it in limited quantities last summer. The devices have a number of digital watchface options, along with support for notifications for things like email, texts and more. It uses its own Linux-based operating system and supports Android and iOS platforms.

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham