We have not seen too much in the way of manufacturer customizations lately, mostly because white-label phones like the Xolo WIN Q1000 (aka BLU Win HD) usually just get stamped and released.

However, Xolo may have done a little tweaking to their new WIN Q1000 phone as found by the site WPXBOX. Browsing under settings a new SD Backup + Restore feature is revealed and it lets you backup your contacts and text messages to your SD card. Granted, Windows Phone can already do this through cloud backups, but for security reasons or data costs, making a local backup is not a bad idea either.

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It is possible that this phone is also running a newer build of the 8.1 operating system. As such, it is not clear if this feature is really Xolo's or Microsoft's. Just as interesting, but left unexplored is the Smart Filtering tool also found in Settings on the WIN Q1000. Guess there is more to be discussed. [Update: Ashish from WPXBOX has informed us that Smart Filtering is just an SMS + Call filter, like what is found on Lumias.]

Check out the hands-on video above to see how the SD Backup + Restore feature works.

Source: WPXBOX

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