Microsoft releases Contacts+Message backup app for Windows Phone

If you are running Windows Phone 8.1 on a device with expandable storage via an SD card, you may want to grab this new system app from Microsoft.

The release is titled 'contacts+message backup' and the tiny app only installs to the Settings on your Windows Phone (it will not be listed in your apps). Contacts+message will "backup of all your contacts (in VCF format) and messages (SMS & MMS including attachments) to SD card (in XML format) for later restore to same or another Windows Phone."

The information is saved to in a 'backup+restore' folder on the SD card.

If this all sounds vaguely familiar, it is because we recently ran a story on the Xolo WIN Q1000 Windows Phone that had this same app built in. At the time, we implied how it would be useful for all Windows Phone users to have this ability, and many of you agreed in the article comments. Evidently, someone at Microsoft was listening because you can now download the <1 MB app to your Windows Phone 8.1 device to get the same function.

Oh and what happens if you install this to say a Lumia Icon (aka a phone with no SD card option)? Nothing much. The system app will appear in Settings, but (a) it will note no SD card was found and (b) you cannot uninstall it. Sure, it will not harm your phone, but it creates an unnecessary listing in your settings.

So, heed that warning before installing!

Anyway, grab the app and enjoy backing up your contacts and messages locally on your Windows Phone and save that data.

Download contacts+message backup for Windows Phone 8.1 (micro SD card required)

Big thanks to aromal t c for the tip!

QR: backup

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Bonus: Note the Windows 10 notification icons in the images. Anyway, neat app. Glad to see Microsoft release this.
  • Thank You, and Good Night ))
  • Yep. It is better late than never! ..... However, after installing it gets listed under the 'Extras' group in 'Settings' in Windows 10 Technical Preview but nothing happens while tapping i.e. it does not open
  • Same problem. I have windows 10 phone
  • I agree... But seriously, better late than never... I just hope they pick up the pace :). 
  • Same with glance screen too...... :(
  • If you do a hard reset and disable automatic store updates, then glance settings will work. Same with device hub. Just make sure to not update these two.
  • Where is the notification icon...the icon which I see in the image is "No SIM" icon...Am I missing something :s
  • But the microsoft live account do the same :P
  • Yep, i'm lost to what the reason for this app is. Perhaps for the paranoid people who don't sign in with a Microsoft account?
  • For exporting to another WP with another account or no internet at all.
  • Both of my phones automatically sync, constantly. And I refuse to even imagine a world where there's no internet at all.
  • The backup is messed up, I lost complete backup of messages and app data. I prefer exporting texts fortnightly than backing up. And, it is a very common issue.
  • Message backup to OneDrive has been buggy and broken since the release of 8.0.  It often needs to be turned off for messages.  I think it can prevent account syncing from working correctly.
  • I've had that same issue I think whenever there is a (7.0-7.5-8.0-8.1-dev previews) version change. I delete the old backup and it starts working again. Hope that helps.
  • Hey Daniel this leak shows new tiles for phones
  • Hey Dan, our contacts and texte messenger are still backup in the cloud with the normal backup ?? So why adding an app for this ??
  • Here's why:
    You can't copy contracts to SIM card with WP :-(. So if you want to switch to another Lumia with a different account this will help or a phone without MS sync
  • I have a doubt on your explanation ..when I change my lumia n new MS account I'll most probably will use Transfer my Data ..what is this app for?? May be for non lumias??
  • Yep, non Lumias, I could have used it to move my contacts to my n8-00 while running wp10 on my only phone... Lumia 720
  • Transfer My Data is useless. All it does is to move contacts.
  • How it's useless, the primary task for a phone is making calls!!!!
  • I have tried to move things from one Lumia to another Lumia with Transfer My Data. The only thing it transfers is contacts. Not pictures, sms/mms, ++
    ONLY contacts. Ergo useless.
    And yes, I know I can backup everything on OneDrive, but if I want to use another MS-account for the new Lumia, I can't download it.
  • I'm not sure about the messages, but transferring pics takes hours!
  • Here is how transferring pics and videos takes 15 minutes on my Samsung ATIV S i8750: - Connect it to the computer - Copy all pictures and videos to the folder on the computer - Disconnect the phone and connect the other one - Copy pics and vids from computer to the phone Estimated time for this operation = 10-15 minutes The amount of the files is 1GB+ :)
  • Folk is you use you live account and I drive its a no brainer. Enable backing up of messages, sync your settings, enable backup to OneDrive for your photos and store all you contacts in and you never have to use utilities again. I have switched/replaced phones at least 5 times over the past 2 years and have only logged into my account on my phone and my contact, mms, pictures, apps, etc have been there.
  • I have difficult time understanding wtf are you talking about. But if i understand it correctly, you totally missed the point of my post, :) It's ok
  • It does transfer SMS with contacts. First time when I used it on 7.5 from Nokia N79, it did transfer all my contacts and SMS with this method.
  • Xaphoon148 What did you want to download that you can't ??
  • ????
  • I bought a Lumia 640 to use while waiting for a new screen for my 1020. Did setup the 640 with another MS account than on my 1020. The only way to get sms/mms from the 1020 to the 640 is to use the same MS account and download the backup. But I don't want the same MS account on the 640, and Transfer My Data does ONLY transfer contacts, NOTHING else. Always backup pictures on pc, so that's no problem. But there's no way to get the sms/mms transferred without using the same account.
  • Which phone are you using? Transfer my Data copies my contacts and messages in my Lumia 1520 from an old samsung Note and Lumia 900.
  • Some one in microsoft is listening you say... What are the chances its Sam Sabri...hehe
  • Well i got 3 MS account and i can transfert all the contact i want by importing them trough the website !!
  • This.
  • Absolutely useless app. Slow as sloth, don't save contact pics. Localizations??? Forget, you don't need it. Who coded it? Student in one evening? Awesome app Contact Backup can do everything and for tears already. And that's not huge international company, just one man. Shame for MS.
  • Struggling to see the need for this.
    But hey, neat for those folk who'll use it.
  • @Daniel Rubino: Why is the battery icon in Windows 10 so small?
    It's not proportional to the other icons.. and I don't understand why.
  • And is ugly!  
  • Maybe because they are still working on the UI design for the next 5-6 months!
  • Of course I understand that it's a preview version... but why they don't use the Windows Phone 8.1 battery icon? Why did they change it?
  • Can i update phone software through mobile data above 100 mb
  • hey, I have a question. I remember reading an article (back in 2013) on the verge about the new instagram and vine apps, and the article also says that snapchat was planning to release an app. Why they are doing those things mow with windows phone? Do you think that they are just teasing and they are going to release an official snapchat app? Do you think they are collaborating with rudy?
  • Hate the new small battery icon... looks very android
  • Anyway to get text messages off lumia 900 and to android phone or text file? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Oneplus One
  • Does it backup the contacts with their contact pictures.....because it takes alot of time to get the pictures with full resolution
  • Yup, same question. And Gestures Beta should also go into Settings.
  • No, normally betas dont go into settings unless it is official
  • Good thing, too. Once in settings you cann't get it out. No, tap/hold delete in settings.
  • What about phones without SD? For ex 1020?
  • I assume you missed to read this particular point in the article:
    Oh and what happens if you install this to say a Lumia Icon (aka a phone with no SD card option)? Nothing much. The system app will appear in Settings, but (a) it will note no SD card was found and (b) you cannot uninstall it. Sure, it will not harm your phone, but it creates an unnecessary listing in your settings.
  • "Transfer my data" app also do the same with export feature... If I am not wrong .....
  • System files 4.03GB, Used - 4.70 GB, free 2.58GB. -____-
  • A time will come when the total internal storage will be used by the system only!!!
  • Loool
  • 4.03 gb!! Mine is 2.79gb, how come is it 4.03gb, delete temporary files
  • When I got my L730, system files were already on 3gb, then there was some denim update which sky rocketed it to 4.Something. I delete temporary files everyday. At this rate I wont install win10 when it comes out
  • Problem is they are preinstalling stuff that may not matter to everyone when you start from scratch thereby lowering available space
  • When it was windows 8 it took 2.5 gb, after 8.1 when bought L730 it was already on 3.25 gb , after updating to some denim related updates it became 4.35gb !!
    My Prediction is when official windows 10 comes the entire storage will be dedicated for system only!!!
  • No way man ..already MS as told that Win10 takes less space for system!!
  • Hahahaha mine is 9gb :3 Lumia 1520, I did hard reset, the Problem was solved for 3 days only ! :s
  • Lol
  • Nice, hope they expand this so it downloads (selectable directory - like pim backup on windows mobile 6.x) to the phone storage as well so you can transfer it over to phones' without a micro sd card slot :).
  • Yes!!!
  • How is this useful when contacts are saved to email addresses and texts are backed up to OneDrive? (Honest question)
  • If someone hasn't Backup-ed in a while. Or maybe if someone doesn't have a internet connection currently, he can still restore it from the SD File. Or if someone doesn't want to go for the full Backup and just wants to Backup contacts and messages. There might be something....
  • *Backed up
  • *SD card
  • Go away.
  • There is also the situation where you may want to export your SMSs to some other format, Word, Excel, for historical reference. You cannot do that from the OneDrive backup, only restore to a new WP install/setup. That feature has been asked for for some time, and it would seem prudent for MS to provide that option from OneDrive, just as Contacts, Email. etc are accessible. (yes that is different, but should it be?) This backup to SD, as I understand it, is in XML, so could easily be opened in some viewer once transfered to a PC. The option to backup to internal storage really should have been provded, for this reason. The use case may not be to eventually restore, but rather to archive in a usable form. BTW, your contacts aren't 'backed up'. Your contacts are stored in a server account at MS, and your phone, web site, desktop, etc, are all clients to that server storage. It's not a 'backup'.
  • Our contacts are syncd with outlook right? Then why the need for this app?
  • Some people prefer SD card back up more than internet back up!
  • If so what I the use of Transfer my Data app then??
  • internet isn't everywhere yet..
  • Internet isn't everywhere, who would download and use it then? P.S. Just kidding
  • This was the first thought that came to my mind after reading the article.
  • Actually I would like to have my contacts on the sim card. Remove sim card, insert in the next phone and I am back in business!
  • Same. Sure it does lose some data .ie emaill address ,photo, etc but that can always be downloaded later
  • Couldn't be more 5110-like :-)
    SIMs'll be software-only in a couple of years too.
    Time to embrace the cloud man.
  • When you can Sideload app from SD card
  • Syncing isn't the same as backing up. If something goes screwy and your contacts get messed up or deleted, the changes/deletes will sync everywhere and you're screwed.
  • Hey Microsoft, if you're listening, how about the ability to backup on OneDrive? This would allow you to backup from a phone without a micro SD slot to a phone with one.
  • Im pretty sure that feature exists.
  • Um, it's had this feature since 8.0...contacts only since 7.0. You might want to go to for tips.
  • Yep. Message backup via OneDrive has been built in for LONG time!
    Whatsapp messages also backup to the cloud too....though restoring them is hit and miss.
  • Yeah... this can already be done.
  • Hopefully they'll add OneDrive as a backup location, in the future.
  • Had it since 8.0.
  • It's a bit different save to onedrive rather than sync with account. If wad that so, why they would do an app for that?
  • Onedrive and this app does a backup of your contacts+sms. The difference is that Onedrive is online and the app is offline. Two methods for the same solution. Not everybody has internet everywhere.
  • Not everyone has an SD card.
  • No shit.
  • Then use Transfer my Data app ..just Bluetooth is enough :p
  • Cos some folk want data on a SD card. Which they can keep under their foil hat.
  • Exactly, this app belongs in the 90s
  • @dalydose exactly, I don't see a reason of not including 'backup to phone storage' besides SD , and OneDrive also
    Not syncing .. Very different approach .. Just saving a contact file local or on OneDrive so you can transfer it to another device or something else.
  • Niiice
  • OHHHHH FINNALLY!!!!!!!!!
  • This same function is available via the "Transfer my Data" app by exporting contacts, sms, and mms to sd card. Importing from sd card is also an option. Found in the menu of the app.
  • ... Overdrive native backup can do this...
  • MMS backup fails when it reaches 300 count. Happened three times on my 830, running Denim. Contacts and SMS messages backed up without any problem.
  • Same for me. MMS backup keeps crashing before the end and without saving any MMS.
  • Sweeeeeeeeeet!
  • Not working on windows 10 10052
  • Same. We don't really need it though
  • I would like to see contacts with pictures and ringtones backed ip the way i have it on my phone. So far for updates, or rolling back have to redo the ringtones everytime, the pictures some times.
  • This^^^ same here, it's ridiculous we can't do this already..
  • Useless app. Because we have the option to backup contacts and SMS in online already
  • Useless for YOU not others. World is bigger than your circumstances.
  • Hey @Dan then what's use of Transfer my Data thing/Setting ?
  • That's only for Lumia phones. This new app is for any phone with an SD card.
  • <p>when we use tjis app and create a backup file , its not readable . how to readable our messages file can u pls help me</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
  • Don't know why this wasn't implemented in the system in the first place with 8.1. Could've saved me the hassle. 
  • The automatic OneDrive backup has been implemented for quite some time.
  • If you ask why this isn't showing in the app list, prepare for an onslaught of downvotes.
  • So can I use the backed up file to restore in another Android phone?
  • As theyre vcf, probably.
  • Anyone noticed that the app's logo is also in wireframe style like Windows 10 preview for phones
  • Madness that it can be installed on a non-SD card based phone.
  • Lol. People will click anything.
  • Didn't say I had installed.. As for clicking anything, no worse than installing win10 on a mobile. Same thing in my eyes. Pointless like MS attempt to catch up with crApple.
  • Dear Microsoft, There is that thing we call sim card that I need to save my contacts to! Has been working for the past 20+ years, hello.....
  • Yep, important to hold back progress by relying on old technology...
  • Good to give people the option. And actually most recent USIM can store much more than a normal SIMs.
  • Which is cool and stuff. But SIMs (and SD cards for that matter) won't be mainstream very soon.
    The idea of using either to transfer contact information already looks very old fashioned.
  • SIMs store name/phone number pairs. They don't do contacts with home/work/cell, address, e-mail, anniversary, spouses name, comments........
  • the apps from the settings menu can be uninstalled. set the date to 100 years in the future and try to open the app, you'll get an option to uninstall it.
  • Much appreciated trick that actually does the trick wink
  • Id like them to improve their bt sync with pc as it seems like their took a few steps back in what you can sync back to your pc not to mention cant remote dial txt anymore over bt
  • Microsoft account does this so why install another app, I know some said for importing but lets said phone breaks and memories break or you lose your phone, you see no good cause contacts and messages are gone in the memory. I know WP does backup messages and contact and pictures to one drive which is better than a sd card so i personally don't find useful this app
  • Maybe someone wants to go retro(6.5)
  • What a nice way to update a phone. It's better than going to phone update and updating the whole system just for a single feature.
  • Backup to one drive support for phones with no SD would be great.
  • They do already, no need for this app.
  • Really nice!!
  • It it would have released 2 days ago I would have not lost my text messages.
  • Hi All,  I have used the app and successfully back-up my messages..Is there any way I could restore this on an Android phone? the extension file is .msg and recognized by my Outlook program but won't allow me to open since I have no permission. Is there any app I can use to restore this on Android?
  • i would love to know the same thing and would like to know what to do with this .msg file that i cant open or read.
  • which phone is kept below the 830? yellow..haven't seen a Lumia like this one before :) 
  • This seems good but I am afraid that this will lead to the problems that many Android phones are facing:multiple copies of Contact. And I always hated Android for that and loved windows phone for unique approach to not allow local storage of contacts. But strongly feel that not having facility to save contacts locally is great Ideal to manage contacts.
    And as far as messages is concern, it is already backed up on cloud ☁.
  • I am using lumia 1520, i already reinstall windows 8.1 because i have many problems encountered using windows 10. Do you have reasons why i cannot install or updates many of my apps now? Why i always having issues with my memory card even if it is a new one in this phone?
  • Why?
  • Why ?
  • Awesome!
  • Most awaited app
  • Finally, we get this. It would be even better if the backup could be done in the internal storage and then exported, for devices without an SD card slot. Anyways, hopefully the feature will be integrated in Windows 10.
  • Easier, quicker etc to just log in to on a pc and export from there.
  • I know SMS messages can be read on, but I'm not aware of a way to download them. Is there any?
  • Yeah...but why not make it so the backup goes to your OneDrive so that it works for everyone no matter what device they use? Hello? Aren't they suppose to be big on everyone using the cloud? In other words is this really necessary?
  • It's been doing that already. For years. Hello...
  • It's ridiculous that people complain about things that has been in the system for years...smh!
  • Thanks
  • Personally, I believe Microsoft should have put additional effort in this instead beside copying it from the mentioned phone. Why can't you backup to phone and then export to PC, and the dual SIM limitation they are mentioning on the app page makes it useless on a dual SIM phone. Why was it so hard to implement it right, can't they write a proper 'if' to separate messages? Disappointed... again...
  • You know all Contacts and SMS are, by default, backed up to OneDrive already? You can export them to PC from Without this app and its SD card copying.
  • This^
  • Why no one is making an app which can help us to access the contacts and messages from our windows phone to a laptop or pc. I hope they(MS) will make such app. So we can call and message from our laptop ..... 
  • Skype
  • :). no comments buddy...  
  • I have a msg backup from my android device.. If i copy the file into the folder and then restore it, will it overwrite everything or it will delete everything and restore that backup ?
  • I doubt that would work.
  • Damn.. That's what i need... Transfer my data is not working with sms transfer.. Fails always :(
  • Doesn't WP do this out if the box with
  • Yep. But some people have smartphones with no data connection ever so need to use an SD card. Or something.
  • Always wondered-where is this folder or file of back ups in Onedrive?
  • Hidden. So you don't delete it. The SMS are easy enough to view though.
  • Is there a way to view SMS messages in One Drive? I've never come across it.
  • In the left pane of there's a section called Categories. Add a Category in there for your Contacts and any SMS will show there (as long as the number exists in your Contacts).
  • Thank you. I see the Catagories available to me, Would I just type the name of a contact on my list to view all of my SMS, you mean?
  • No idea what you mean. To view SMS in the site, I go to the Settings gear at the top right, Manage Categories and select both checkboxes for the Contacts row. Then in the Inbox view I can click on Contacts in Categories section and it displays SMS history. Sorted by date/time is the default I think.
  • Thank you for taking the time to explain all of that to me. I did what you suggested, but i am not seeing any SMS messages available to view. Oh well.
  • Amazing! Thanks MS!!
  • So wont work for lumia 920 coz doesnt have a memory card
  • What is the difference if we already have "Transfer my Data" app. For Import/Export to SD card & fetching data from other Bluetooth device.
  • I need to move my contacts to Sim card not outlook and Sd card
  • This is just what I needed so I could archive a precious SMS thread. Then I can delete it from my phone. If you can handle XML files then all sorts of tricks are possible. One problem is that the body of MMS (even the text) are encoded and exported in a separate file. It would be good if the export allowed you to save the text part as text.
  • Who are Microsoft developers? Can't they make an app which can do the backup on phone memory, for phones with no SD card. Is it so difficult? Microsoft can't make decent apps.
  • Like the inbuilt one that's automatically been backing them all up to OneDrive for you?
    Assuming you've a Microsoft account.
  • This^^
  • The idea is to have the backup in a location where it survives the phone reset. Although if you use OneDrive you already have all this backed up.
  • I can do that now on my phone without this app back up contacts, check! back up messages chech! so....
  • And now a "Apps + Games Backup" app...
  • One for creating encrypted app data backups for offline restoration after a factory reset.
  • This!
  • Good
  • It's only in English though. It would be nice if the backup could be done automatically like the built in OneDrive backup. Or does it do that, too?
  • It does
  • It'd be nice if they added to option to export it to the system files, so you can then copy it to your PC or OneDrive or other.
  • Not Working on Windows Phone 10 TP initial build -_- :\
  • Wtf! Works only if there's an SD card. Doesn't save in internal memory, later which we could share over the cloud or copy to PC!
  • Because your phone already does that
  • Installed on my 930 before I read the full article lol, we've all done it lol
  • Is there a way to uninstall it?
  • No there is no way. Read the article.
  • you can uninstall this app from your windows phone, change the year to 2140 in date and time settings in phone
  • Thankyou Microsoft :)
  • it needs an option to backup to onedrive, not just to a microSD card.
  • That feature is built-in to the OS!
  • Need to send backup file to email or phone itself (in case of no SD card) Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • What is that phone in the photo above?
  • what phone is the yellow on the back of the 830?? never saw that... can you answer Daniel? thanks
  • Blu Win HD
  • Works perfect using Lumia Denim on Lumia 535 :)
  • Um... So if they are using Windows 10 Technical Preview (based on the status icons in the screenshots), and they're moving their design away from this text based Windows Phone 8/7 look then why didn't they release this app with a more Windows 10 mobile design feel similar to the OneDrive app or something.
    Anyways, good app for those that needs it.
  • Very handy. Already installed.
  • Very usefull.
  • What's the point of this when your backups saves to your OneDrive anyway
  • And why WP phones without expandable memory do not have this luxury? When they need it the most. They should be able to back up messages and contacts to a PC/laptop, like all old Nokia phones could do with the help of Nokia suite.
  • Hi Microsoft , please recreate the counter app from windows 7.5. To windows 8.1. =_=
  • WHY THIS IS AN APP?! This should be in the phone backup feature like in other phones!!  
  • App backup app????
  • Nice app, it however crashed after only a few hundred of my 30,000 text messages were backed up.
  • Even choosing to backup messages to cloud can cause problems. It hasn't been a problem recently, but I've had to disable that feature in the past. I'm not surprised an app that saves locally would have the same problem with that volume of messages.
  • Great, because in the last month across 3 phones I have lost messages. First time it has ever happened.
  • Is this another contingency in case goes down? I keep my contacts there so I don't have to worry about transferring them.
  • Thank you it`s nice. :)
  • Off topic, but needed to say, I hate freakin' inline, autostart, video ads. I have no problem with ads, I grew up with broadcast TV, and that is what allowed it to exist. I have no problem with ads on the internet as that is what allows much of it to exist. But to start up a video, with sound, everytime I submit a post and the page refreshes is just F'ing annoying.
  • No SD card no install.
  • very useful app! thank you Microsoft!
  • It's all ready available in transfer my data app Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Hopefully it backups the Message Drafts too as the backup option that's built into the OS doesn't. I've lost my drafts many a times.
  • I've installed this app by mistake in my Lumia 930 wich has no SD Card.
    How can I uninstall it?
    I've tried almost everything.
  • You can't. Could try the "set the system clock forward 100 years" trick  
  • It worked. I didin't knew this trick. Thank you so much hotphil!!!
  • Worthless to those without sd cards?
  • Arguably worthless to most of those with them.
  • What is the point of this app?  Contacts, etc are backed up to the cloud if you configure it.  Relying on an SD card as a backup is as stupid as storing contacts on the SIM.
  • But some people need it. Like they need a 3G toggle.  
  • I had to buy a new Windows Phone as the power switch on the old Nokia Lumia 635 was failing. The original Nokia Lumia 635 was only Windows version 8.1, as I did not get delivery yet of the Windows 10 version as that time from Windows Insider App on either phone. However, the new phone was updated to Windows 10 shortly thereafter. I thought everything would be re-installed on the new phone from the One Drive backup associated with it. However, it turns out that the sms and mms did not restore to the new phone. When I discovered this the new phone was already up to Windows 10, via Insider's fast ring. The old phone was still 8.1., as the update still did not happen yet, so the only way to get the old sms and mms from the old phone to the new was to use the contacts + messaging backup app on the phone, which was not in the apps list, but in the settings list of the 8.1 phone. The backup was created from the 8.1 phone for the sms and the mms creating a restore point on the SD card for each. Then I put that SD card into the Windows 10 phone, and looked for the same contacts + messaging backup app. It was gone from the phone completely! I went to the Microsoft app store to locate and install on it the Windows 10 Phone, so I could use the restore points on the SD card from the old phone in the new phone to restore the earlier sms and mms messages the new phone. the Microsoft app store informed me that I already had the contact + message backup app on the phone, and I was able to launch it at the store's app listing. Behold, I was then able to locate the correct restore points I had earlier created on the old Windows 8.1 phone and restore the lost sms and mms to the new phone, and return the SD cards to their original phones.
  • I tried installing it about a hour ago and it would not let me install to my SD card (N1520) said it had to install on phone. What goes? Maybe many of those without SD storage ought to try again.
  • Why would anyone without SD storage even be attempting to install this app? And need to try again?
  • Good stuff, least we finally catching up.
  • Not really catching up - the inbuilt solution is way ahead. This is just retrofitting legacy functionality to please a limited number of users.  
  • By intergrating the "Transfer My Data" app to the Settings menu as "Contacts+messages backup", am seeing a future feature to schedule your backup at the day as time you prefer.
  • Ms good work on nailing this basic thing.Just need to go on and nail down these important things and then wp will become perfect.
  • Hey Daniel, it's worth mentioning that this app can in fact be uninstalled by setting the date forward, to year 2100 for example. Just for those without SD cards who are curious ;)
  • Need to be able to backup and restore to OneDrive. Moving to a new phone due to a cracked screen. After multiple attempts to restore the new phone from a backup, my texts don't restore, only partially. I forget, maybe it needs to be activated with a new SIM first and then do the restore again?
  • It can take a while for them to restore.
  • This app is not working in lumia 635 having windows 10
  • Pointless and unrequired bloat. Already built in.
  • Does this mean that you can actually backup your text messages to a micro-SD card and then move the micro-SD card to another device and then read your text messages on that other device? If so, then this is great. If not, then why bother if WP already backs up your texts and your hotmail/outlook/msn account automatically backs up your contacts?
  • Yes that is correct and is required if the old phone is still stuck on Windows 8.1. If the new phone is Windows 10, the contacts plus messaging backup app is not in settings anymore, but maybe launched from the Microsoft Store app listing for it. Then the correct restore points can be found and you will see the sms and mms restore to your phone. Just be sure not to check off contacts when backup is initiated or the process terminates shortly thereafter.
  • You can easily remove this app from your Windows phone by following the tutorial given here
  • What's the point of this app now I've changed my phone to a Nokia 930 with don't have a SIM card. Can only use the app if I go back to my old phone. Why can't this app work with non SIM phones & it makes a folder to save the information to. This should be a simple solution so any Windows  can backup contacts.
  • Actually you can take the Sd card rom the new phone and put it in the old phone and run the contacts + message backup app, then return the SD to the original phone and use the created restore points from there. The app no longer shows up on the Windows 10 phone in settings, however it can be launched from the its listing on the app store, and you can then use the restore points to restore your lost sms and mms messages to your new phone. Just be sure not to check off contacts when backup is initiated or the process terminates shortly thereafter.
  • What am I supposed to do with this .msg file created by this app. It doesn't open and I can't read the messages.
  • Download contacts
  • This app not working anymore.It crashes in midle of backing up files...i tried many times with same result. If someone know how to reinstall it maybe ? i'm lumia 950xl user.
  • This app does not work with Windows Lumia 950. It crashes after only 30 of 500+ contacts. This means that this $500+ phone which was only released 12 months ago does not have a working manufacturer authored backup, restore, transfer functionality for contacts and messages. So far I have not found a third party app that will do this either. This was my first, and will be my last Windows phone and the entire negative user experience has sadly moved me one step closer to a complete platform swap. (iphone/macbook)
  • It's true... I am also facing same problem while restoring the contacts. this crashing and i am not able to restore my contacts