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Microsoft is shutting down Lumia Voices on April 12

Microsoft has announced the company will be scrapping the Lumia Voices program on April 12. The Lumia Voices team consisted of personnel who migrated across from the Nokia Connects setup, offering consumers unique and interesting ways to connect with the manufacturer, not to mention test out new hardware.

"We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work throughout the years. You've been an inspiration and your contribution to the programme enabled Lumia Voices to thrive and impact people's lives in a very positive way. You truly are the backbone of this community and we really appreciate your dedication and loyalty during the time we've worked together. "

Those who followed the Lumia Voices team are urged to ensure they're stalking official Lumia and Microsoft social profiles. It's a real shame that programs such as this are slowly being faded out at Microsoft, especially one that played a vital role in developing the Windows Phone community.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • MS is shutting down WP in... Offers are accepted
  • I give you 5 dorrar
  • Lumia is going away, not WP. Surface is the future along with OEM'S like HP. Posted via Windows Central app for Windows 10!
    Proudly rocking my Lumia 1520!
  • WP is already dead, that's why Lumia is going away. But you keep trying to fool yourself as always ;) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • WP might be dead but windows 10 is rising!!! :D DheeraJ
  • It is acctually very interesting to witness this moment... Will they admit wm is no-go and just stop, or will they keep trying no matter what till they succeed. Also when they are ready come back to market, will there be anything left to come back with (phones, respect, brand recognition). Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lol at least they could give handset owners who didn't qualify an update to 8.1.2(of course by going back to OEMs/operators to get approval)
  • I will, just like you're fooling yourself when you say Android is going to save Nokia. Why hasn't there ipad look alike they lauched overseas outsold the ipad or other android look alike tablets? When or if they do choose to make an android phone, just like blackberry, it won't save them. The difference here with WP, is that I at least accept the fact that it's not a nuber one or number 2 seller in the mobile arena; I simply like the OS just like you dislike it; It's your choice and I'm not mocking you for not using it or choosing to use Android; again, it's your choice. I will say this, for someone who claims to be an attorney, you sure are immature and childish...You're still upset that you belove Nokia crashed and burned! I've used Nokia since candybar/flip phones were out. I do wish they were still around, but they did this to themselves long before Elop entered the picture. They chose to leave the US and focus more overseas leaving blackberry and the iphone to rule the US until Android came around.
  • The N1 was meant to do two things: 1 - make clear to everyone who wasn't smart enough to understand it, that Nokia wasn't dead nor part of Microsoft. At that is succeeded; 2 - to test out the new business model Nokia was implementing and that will be used on the upcoming Android devices. At that it also succeeded.
    Funny... So now stating facts is being immature and childish. Ahahahah. Suite yourself, mate. I know you have a terrible time dealing with reality.
    Lastly, the US market isn't as important as you like to think it is. One of Nokia's major problems was actually wasting time and money on the US market, thus neglecting markets where they were beloved like Europe and India. WP was the culmination of that stupid strategy of focusing on the US. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So you, Mr. Big attorney is going to deny the fact that Nokia left the US to focus on markets you label as, "Markets where they were belove like Europe" long before their deal with Microsoft? as to 1. Nokie wasn't dead.....question prior to the Microsoft deal with Nokia, what was the best selling OS in Europe? Android or Nokia's OS??? 2. What's hte business model? a fire sale....Maps, D/S division and other patents??? and just for grims 3. True or false, everyonoe has the right to chose the platform he/she prefers? I hope your behavior does't reflect the  Fins or Europe as a whole becuase as I stated above, your immature and childish to be an attorney. Anything microsoft does that reflects Nokia brings out the worst in you and clearly shows your disappointment in the fact the Nokia isn't what is once was and Never will be. On the other hand, with or without WP, Microsoft will always be a big player in the world of tech. Good luck to you, Nokia, and Android!  
  • OMG55 I think you nailed it!!! Its pretty clear the DJCBS has a axe to grind with Microsoft over the fact the Nokia was/is a failing company and a shell of what it once was. That's a fact and it was happening WAY before Microsoft entered the picture. If they were doing so well prior to the MS deal, why did they MAKE the deal? Would Samsung sell their phone division to Microsoft today? Of course not as its a thriving part of their business... DJCBS is butt-hurt, that's what this ALL comes down to... and really should just be ignored!
  • Why would Nokia need Android to save her? From what? Nokia is likely to design & brand Android phones in the future but that's going to be just tiny business for them, at least initially. Nokias main business is networks and its doing stellar job. Nokia does not need Android.
  • Seems like all parts of Nokia are just being cleaned out of Microsoft... probably a good move...
  • MS still makes Nokia branded feature phones as they have lisence for that. Those actually sell way better than Microsoft branded smartphones.
  • Really? Please name the last Nokia branded phone release by Microsoft that is selling well....not the 520 please. The 640 series is branded MS, the 830 before that did sell well at all as nice as it is....I have one of those, but use a 1520 daily.
  • Feature phones. Not smartphones. Although I would guess MS is already shutting down that part of the MM as well. Kinda crazy for them to push out these Nokia advertisements.
  • Yes, a good move. Name one "bad move" Microsoft could make in the phone business please.
  • No.. I love those folks :( Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 using my HP Elite X3
  • Lol @ your signature. +950 XL DS NAM CV
  • Somebody came from the future. :p
  • Is the elite x3 good Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • We too :/
    #thelumians #welovelumia
  • Is that any replacement program like this from microsoft? It just the program concept is great
  • Shame.
  • Based on the current state of Bluetooth Groove Music OneDrive They have been shutting down Lumia voices for quite some time
  • Less people working more money for Nadella
  • Yes, all your money are belong to Nadella. Not the board, not the shareholders, not at all. Sure. They are just streamlining their communication channels. With the new phone release cadence, there isn't much hardware to talk about. Events such as Nokia World are no longer relevant, and phone trialling programs are probably of no net financial benefit to Microsoft. That's why there in no need for a special team to deal with them. There's a single Devices group now and Microsoft already has a lot of employees and events for connecting with their customers.
  • What is Nokia? Posted with awesome WC app on SP2
  • They were Lumia, but it's bring killed off like here maps on WP. Surface is definitely coming! Posted via Windows Central app for Windows 10!
    Proudly rocking my Lumia 1520!
  • What is nokia? are u crazy, its a phone company who started lumia and closed down in 2014. It was the leading phone company for over 20 years Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Key word is were until they chose to abandon the US leaving it for Blackberry and iphone to rule for at least a decade before they tried re-entering the US with windows phone. If they would have chosen to focus on the US as well as abroad when they were in their hay-day, they'd still be on top, however, as stated they chose to minimize their focus on the US and increase their presence overseas in their own country with several dead OS'es like DJCBS is claiming WP is. Nonone here force Nokie or Microsoft to do anything the currenty or previously did, so I wish people here would respect others for their choice to use or not use a given platform, but somehow, I'm sure they're not mature enough to do that as DJCBS constantly shows us.
  • Actually their mistake was trusting Microsoft and the US too much. They allowed Elop to get Nokia ready for a take over. Imagine how thing would have gone for Nokia if they made Android AND WP devices in the beginning. Where I live I have never seen a Lumia on a shelf in stores, but the moment Nokia released the X and XL phones they popped up everywhere. Nokia was a much more known name compared to Sony in the phone business, and at least Sony is still present on the mobile scene. Nokia could have been duking it out with Samsung right now with their unique capabilities, but Microsoft took a company with tens of thousands of employees worldwide, kept a fraction of the employees and fired the rest, then with that new force, somehow managed to drive Windows Phone into its grave! You really gotta give it to them!
  • Have you heard of the 3310 by nokia. The first phone with apps like a calcalator Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You got to be trolling.
  • He is indeed trolling and I see many got trolled :D Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's that company that was Windows Phone's oxygen. WP is that late OS that once was becoming more relevant than BB10. In case you also don't remember it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Or its the vice versa that made nokia live longer than it should.
  • Except facts prove otherwise. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The facts which are only available with DJCBS and none other can see. ☺
  • ;P
  • Facts said nokia doom itself even before wp. So check your facts and then come back to me.
  • When the gameboy came out nokia became jealous and and made a phone similar to the gameboy and no one bought it and they started to fail then Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nokia is drying up on the vine, it is... that's the reality, and no Android phone is going to save it... I think its time YOU faced reality!
  • Have never ever used the service but still sad :(
  • That sure sucks... I hope these awesome people aren't unemployed for too long as being made redundant is not a nice experience at all.
  • Wow! Each day a new disappointment that makes people who love Microsoft and who always defend it to just leave it, I can't believe it...
  • +1
    #thelumians #welovelumia
  • Damn, it rhymes: if you can't believe it, just leave it... Tum turum turum Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And stop defending it
  • +1
  • Farewell @LumiaConnects
    This is sad and demising.
    Love from @thelumians community. #thelumians #welovelumia
  • Microsoft : SHUT EM ALL.... DISCONTINUE ALL!! Sent from my poor 920 stuck at WM10 .164
  • Shame on them.
  • Never used the program. My 540 broke down in water so i can't find another way Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Get real folks, times change, technology evolves and so on, if companies would try to make everyone happy MS would probably sturggle by now to make Windows 10 available on Nokia N95 ... and still offer support for MS-DOS. There comes a time when you have to let go to old stuff.
  • +950xl
  • I agree, time change. Time fo a change. Next phone will most probly be a top of the line Android. At least it will have Microsofts support when it comes to Microsoft apps and HERE maps. It's not any of the losses of HERE, Nokia, Mixradio, a beta OS, the app gap .... it is all taken togather that is to much.
  • Good luck with that, nobody can tell you what to do, but don`t be amazed that after 1 year your support for the phone will drop just like everywhere else, and that`s if you get the new version of OS in the first place.
    And don`t worry about beta OS, Google started doing the same with Android N :) and the OS is also with their own issues, a thing that people don`t understand, that be it Android / iOS / Windows, all have issues.
  • Ya
  • For those guys who still defend Microsoft's decisions relating to Windows Phone, I pray for you. Santa will surely be there for you one day :-D
  • Windows phone already brings no profit to microsoft, so I guess actions like these are hard, but vital in order to keep wp running at all. You can blame them, but on the other side it looks like they're trying to save sinking ship by dropping some "cargo" overboard.
  • Pity.
    Those folks were great at what they did. But on the other hand, the program was severely affected by the move to Microsoft in the first place. If you followed them you must have noticed the abysmal difference. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No surprise. Lumia has been cancelled altogether after the 650, so who needs the Lumia Voices team now..?
  • Basically you mean to say your username and so you yourself got cancelled. Wow. +830. Win10.
  • My username says that I am a fan of the Nokia built Lumia devices. There are none of those anymore. Did you not hear that there are no more Lumias in the pipeline? There are none. In fact Microsoft is shutting down the Lumia brand altogether after the 650, according to Daniel.
  • Voices will not be heard?
  • Microsoft is during down.....fill in the blank..... something smart that Nokia started.
  • I hope they offer jobs to these people or reassign them.
  • Blah, blah. There really are some f*cktards on these boards. I hope to god that some never try and start their own businesses. It's a cold hard fact of life. If it isn't contributing, it has got to go. End of. The actual mobile sector of MSFT, must play a large part in the future of the OS, thus it is still here. The here maps etc is an interesting one. I imagine that licencing rights were held by Nokia, and they licenced this department to car manufacturers etc.
    WP IS DEAD. At least I hope so. It is such a poisoned chalice. Win 10 mobile is the way to go. I have also noticed, in the UK, more adverts being shown with play store, apple store and to my amazement, Win10!!!!
    Anyways, back to the ranting, trolling and general unpleasantness.
  • Windows 10 mobile was supposed to be called windows phone 10. The name sounded old so it was changed. It is still WP. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I don't understand the surprise from everyone, it was announced that the 650 was the last Lumia, so why would they keep Lumia Connects? BTW, my first Nokia was a Talkman :) Posted via Windows Central App on a 950XL
  • Its a rumor My First nokia was a 3410 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Great job Microsoft. Get rid of all the things that made Windows Phone unique and shut everything else down. Great. But Windows 10 Mobile is at least growing so there's thst. Just not as unique anymore. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • ANNOUNCEMENT: On April 12th this account will close. Thanks for all your support. Please follow@MiniSoft and @GOOGLE for the latest news. —Lumia a subsidiary Microsoft Cliché(@MicrosoftCliché) March 29, 20XX
  • I could have blown $8 beeellioon dollars in a far more interesting and fun way than Microsoft did by buying Nokia's devices division. What a waste of money, talent and opportunity.
  • Its not wasted. Nokia has it in the bank! Enabled Nokia to become worlds largest network infrastructure provider.
  • According to a poster on Reddit the team behind Lumia Voices were from a marketing company based in London. Maybe its because I'm based in the UK and it has more cultural resonance, but it seemed to show in terms of engagement and fostering the brand (for example the Lumia 5-9 campaign collaborating with the likes of Protein studios was a nice idea even if it probably flopped), likewise Nokia were always much more savvy in terms of marketing. Microsoft by comparison comes across as conservative, they need a few hipsters on board to put it crudely. They do this a little better when promoting the Surface line so there's more an issue of resource allocation and target demographics. Anyway not good news, the residual Lumia community, especially around photography, is one of the things that differentiates (I mean you can't have an iPhone community in the same way, there's too many of them).
  • I don't think they can get the life boats out fast enough..... Posted via the Windows Central App for Symbian