Xolo WIN Q1000 gets unique SD Backup + Restore for Windows Phone Contacts, SMS, and MMS

We have not seen too much in the way of manufacturer customizations lately, mostly because white-label phones like the Xolo WIN Q1000 (aka BLU Win HD) usually just get stamped and released.

However, Xolo may have done a little tweaking to their new WIN Q1000 phone as found by the site WPXBOX. Browsing under settings a new SD Backup + Restore feature is revealed and it lets you backup your contacts and text messages to your SD card. Granted, Windows Phone can already do this through cloud backups, but for security reasons or data costs, making a local backup is not a bad idea either.

It is possible that this phone is also running a newer build of the 8.1 operating system. As such, it is not clear if this feature is really Xolo's or Microsoft's. Just as interesting, but left unexplored is the Smart Filtering tool also found in Settings on the WIN Q1000. Guess there is more to be discussed. [Update: Ashish from WPXBOX has informed us that Smart Filtering is just an SMS + Call filter, like what is found on Lumias.]

Check out the hands-on video above to see how the SD Backup + Restore feature works.

Source: WPXBOX

Daniel Rubino

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  • may be in Windows 10 coming Builds !!
  • Oye, ye mujhe bhi chahiye.
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  • Bhaiya 5 kilo mujhe bhi dena :P
  • U r the most active Indian on windows central
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  • Agreed Bhai :D
  • Arre bhai Hindi type karte waqt bhi comma aur fullstop :D
  • Bloatware? That you can't remove unless you know that date trick. Same as Verizon backup assistant.
  • The lack of proper Transfer my data, is one of the important things that kept me away from other OEM. My cloud backup is messed up, I have switched it off long back, I, on a regular interval basis, keep backing up using Transfer My Data.
  • I'd like to try out this feature. Maybe it would backup my Ativ S on DP successfully as my cloud backup always fails when app backup is selected.
  • Will be a Nice feature if brough to our present gen phones
  • If an offline backup option would be available to WP that would be great.. My cloud backup stopped working...
  • The important thing is: is the back up stored in binary or XML format? If it's XML then a simple tool can be written to extract your text message into nice, print-friendly documents.
  • The Contacts are stored in vCard format, whiile SMS are in .MSG format.  Here is the screenshot on how it looks. If the image doesnt show up, here is the link to it http://img.wpxbox.com/XOLO-SD-Bakcup-Internal.png  
  • Can you please open it with note pad to see if it's readable text or encrypted text? Thanks.
  • Both SMS and Contact are in readable format. 
  • Great. Thanks!
  • Just off topic.. I like to point out that this phone is beautiful.
  • Yeah!
  • We need this feature on all windows phone. My 1520 would make good use of this for when I roll back from windows 10 preview....that is whenever Microsoft decide to get it.
  • Lumias already can do this. Use the "Transfer My Data" app, tap the "..." And choose "Export to Sim", done. Now to load a backup, do the same but choose" Import from Sim"
  • Want that SD back up in my Lumia too !
  • I love when OEMs do unique things for their phones like this. If this company can there is no excuse for HTC or Samsung
  • Its like z10
  • My backup doesn't work for some reason. It goes up to 14% and gets stuck there, then some error shows up.. Funny thing is when I open OneDrive (hotmail.com) on PC it shows last backup > Windows Phone (Lumia 928 3/19/2015). But on phone "last backed up about 7 months ago". I wonder what's backed up on 3/19 then.
  • Do you have the Live Lockscreen beta installed? I kept having problems and it didn't get fixed until I uninstalled that and deleted the previous backup.
  • No I deleted it right away (did the trick with kids corner too)
  • This reminds me of Symbian's good ole on device backup system. I would always back up my phone to my SD card and restore messages when needed. I hope to see this become a part of Windows Phone 8.2 and Windows 10.
  • Indian company; Anything's possible!!
  • Why i want it to in my lumia735 625
  • I say windows phone is dead..
    As you see small things are news here that an android site will not even notice..
  • Yeah, the fact that MS does not provide us with little but neccessary functions like this is why I'm very frustrated with Windows phone.
  • And lo an Android fanboy has noticed it already
  • Still I feel if Microsoft have app backup or complete data back up locally on sd card...it could be a news
  • it is so sad to give this a name "unique"..windows phone do not have these type of basic functions..my normal mobile has these backup on sd card function. how smart our smartphones are???
  • It depends on the apps installed/used on the smartphones
  • 'Dat grammar tho'....
  • That's good. Hope Lumia have it too
  • Considering backup of large text message threads has been broken since the release of WP 8.0 I wouldn't mind this feature.
  • Troia
  • This should be in wp since the beginning. Symbian had the best backup system known to men. Well, symbian had allot of bests, in which this new systems are retarded, to say it best, cause some are worse then that.
  • Absolutely should be in all WP8.1.1. Cloud 'backup' does not work for many and is a poor substitute for a proper, local, device backup.
  • You can do this on any Lumia, I backup my Lumia 1520's SMS, MMS, and Contacts to my SD card all the time... Open the app "Transfer my data", then tap the "..." In the bottom right and select "Export to SD" (You also have the option to Import as well). Then you select what you want (SMS, MMS, and/or Contacts) and it backs them up to a folder labeled "backup". Done!
  • Had a Micromax windows phone, it completely ruined the user experience, Micromax please you make shitty Android phones and leave windows phone platform alone bcoz if a new person would want to try windows he would surely buy your windows bcoz its d cheapest nd dat poor guy would b fed up from windows. I had bought 1 for my brother, bcoz his exams were finishing nd der was 2 weeks tym b4 his exams finished so I thought to check out dat fon, nd it suffered horribly, poor camera, bad viewing angles, laggy performance............etc..
    Ditched dat fon nd bought a Lumia 625 for him nd dat works awesome...!