Lumia Cinemagraph

Lumia smartphone owners who use the Cinemagraph photo app will have to prepare for some changes in where they will be sharing and storing those images in the near future. Microsoft has announced that starting in January, the online storage of Cinemagraph photos will switch from the Nokia website to the OneDrive service.

You may remember that the "cinemagraphs" are created by recording footage with the smartphone's camera, which is then edited and saved in the app as an animated, GIF-like clip. Microsoft stated:

"Existing Cinemagraphs stored on your phone will remain intact in the Saved view of Lumia Cinemagraph, but when we switch to the new sharing features, any cinemagraphs stored on will be deleted. So we recommend everyone to download copies of their cinemagraphs now so they can be shared again."

Microsoft also announced that cinemagraphs will soon be able to be directly saved to social networks, such as Facebook. Do you have some favorite cinemagraphs that will need to be saved from deletion soon?

Source: Conversations