Microsoft says if you want landscape for the Start screen vote for it (like you always could)

The notion that Windows Phone should do landscape on the Start screen is hardly new. In fact, requests for it go back years from mostly the enthusiast crowd.

Yesterday, Microsoft's Gabriel Aul made a remark to a user request about landscape mode for the Start screen in Windows 10 Mobile. Aul responded with the default answer, which is if you want it, vote for it.

Personally, I find the hubbub about this issue to be funny. The reason is Windows 10 Mobile is very much like a democracy. If you want a feature, go to User Voice and make a suggestion. Alternatively, if the suggestion already exists, vote for it.

When was the first request for landscape mode on the Start screen? November 03, 2011.

The ability for Windows 10 Mobile and User Voice to support landscape has always been there. Aul reminding people of this is not news. Although it does reflect that continued indifference from users in the Internet age: it is easier to complain on Twitter rather than to take the time to effect real change.

Should Windows Central cherry pick ideas and highlight them like we are doing today? This approach seems a bit unfair akin to swaying an election. Our voice should not be more important than yours. Having said that, this is a great time to remind you that you have influence at Microsoft but only if you take the time to exercise it.

So here it is, your reminder. Maybe we'll make it a weekly thing.

We have had a topic page for all of Microsoft's consumer UserVoice boards for some time, but here they are again in case you are new to all of this:

Official Microsoft User Voice forums

This voting thing is not crazy stuff folks. If you want a feature, speak up. Share with others on social networks, or in our forums. Just don't act like there is nothing you can do.

Source: UserVoice (Landscape request); via Gabriel Aul

Daniel Rubino

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