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Microsoft says if you want landscape for the Start screen vote for it (like you always could)

The notion that Windows Phone should do landscape on the Start screen is hardly new. In fact, requests for it go back years from mostly the enthusiast crowd.

Yesterday, Microsoft's Gabriel Aul made a remark to a user request about landscape mode for the Start screen in Windows 10 Mobile. Aul responded with the default answer, which is if you want it, vote for it.

Personally, I find the hubbub about this issue to be funny. The reason is Windows 10 Mobile is very much like a democracy. If you want a feature, go to User Voice and make a suggestion. Alternatively, if the suggestion already exists, vote for it.

When was the first request for landscape mode on the Start screen? November 03, 2011.

The ability for Windows 10 Mobile and User Voice to support landscape has always been there. Aul reminding people of this is not news. Although it does reflect that continued indifference from users in the Internet age: it is easier to complain on Twitter rather than to take the time to effect real change.

Should Windows Central cherry pick ideas and highlight them like we are doing today? This approach seems a bit unfair akin to swaying an election. Our voice should not be more important than yours. Having said that, this is a great time to remind you that you have influence at Microsoft but only if you take the time to exercise it.

So here it is, your reminder. Maybe we'll make it a weekly thing.

We have had a topic page for all of Microsoft's consumer UserVoice boards for some time, but here they are again in case you are new to all of this:

Official Microsoft User Voice forums

This voting thing is not crazy stuff folks. If you want a feature, speak up. Share with others on social networks, or in our forums. Just don't act like there is nothing you can do.

Source: UserVoice (Landscape request); via Gabriel Aul

Daniel Rubino
Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Personally, I don't care for this idea as I already hate auto-rotate. I also don't see many OSs doing this. My Edge and iPhone 6 don't do this either. Sure, it can be "just an option" (you folks certainly love options for everything), it just also means that this will shift priority for development. Microsoft can't prioritize everything, so if they do this, another feature will be bumped down the list. But hey, I'm but one person with an opinion. So vote and go make it happen. It's your OS too.
  • Hmmm.. I've already guessed. (sudah kuduga :P)
  • I need the rules on windows 10 PC to scroll horizontally.
  • lol
  • The issue is when feedback has been there for a long time and is a top request. Kinda undermine the whole "voting actually makes a difference" shtick.
  • It's certainly not a guarantee, but the teams do use these things to prioritize. I'm also not sure what the alternative is to it. Just complaining on Twitter?
  • Yes.  Look at what got more of a response on this occassion.  
  • Hey: Complaining on twitter is fun, and a well crafted 140 character rant can make someone's day :)
  • I maybe wrong but hey, they did reposition the url area to the bottom in edge for mobile.
  • Same. I don't really see the use of it (it may work on large screen devices, but even then it's practically useless).
  • Yeah, this is how iOS does it: iPhone 6 Plus can rotate, but not the 6. So for large screen devices, it makes more sense as an option.
  • If you use navigation in landscape mode while driving, it doesn´t matter if it´s a 5inch or a 6inch phone... for me it´s just annoying having the tiles in the wrong direction ;)
  • I would like to see this feature, the same as on the iPhone 6. When using mircast to display on a large screen it will make more sense to let the home screen rotate to landscape. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I have the iPhone 6 Plus, and the rotating home screen is such an irritating 'feature' (for me) ! Sure there's option to turn the rotating off, but that's off for everything.
  • Gilgamesh ftw
  • I'm afraid implementing this feature would require more time and thus delay WM10 final release.
  • Isn't the whole premise of Windows 10 that it is the same OS run everywhere? This would mean that there is no development and that Microsoft specifically disabled this ability on mobile phones.
  • IPhone 6 Plus does though. I agree that it would be kind of annoying, though.
  • but iphone 6 plus have landscape! :P
  • What was the hubbub, did something blow up on twitter about it?
    Sorry I don't follow twitter, maybe I should start.
  • There is nothing like "democracy".... If you pay for the product you should get the features at the time of purchase like iPhone or nexus..... The Android and IOS platforms don't depend largely on user voice.... For example: Apple and Android knew rotation lock should be there... So they have the feature... But in windows we literally begged for that feature.... Too bad Microsoft doesn't know what features to include before releasing a product
  • You do realize that some of these features people just don't care about? The iPhone for a very long time was lagging in features. Didn't stop people from using it due to other advantages.
  • How about no native stop watch and timer support or the worst settings UI..... Don't tell me that people have Casio watches for stopwatch and super memory skills for settings page...... Microsoft doesn't know shit when it comes to satisfying the real needs..... Now don't be telling me that real needs were ability to make a call and send an SMS
  • You have opinions on things, that's cool.
  • Well nice try with that sarcasm..... You definitely have a future
  • I see you've been here for one year. I've been here since 2007 ;) What do you want me to say? You clearly have some gripes and those are legitimate to you. I'm not going to try and sway you of your personal opinions. Just recognize them as such, opinions. That's fine.
  • Nice one Dan!
  • Not everything requires a response, especially when there's a good chance it will come of as sarcasm. Daniel or irritation .
  • Those are in windows phone 10.
  • You tried navigating the ios settings? Minefield.
  • Have you used the Windows 10 preview on your mobile device though? There is a native stop watch There is the ability to search in settings, making what you need to find super easy. I don't understand the problem
  • "Now dont be telling me" haha, ya we won't tell you that real needs are calling and texting, we will keep it a secret ;) Who needs a phone for that?
  • That setting panel was actually nice and functional when it was originally created with WP7, why? Because WP had much less settings back then, you cant blame bad deisgn for something that worked great when it came out, but aged badly
  • @dan, Yh, like Bluetooth, ios, they don't have that as an option. Besides it'll be cool if Windows phone can do the accept all feature in Bluetooth
  • Damn you if you have a voice, damn you if you don't. Can't really please everyone, can we?
  • We should atleast have this landscape option for bigger screens. It will be convenient if we can open few apps like Mail, Calendar in landscape mode.For Start screen I don't see any real use, but just an added feature.
  • I only ever want this when using the phone a car mount. GPS navigation works really well in landscape, but using other apps while stopped in traffic is a pain right now because many apps don't support landscape. Yes yes, I know, I do keep an eye on the road.
  • THIS
  • @Joe920 - I totally agree and want Landscape for car use. It's perfect for this reason alone but I do like to use Landscape for normal use too.
    I'm sure I've already voted for this but off to check :)
  • 100% agree. I guess other people don't dock their phone and drive. Landscape is the best for navigation and other functionality. Its current implementation is crippled... One app works, the other does not. Its a pain to use while stopped. When car mode is on and the charger is on, don't go to sleep... I know maps will keep it on... but not xbox music...
  • I totally agree. I wouldn't use landscape mode, but if people want this as an option, then give them that option.
  • An option to enable the feature would be welcome. Hardly a priority for me personally but options are usually always beneficial! I've already voted for it anyway ;-)
  • The one thing i really need is the availability of Lumia camera and creative studio on windows mobile 10.
  • You know the default microsoft camera is lumia camera? (all features of lumia are rolled into it). Better in fact as you can edit rich capture in the galery instead of through the camera app.   Creative studio is a seperate app and exists. At least I have it on my Win 10 preview.
  • Apparently creative studio is not there in the store anymore.
  • I would like landscape mode to be across the board... start screen, home screen, and of course xbox m, errm', Groove Music. I want this because it is a pain to use in the car... I don't like my phone held up in portrait mode when docked in my cars. I like landscape view mode. So far, landscape is just not where it should be. In California, we are hands free. I try not to touch my phone while I am moving, but when I am stopped and have to access a screen functionality, it is wonky to unlock it, and switch views (mentally/physically). If they can just landscape xbox music, I would be happy. I am not going to argue which view is better, but I am sick of portrait videos... I know more people are on their phones, but damn... Widescreen/landscape for me is better viewing. That is how I would like things docks... no matter what device. If I am walking and holding my phone, then portrait is fine for browsing... Well, I up-voted what I wanted... Maybe one day I will see it :)
  • I don't care to welcome this optional feature. Actually MS would be the second MOBILE OS after iOS with this feature.
  • I believe the Nexus has Landscape mode too. So currently the top 2 selling platforms are introducing it, maybe the 3rd platform would be wise to follow, rather than trying to catch up in 2 years?
  • Have it available so when when Google does it, or Apple, MS wouldn't again follow their lead. And it would be useful.
  • I would prefer background downloading than screen rotation
  • Definitely, If only we could have the option of running apps in background, and if MS are saying it might kill the battery, then battery saver will be very useful
  • I'm betting more than a few holdovers from the Symbian days (I'll count myself in that group!) have been asking for this. It's just a little thing that I'd use every now and then. If you're already using the phone in that manner, it's nice not to have to swich when you move out of an app into the home screen or another app.
  • I just think this is a no-brainer with the industry shift to larger screen phones.
  • Daniel, you might not care for it but without global landscape support we will never see the likes of a HTC touch pro 2 running Windows Phone 10. You just have to look at the Touch Pro 7, what a shambolic experience it is for the user without such orientation support :). Granted it should be off by default on non landscape qwerty phones.
  • Apple doesn't care about what its customers want...  Apple has produced what they want and then told the customer that its what they want.
  • You said Apple cares about its customers.  I said Apple doesn't care about its customers, then you agreed with me...
  • iPhones didn't even copy and paste when first introduced. A basic feature like this and they refused to include it! Steve Jobs refused to make 6" + screen iPhones as he said people didn't want them lol. This is Apple so don't talk crap!
  • Windows Mobile had copy and paste for ages before iPhone reinvented it. When Microsoft introduced Windows 7 on their phones, which was a totally new OS, the first release m, Nodo, was missing copy and paste but was returned on the next update. Well, enjoy been an iPhone fan being told no (that's why you are called iSheep) and we will continue using uservoice.
  • OMG, go buy an apple already and stop trollfacing us with your i lurve apple this and i lurve apple that.... jesus....
  • Are you even on the Technical Preview, apple and android are screwing off a lot of people by not doing that. And besides user voice is a medium for MS to set their priorities.
  • tl;dr
  • "Literally zero new features or changes... because of user voice". Based on what evidence? There are literally (in a literal meaning, not the US not-actually-literal meaning) dozens, if not hundreds, of features introduced since WP7 based on such user feedback. You really don't have to look far to see them: notification centre, start screen folders, smaller tiles etc. These are all things I've seen in User Voice and all are things we're enjoying on our phones today. I've always been impressed that MS has been listening to our suggestions and (eventually) implemented them. My only frustration is their incredibly slow pace to implement these features, and turning off features is another annoyance (especially when they only delivered a half-baked version worldwide and wonder why it's not used)
  • Microsoft have automated systems taking in info from UserVoice, comments on sites, twitter etc. These combined are the results they use. UserVoice is one aspect and therefore may not reflect the totally combined results. This is a better option than being told what you should have for iSheep.
  • Dear Dan, maybe we should have a series for articles like this.i.e taking nice suggestions from uservoice and expose it to us.just like askdan,highs and lows,icymi,this thing have to be made as an series. bcoz within 1 hr,the vote for this suggestion has been increased from 12000 to 16000 something..!!!!! can you make it..?? please..
  • I want it on my phone, I guess it would be a super cool looking feature, in addition it will add to the uniqueness of WP OS, unlike the bland looking ios and android..
  • It has a description :)
  • Thanks for the link, just gave 3 votes as this is needed and should be included with the release of Windows 10 :)
  • Dan says it not important. So skip it.
  • Love using my dads Samsung tab upside-down(& the capacitive buttons arnt in the way)
  • Good point, I will go and vote. Landscape would be handy to me... In the car I like to use landscape with my car nav app, but when going back to start it is annoying to be in portrait.
  • I use landscape a lot on my phone, and although it is annoying when using the start screen, it isn't the end of the world. Having said that, I feel ​from a UI continuity point of view that this option would be beneficial. Many have stated good use cases for this feature (Docking, Miracast, etc...), however I feel the most important reason it should be considered is more a matter of principle. Having a rotation lock option quickly becomes silly for the very reason that it does not work all of the time in landscape mode. I understand that some app developers want their UI a certain way, and therefore we will never have full continuity (ex. many games only run in landscape mode as opposed to portrait), however I do feel that the core UI of the OS should maintain continuity in providing a rotation lock feature. Otherwise it should really be renamed "Portrait Lock." Sure iOS and Android may not have this capability, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's the best approach either. As I said before, this is only a slight annoyance, and certainly not something I couldn't live without, however in my opinion, I feel it has its benefits.    
  • I have to agree with you on this one, Daniel. I CONSTANTLY have lock rotation on on my phone. The only time i unlock it is when i want to watch a video on it, which is very seldom. I think it's pretty pointless having the start screen rotate.
  • So, this has been requested and voted on for years and they still ignore it? Got it. I actually have to use android for a radar detector app. It is connected through hdmi and mirrorlink. It's mirrored to my in-dash Pioneer and I use it as my car nav with Waze. Navigating my home screen with Groove Music widget would not be possible or just a pain if it would not be able to rotate to landscape. So, while my use case is rare, I hope to someday be a le to replace it with a Windows 10 device, either a phone or tablet. So, this feature needs to be there like yesteryear. Not only that, but other missing things like hdmi out and playback from the start screen would be needed too. Just so much more to do..    
  • Also, Android may not have it native, but it's easily made possible with launchers. With MS probably not allowing devs the capability, it's on them to incorporate it and if they can do it on pc, they can fo it on phone.
  • "you folks certainly love options for everything..." Cmon, Dan, you should know better than to say something this silly.  OPTIONS are what separate Windows and Mac users.  With Apple, it's their way or the highway.  This is why Android dominates in the mobile space, because they adopted the same flexible model.
  • Exactly my thought. I'm not a fan of auto-rotate at all. Never have used it, as portrait is perfect for all that I need. BUT...that's what Rotation Lock is for ;) So hey, vote for it. I'll just end up disabling it on my phone anyway ;) lol
  • It should be easy enough to add a lock-rotate function into the notifications slide-down (not sure what that's like on WM10). To me it just seems silly to have all the settings pages, on-screen icons, and on-screen navigation (for devices without nav buttons) all able to rotate, but suddenly the start-screen can't. It works on W8, so why not mobiles too? It can easily be disabled on W8, so I don't see why anyone would object to the option being included.
  • I completely agree. Nothing worse than lying in bed reading your news then boom, a little more of a tilt and you're doomed.
  • I missed this whole user voice thing.  Thanks for showing it. I made my own entry: Imagine if my Belkin Flip cover on my Lumia1520 could also serve as bluetooth connected keyboard... In landscape mode. use the flip portrait mode... default to the oncreen keyboard...  Hey.. go vote for it.
  • Well you've got my 3 votes for escalating this feature. Happy this blog was written. Landscape mode deserves more attention for windows 10 for mobile. It is a necessary feature for a consistent UI experience with apps oriented in landscape orientation. Optional is fine. ​ but it should be part of the OS. It would be in line with the universal experience of windows 10 across devices, it would support the feature that there is an orientation luck in settings. I don't care about orientation luck personally as many developers already offer this as an in app feature. Optional is okay. Already voted three. Interesting to know is that there are already several secondary entry votes. Cummulatively they add up to almost over 3000 votes extra. Why does Microsoft not accumulate them to a total count. I'm sure they're already high on the list. I do hope change checked this before sending his tweet. What else can a user do? Rally with 20000 users in front of the Microsoft Seattle head office? Surely not?
  • Ok..
  • Hmm, "it's easier to complain on twitter..." Somebody should create an app for simplifying the way we give feedback. Windows feedback in win10 is well for windows 10, that too can be improved. Link those twitter complaints with feedback app. Whatever be easy, people giveth the feedback.
  • To be fair, Microsoft does use Twitter (and our forums) to register complaints. They have automated systems for some of this. Still, it is much easier and useful to vote for suggestions at UserVoice at the end of the day ;)
  • I would just be happy if user voice had an up, down vote. That would show in the metrics the number of people who like it, hate it, and non votes would show indifference. Just my opinion though.
  • True.
  • @fail_safe, such an ironic name for a smart thinker.
  • Daniel is smart ass person, you have your facts right Mr. Rubino:)
  • BTW calling someone a 'smart ass' isn't usually a compliment :P
  • What kind of stupid is this?
    We want it on WP this should be default.
    @DanRub I'm sure when it comes you'll love it as you have to "live with it" just like some changes MSFT is making to WinMob10
  • No, I don't want it. I turn auto-rotate off on all my phones, as it just slows down using them.
  • Some may not like it, some may like it. What's the harm in keeping it as an option. I would, personally, love landscape mode for home screen.
  • We want it
  • I voted for landscape start screen, when I come from another landscaped app to the start screen it's a hassle, I want landscape continuity
  • That's exactly my opinion.
  • Another link. Option in settings under Personalization and Start
  • I do remember the time when there was no rotation lock... #theuglydays
  • Same! Absolutely painful!
  • 3 votes from me
  • Annoyingly, I voted for this after following a link or two from somewhere. In fact, I don't want a landscape start screen, I just want landscape typing to be included more. I'd retract my votes if I could.
  • You can retract your votes. Click the button that shows your number of votes (blue button), and it will give you the option to either change how many votes you gave or to remove your vote entirely.
  • Why would you retract your votes? Other people clearly want landscape mode, why not support their quest in getting it? If you don't want to use it, you don't have to (turn on rotation lock and then boom, you're never bothered with it again).
  • "Why would you retract your votes? Other people clearly want landscape mode, why not support their quest in getting it?"
    Because prioritizing this will de-prioritize something else. You can't have it all. Why would I give my (limited) amounts of votes to a feature I don't care about and not vote for something I do want? This isn't some hivemind experiment.
  • Does Landscape docking, continuum and in car use not entice your interest?
  • docking and car, no, not really. I don't see what this has to do with Continuum. When W10M connects to a bigger display, it looks like W10 desktop with a start menu. Landscape has zero to do with it.
  • Actually it does. Definitely want a dock for my car. The satnav on my 920 has been a god send.
  • I hear you. Perhaps I won't withdraw them entirely. But hindsight makes me think I should direct my votes a little better. I normally consider my votes more, and I'm surprised I voted. Landscape modes for other things means more. Typing in landscape is my bug bear. I cannot type in portrait.
  • Yes,yes,yes.i whant this.
  • Can someone explain me what's the purpose of landscape start screen? I don't see a point really.
  • Agreed
  • Same here. Does it really make that big of a difference? What's one good example where a landscape start screen is better than a vertical one?
  • A lot of people have a "Lanscape Orientation Only Kickstand" built into the case for their phone, or have a landscape charging stand for the desktop. It's easier to use on your desk in this mode while you're working at your computer. I can live without landscape mode on the phone, IF I can have landscape be automatic while docked with continuum. ;) That external 24" monitor needs landscape for everything. I believe that in Windows 10, if you are using a "Universal App", it should automatically adapt and be able to handle any orientation. That means Calendar and Outlook should both be able to handle landscape orientation anyway, but not sure if they actually do in practice.
  • @rhapdog - Continuum is a good point that would make Landscape mode a necessity. As well as in car use, many use sat nav in Landscape so everything else in Landscape would be highly appreciated.
  • Continuum makes your phones start screen the start menu on the display hence there is no landscape as you don't have a landscape start menu. The start menu in W10 is now vertical too.
  • The kickstand is a good reason too. I use to have a folio case which turned into a kickstand so I know how annoying it is to keep switching between both.
  • In the car. Miracast to TV.
  • YES!! miracast is fugly in portrait!
  • +735 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I can see the use in a car and especially miracast.
  • It would be useful when using mircast to display on a larger screen. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Big issue for using phone for navigation when driving (as I find landscape better for nav), while playing music and dictating to Cortana... Have to keep turning cradle as you change apps
  • ^This for me also. It's not a deal-breaker, but it does make for a major hassle. Using navigation while driving and getting a call coming in turned sideways drives my OCD crazy.
  • Damn right.
  • Totally agree keifwoki.
  • ^This!
  • Yes
  • An option please, don't hard code it. I don't want it to rotate on my 930.
  • Holy shit, when I voted on that landscape user voice yesterday it had ~2000 votes, less than 24 hours later it's jumped by over 10,000 more votes! :-o
  • Which means it will probably happen. And then something else won't happen and everyone here will find something new to complain about that is missing, lol. Jumping on the merry-go-round...
  • True... But it does obviously show that this is a much sought after feature... I'd like it if only for continuities sake when jumping back to the start screen after using the phone in landscape mode, as well as using it in the car or via miracast on the TV.
  • Sure, but if we did an article on all the other feature requests on UserVoice, I'm sure we could bump those votes too. Hard to know when you feature one suggestion over the others to conclude people want it more than others, especially if they are not taking the time to survey the rest. It's like if I tell you to vote for one of two candidates, but don't tell you there are three others running ;)
  • I completely understand your position as both an individual WP user and as the head of a pro-Windows media outlet, and you obviously shouldn't really use your feelings as one to influence the other, but at the end of the day you've just got to trust that readers know their own minds, and are capable of making their own decisions... Lol! As long as your articles remain largely impartial, what's the harm in highlighting a few user voice causes? :)
  • Daniel, it's strange that you grumble about us voting for the very option that you brought to our attention. Why not bring an option, or range of options, that you think should take precedence?
  • On most phones I would say it isn't that necessary, but I would like the option built in for the phablet to tablet size W10 Mobile devices.
  • Do you know why people complain on twitter instead of giving feedback on a forum? Because companies listen closer/better to complaints than to feedback. Why? Because they are scared of negative publicity. Should we blame the user using his or her voice in the most effective way? No, we should blame big corporations like Microsoft for turning user in a bunch of whiners by rewarding complaints instead of feedback.
  • What I find funny is this suggestion its been there since 2011 as mentioned and got thousands of votes and comments and still nothing, if they ask through twitter its because it seems there is no use for uservoice whatsoever
  • Actually, it jumped from 2,000 votes to over 12,000 in 24 hours, so most people were not participating.
  • hello , microsoft says do vote then we bring feature . other companies know what consumer need , they act fast and they create new things and microsoft follows them . why microsoft don't plan to become leader . Apple bring sexy features , they don't say vote then we think then bring . microsoft always follows . hope microsoft re-think strategy and see the competitors and see the gap , what windows os don't have .    google and apple bring their os to next stage , when windows 10 will reach to compete android kitkat . we need microsoft to be a leader , but they don't understand 
  • Windows Phone started in 2012, a few years after Android and iOS. They literally have to catch up and write/program faster than those companies to create more functionality. From that perspective aka reality of software development, Windows Phone is not that far behind. The bigger problem is that early on Microsoft did not support Windows Phone as much as they should've.
  • yes , i agreed but like for smaller features also microsoft say do vote then we think . actually these smaller features which is even available in nokia connecting people symbian .  i will give you example : i told to two to 4 ms edge developers on twitter from past 2 months  please sir , bring bing integration , ability to download files more then 1 gb from mega site in ms edge ( already have functionality in UC , OPERA , CHROME , SAFARI , MOZILA ) , some major right click functionality on favorite bar .  but they told people will vote then we think .  as you see , even the new growing company knows basic features  i only hope that microsoft will change everyone thinking at the time of official windows 10 mobile , as i am completely addicted to os .  i need microsoft at top , i can't switch to other OS . since childhood nokia , symbial , asha , then wp  so , hope like other os users , we can also say them with windows 10 then we get same or much better apps , experience fully featured in our os . 
  • +10 I agree with you. Because we love much then we will hate much :P
  • thanks a lot . i always tweet them about the situation .- i don't worry about what people think about me , my major goal is to tell every ms person - see that and re-think and act 
  • And one more thing, when using some Apps with landscape modes, They should at least provide the Action Centre in Landscape mode.
  • I'm using WP 8.1, GDR2. Settings has landscape mode. Action Center does not. SMS has landscape mode. Phone does not. It just seems inconsistent like that.
  • i'm totally agree with you
  • I've got the same thought and it is only thing which irritates me that Microsoft is not giving proper attention to the Windows Phone, my basic thought is "Give all the feature in the OS which other OS have with better security and stability then ask the user for more feature suggestions". It is really quite funny that Windows Phones users are voting for the some basic feature for the OS.
    But I still have hope. Cz I'm a true fan of Windows.
  • If this feature is given only to 5"+ phones then my L730 will be killed brutally, Cz It's is almost equal to the 5 inch display but still not 5 inch....It's just 4.7 inches, Oh God! Why these Odd digits!!!!!!!:(
  • To be fair, even if a certain feature is requested enough, it isn't stonewall that it will be implemented. Not trying to take a dig at the Insider program, I think it's great, but I don't think a lot of votes guarantees a feature.   Having said that, I think they will include landscape mode, because this is the same OS that will be used on tablets. I think it'll probably be a case of screen size. Hopefully, 5+ in screens will get landscape. I'd love it on my Lumia 930.
  • " I think it's great, but I don't think a lot of votes guarantees a feature."
    Agree 100%. But the dev teams use them in meeting to argue to prioritize development to the larger leadership team. That's how this works. The Outlook teams says "we should do this" and give 10 things they want, but they can only get permission to do 5, so they have to choose.
  • Just a thought ...
    Perhaps MS should FINALLY give Windows Mobile the attention it deserves. Stop trying to get results for the cheapest possible price...and instead invest in a way that suggests they actually want to succeed.
  • Auto arranging the tiles after screen rotation will be tricky. So, I think we're better off without it.
  • landscape mode will be additional feature to give experience like iphone users have    but i think they will do few change with app list ( list and grid )   A , B , C , D ( apps shown under their respective in horizontal and vertical way ) it will be good
  • Tablets already do this so not a lot would need to be reinvented. 
  • but they will say give feedback , vote etc . i hope they understand our need 
  • Especially with the big tiles
  • Not tricky at all - already works on W8
  • They probably need all the capacity they have to rebuild WP81 functionality that currently still is lost in W10m, in mail, calendar, photos, music, people hub, etc.
  • No i don't need it.
  • "...the internet age: it is easier to complain on Twitter rather than to take the time to affect real change." Just a couple of minor grammar errors: "internet" should be "Internet" and "affect" should be "effect". That out of the way, why don't you think that social movements on Twitter can effect change but that Uservoice votes can? That that specific Uservoice suggestion has that many votes and has been around since 2011 suggests Microsoft doesn't really care too much about Uservoice suggestions either.
  • "why don't you think that social movements on Twitter can effect change but that Uservoice votes can? That that specific Uservoice suggestion has that many votes and has been around since 2011 suggests Microsoft doesn't really care too much about Uservoice suggestions either." Point right there.
  • Actually, barely anyone voted on it or for it because people weren't using UserVoice. It jumped from 2,000 votes over 12,000 in 24-hours. What does that tell you about user participation?
  • ha ha but that uservoice link should be posted in some major news blog to attract others , will also help 
  • And what about all the other suggestions? Seems odd to highlight just this one.
  • what i mean to say is that you should from time to time in your blog - post some major feedback . which you also think necessary as it will help to improve our windows os .  your blog post really helpful to directly send information to most of ms dev and other senior .    i hope you understand our need to get a great experience now with windows 10 
  • "our need to get a great experience NOW with Windows 10"
    Yes, this....and as iPhone and Nexus are introducing Landscape start screen mode NOW, then W10 needs it on release. Rather than reverting back to Microsoft catching up in a year or two!
  • Why do you keep saying 'portrait mode'. It is portrait mode that we have now! We need landscape mode.
  • Yeah, I don't know but been back to correct my mistake. Yes, I mean Landscape. Must have been a hard day lol
  • human will learn from mistake , instead of making fun of other - people will help others to correct and give them detail     
  • The thing is, even if it is popular, they can still decline it like they did the social media integration in messaging (which had tens of thousands of votes) aka the reason why I am still using windows phone 8.0 on one of my Lumia 1020s
  • Not really the same, though. Social media integration was ditched because it was ruining the OS. They had to constantly update the OS itselft when Facebook changed an API.They changed the architecture of the OS for specific reasons and people out voting that was just not feasible. I doubt there are such serious concerns here with landscape. Although, who knows the coding issues involved. Likely not a trivial thing.
  • The reasoning I understood, but that was then. Now they have broken up parts of the OS into components that can be updated. Is it really the same 1 year old answer, after these changes?
  • I gave up to give some feedback in the Windows Feedback app. They dont clean it, at least the brazilian part of this app. There are feedbacks there wich were fixed months ago and the feedbacks still appears on the app.
  • You mean like everyone who voted against UAC in Vista? Thr fact that Microsoft felt need the need to comment on it already implies they have seen a lot of requests and cherry-pick what they want.
  • Everyone that has voted for gapless playback would like to know when their votes will matter
  • don't know , as there are 1000 of feedback goes into death 
  • Here's a question for Gabe: name one feature that was implemented solely because of its popularity on uservoice? The only time a uservoice suggestion is implemented is when it is already part of an existing plan. Xbox Music is a screaming, arms flapping, tears of blood example of this. A feature could have a billion votes and it wouldn't matter.
  • For my entire cell phone life ive used landscape for typing,however since coming over to Windows phone i keep it disabled. Maybe its the wordflow keyboard idk. So yeah landscape on start seems kinda silly. I suppose if other people want it why not. So long as it can be disabled.
  • This 'vote for it' instruction is illustrative of the continuing problem MS has with arrogance towards customers.  It's a fob off.  A lot of us have got better things to do that to find where ever it is you have to vote and then wait, probably in vain, for MS to decide whether or not they implement it, which will usually be because they themselves want to do it and the number of votes for a feature only counting when it's convenient for them. Successful companies don't use voodoo polls to decide what features to include in their products.  They hire good engineers, who then use customers to inform their decisions, not to make them.  This is what Apple do and even what Microsoft used to do. In the 90s there was *no* feature that was to be left out and you got the feeling that nobody in the Excel or Word teams at Microsoft went to bed until their product was better than the competition's in every respect.  They left the likes of Lotus, WordPerfect and Quatrro with nowhere to go except to winge about their ideas being copied.  Microsoft today has none of its early passion.
  • "This is what Apple do"
    So no copy paste or apps for the original iPhone was an informed, engineering decision that met customer needs? Web apps were the future, right? Let's not put other companies on a pedestal. Google knows a thing or two about engineering. How much do you like Google+ these days?
  • I may seem like too long ago to remember, but the original iPhone had only 5 functions: Phone, Safari browser, iTunes, YouTube, and Google Maps. There were no 3rd party app or games or anything else. WM 6 at the time had literally a million more features back then. The iPhone only became more popular because of genius marketing and people saw the WM interface as outdated. 
  • I vote for Landscape!
  • thanks 
  • Even they delay for Official launch we can wait.. But we want landscape mode in win10.. Already win 10 is awesome for pc n tablets.. Make it awesome for mobiles also
  • then long press windows button should bring hamburger menu instead of that apple copy cat .  or may be in future they will bring swipe from left edge of screen to bring hamburger menu . as i tested this functionality in windows central; and android central app ( androids app on my lumia - omg love it works smooth ) . i just swyped from left edge and it bring hamburger menu in lumia for your android apps 
  • Tbh, this majority rules all is getting on my nerves.
  • None of this guarantees it will happen, of course. It is just one way MS engineers and leadership can measure interest on a feature.
  • Why would they vote for this thing,when they could vote to make groove music, movie & tv app (formerly known as Xbox Music and Xbox Video) integrate to xbox live gold, so that people don't need have a separate subscription membership from the same brand of Xbox.
  • So they won't give us any new features unless we complain formally by voting? Really?
  • Yes. Which is how it SHOULD work for all software/platform development requests. It's a great way to gauge interest and to get a requested feature on the product/service road map. If the complaint/request isn't important enough to login and vote-- then that says it all, doesn't it? Without a system like this, you get "mind-reading" and "haphazard" development (ahem, Android) or "Let us tell you what you do or do not need" development (Ahem, Apple). The "New Microsoft" had shown us that, within reason, they are actually listening to voting and feature requests versus creating yet another "Feature Request Black Hole" as was their M.O. in the past.
  • As a dev I can sympathise with MS... they will get millions of suggestions/feature requests. You can't just run off and implement every little thing, as there are thousands of development priorities and each feature costs money (probably hundreds of thousands of dollars due to the size of the teams and amount of testing involved). So what can MS do? Work on the core features, as well as whatever features the various teams decide is crucial. After that it's up to the customers (us) to identify the priorities we want.
  • Daniel: Great genuine commentary as is your M.O. I chuckled thinking that the screenshot of "Landscape Mode Rejection" was missing a finger. ;)
  • :)
  • I am definitely in for landscape start screen! It should really improve the OS's fluency and continuity. Anyone knows how I can vote?
  • Follow the link Daniel provided... I voted for this because I think having choices is great Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  •   go to this link , sign in and give vote and you can also submit feedback , if you need some feature . 
  • Also, here's the "User Voice" for Microsoft Health and Microsoft Band.
  • Thanks, adding to the list!
  • I don't know that I care for it one way or the other. If it happens, as long as I can opt to turn it off if I want to, I'm good.  But good luck to those that want it.  I'll pass on the vote.
  • We want
  • then do vote . every vote count , thanks .
  • Windows Phone badly needs this. Also Cortana enabled worldwide and/or Quiet Hours removed from Cortana.
  • People should not worry about this feature, If it is on I6+ than WM will also have it, so just relax. MS want's everybody to feel that it was "Highly Requsted" feature.
  • ha ha ha great . may be they already working but they want to show that we are listening 
  • "Yeah....i want this feature but as an option..."
  • yes , it will come with an option to on/off for sure 
  • I would say yes bt at d same I need the lock option also
  • One thing Landscape-gate has done is reminded us that in order to get a true prioritised feature request list and to develop the OS in a way that will have true global appeal is to head over to uservoice, check whether your personal top three 'wants' are listed, if not get them added, if they are, then vote.
  • Adding -gate to things only serves to cheapen not only the issue you are talking about but to also the original activity it is derived from
  • Of course yes
  • Voted yes, WP needs as many gimmicks as is possible to code to try and wrestle some small market share from the others
  • I voted for this. I use my 1520 in my car.  This would make complete sense to be able to run it in landscape mode for that.
  • that's why i also vote for my lumia 1520 + very useful in upcoming surface phone ( lol
  • I use a BT keyboard and a mouse on my 1520 with W10 mobile and have the original kickstand case, i would love landscape everywhere. A lot of apps, like Office, Tweetium, MyTube, VLC already make great use of landscape. Currently in W10 mobile I have to raise up the phone and tilt it every time I go in and out of apps. Hate it.
  • Thanks Dan for finding that suggestion for me, 'cause I couldn't. This is really something I would like to have but MS should get it right the first time or just leave it alone. If not done properly, this can only do harm to WP. Tiles would need to have a second position, rotate smoothly and not damage the overall UI design. I think we would also need a second (horizontal) wallpaper.
  • +1520
  • Hey its no harm for such an option... It can work just like 'show more apps' feature, which is too helpful only in bigger screens...
  • Apple doesn't care what people want... 
  • That was the basis for your statement so is none of it relevant then?
  • You do realize on the iPhone 6+ does landscape, right? Not the iPhone 6, much to the dismay of many. And that only happened last year. Last I checked, the original iPhone came out 7 years earlier. This is not a time to look at Apple for guidance or put them on a pedestal.
  • We don't Daniel. We use windows phones not iPhones like u.
  • Seemingly to the detriment of your own happiness
  • Getting a feature is like the US presidential election here
  • When you have no idea how national elections work?
  • Does Microsoft Office have a uservoice page? I've been wanting to tell them settings need to sync in the cloud. Setting up 5 outlook email accounts, sigs, ribbon settings is a real drag.
  •   you can give here , they will listen 
  • I don't use auto rotate very often unless i need to watch a video. Still this might turn out to be useful to some, especially if your device has a case with a built-in kickstand.
  • Then keep using your iPhone... Those of us who use only WP should have a voice not you. Make it sound like giving us a choice is bad.... Arrogance as usual. #douevenw10m?
  • I certainly don't want a feature that I don't want to be forced upon me with no guarantee that I won't be able to turn it off.
  • It would be an option under settings if u wish to enable or disable it. I would like to have when I travel in flight and have a desk in front of me it would be so useful.
  • What about horizontal scrolling
  • Under Settings - Personalization - Start
  • Landscape mode for Start screen is important when casting to an external display.  
  • Yes we, want landscape mode....
  • OF COURSE !!!
  • While some people want it and some don't, why not just have an option there? Start screen landscape, Home tile landscape, App menu Landscape??? I dont know about everyone else, but i prefer more options/settings, not overwelming with options with options, but the more customizable there is , the better surely?  
  • Useless
  • May be for XL WP modals 
  • My Lumia 1520 demands this. Been hoping for this function since 2011
  • Do we have to vote in order to get proper camera software?
  • I think it could be a big plus as we always have a need for showing off what we can do that some others can't... And that one is a good feature. Usability is up to the users.
  • he saying it maybe on the list!
  • How about an official tool to customize tiles in Windows 10? (both mobile and desktop) and how about no limits in the ammount of columns we want on Windows 10 desktop? and How  about horizontal scrolling in startscreen for landscape view, and vertical for portrait, instead of justvertical???
  • Unlimited votes for this ;)
  • I would LOVE to use my L930 in Landscape Mode
  • Please support this
  • What about flipped portrait, that seems like an easier implementation.
  • Ok, I would like to suggest an idea for you people, I'd like to see if you agree or nah.
    The Action Center should be moved to the side, and when you swipe from the top it should show the battery, the time... Just like windows phone 8.
  • Still waiting.
  • This is like a dream come true to me...well almost. C'mon guys, let's make this reality.
  • Everyone complaint when the UI need users to use two hand and yet they want a landscape mode. For driving maybe microsoft can update the lumia car app to have this feature
  • Landscape should be available everywhere there is text input.
  • Landscape should just be available everywhere. I know it would look silly for the odd game and app here and there, but there are plenty of things (full screen video for example) that just look downright wrong in portrait. Where W10 devices that double as both laptops and tablets, phones, at least mid-high end ones should also double as a tablet. (albeit a bit stripped down)
  • I don't really care for this idea. I would like for windows mobile to be able to swipe more than once to the left and right though. I would like to have multiple start screen pages.
  • I'd love it, especially for when I'm on the train switching between videos and playing games. Plus when I'm driving and using Satnav. Continuum needs to have this as well, every app should be able to flip to the horizontal. Even if it means, say with something like doodle jump, making it smaller either with black bars or some kind of backdrop. It may seem silly for some apps and games, and barely playable, but at the same time consistency is key. It really needs to be all or nothing with regard to this. The only real hurdle I can see is how wide tiles translate. Will there be loots of blank spaces or will they become tall tiles?
  • Why vote they wont do it like circles
  • I don't understand how this isn't already planned for W10 Mobile? I mean one of the big things being pushed is Continuum on the new mobiles, so do they expect the start screen to be in vertical mode when you have hooked up a second screen that will be in landscape mode? That seems like another counter intuitive design decision...
  • I find it annoying on my iPad. Do very annoying when having auto rotation. Would be a nice tweak I guess to some people? But it's just an annoyance truth be told. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I want landscape back on Windows 10 like on Windows 8.1. 
  • Actually it's not just the start screen, even Wallet PIN needs a landscape mode, as many other parts of WP.
  • Gabe, you don't listen to us anyway... + Under review for 2 years... Apple and Spotify have you already.
  • Why not? Im down for it
  • If portrait, tiles.
    Landscape, desktop continuum.
  • this is not what we want... what we want is call waitng function.....other than windows phone every phone has this feature.....
  • I am a big fan of UserVoice, the one thing that sometimes prevents me from voting for all the ideas I like is that we have limited votes. I usually just try to transfer my votes to the ideas I consider highest priority, but there are never as many as I need.
  • How about start screen pages for windows phone?
  • Checkout this beautiful concept for WP It also has over 10k votes on the uservoice page Check the concept page before deciding to vote or not :)
  • To be honest I'll Rather have a Microsoft Watch!   But, in Car Mode this could be useful!
  • Let's not forget the most important UserVoice:
  • This isn't something people should have to vote for.  Even Apple has a Landscape Home Screen/Launcher on the iPhone 6 Plus, cause it makes complete sense. It's almost like Microsoft is spitting in its users face just for some positive PR "hey, we're taking suggestions and developing in the open!!!! VOTE!"