Microsoft supports President Obama's new Computer Science for All education proposal

Microsoft has announced its official support for a new education budget proposal from the Obama Administration. It's called Computer Science for All, and if it is approved it will offer schools in the U.S. $4 billion in additional funding for computer science education efforts.

Here's what the proposal consists of:

  • $4 billion in funding for states and $100 million directly for school districts in his forthcoming Budget to expand K-12 CS by training teachers, expanding access to high-quality instructional materials, and building effective regional partnerships.
  • $135 million in Computer Science funding to become available starting this year from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Corporation for National And Community Service (CNCS) Expanding access to prior NSF supported programs and professional learning communities through their CS10k Initiative that led to the creation of more inclusive and accessible CS curriculum including Exploring CS and Advanced Placement (AP) CS Principles among others.
  • Involving even more governors, mayors, and education leaders to help boost CS following the leadership of states like Delaware, Hawaii, Washington, Arkansas, and more than 30 school districts that have already begun to expand CS opportunities.
  • Engaging CEOs, philanthropists, creative media, technology, and education professionals to deepen their CS commitments.

Microsoft President Brad Smith noted in a statement that Microsoft has made its own efforts to support computer science education in the U.S. and that this proposal will help to address the current gaps in the tech industry when it comes to hiring more skilled IT workers:

We clearly need the tech sector to continue to do more. Microsoft is one of many companies in the tech sector that is committed to this effort. In addition to our business initiatives, those of us who are involved in philanthropy, including such groups as, will do more. But the private sector and philanthropy cannot fill this gap without public funding. And if we're going to accelerate progress as a nation, we need federal funding. That's why today's proposal is so important. It can provide the accelerant to help more states and school districts progress more quickly.

Source:, Microsoft (opens in new tab)

John Callaham
  • I hope it becomes fruitful. No hidden agendas
  • The agenda isn't hidden, Microsoft has a good history of charity and supporting good causes, I like to believe this is because Microsoft as a company wants to do the right thing and set a good example, however the other half of that reason (maybe he entire reason) for things like this is to promote your brand and get it in peoples' minds that Microsoft is a great company, that positive thinking makes consumers more likely to buy from Microsoft. And if that is the only reason and the only "price" for their support then I'd say that's just fine and dandy, education in nearly all countries could do with more support so this is a great thing.
  • It would be hard to say that Microsoft hasn't also considered the promotional aspect of this. Like you, I do believe that charity is the forefront of their actions, but it would be unreasonable to think some part of it isn't about brand promotion.
  • No agenda.. Just your tax money funneled into program.
  • This article should be posted with the sound of a flushing toilet in the background.
  • yeah, taxes tend to be used that way.
  • Become fruitful? Hope not. Apple is a fruit, even if it is a half eaten black fruit.
  • Oh Hell no!
  • I agree with your no. I'm a high school technology teacher. If the public could see how much money is wasted on unused and unecessary technology, they would be up in arms.
  • How about support for windows 10 mobile platform from Nadella? :-) I kid..i kid!
  • Why say you kid? He's letting all negative press about Windows Mobile being dead go without comment. No statement about commitment, how they plan or even if they plan on turning the numbers around. Silence.
  • How about supporting your own mobile OS Microsoft?
  • Stop Whingeing and get a life. It's all coming together.
  • Yes, Jason has just explained all problems away once again. Too bad his metrics of success don't show much progress...
  • Mobile is a very small piece of Microsofts pie.
    Don't over inflate your cellphones importance in the grand scheme of things. Posted from my Note 5
  • That much is obvious. Doesn't mean one should not hope they would get their act more together on W10M too, and would continue to put more of their money/resources to where their mouth is (or is even it anymore)! :)
  • Seriously you whiners shut the hell up. Everything isn't about effin mobile! A day doesn't go by without you fools connecting some random **** to lack of effort in mobile. Go buy a brain or something.
  • Ha! I'm going to keep doing it just to get a rise out you.
  • This is a great thing for our schools, thumbs up Microsoft. :-)
  • As long as the H1B visa program exists you are a fool to get into the tech field. Salaries in tech have been flat for 10 years as more and more foreign labor floods the job market keeping wages down. Combined with outsourcing to China, India, and Russia the outlook for computer jobs is dim.
  • I have to agree with you on this. My company is flooding itself with H1B's over the past 6 years instead of hiring local talent, and it leads to layoffs in the process.
  • Spending (granting tax dollars- let's call it what it really is) $Billions more on technology-education sounds really cool on the surface. But in the public school arena, it often just results in very well equipped classrooms, labs, and data-closets full of the latest Cisco switches\routers. It does very little to address the fact that the teacher of that classroom is the same one that taught before the new toys arrived.  Makes everybody feel good and is very impressive for dog & pony shows. But pretty poor return on investment if the investment was to increase technology skills.    
  • @snakebitten. Well, without turning this into a political debate, The real question is: where would those funds come from to train these teachers with the new tech and gizmos? :) Of course there are few who will train themselves at their own expense but if the majority did that the scenario would be quite different imo. Never the less the children are the future, if they do not have the skills now how will they live and compete in a world where everything is connected? From your fridge, toaster, shower, bath, car etc etc. Without education there is nought.
  • Totally agree. Just pointing out that writing the $check has proven to be the only part we are good at. And falls very short of the intended result. No different in the work place. You can buy every employee the latest tech and brag about the IT budget. Still, the next day the workforce skillset is unchanged.
  • Yup, I can give you a case study - the NHS here spent a tonnes of money implementing new systems to make everything efficient BUT the users were hardly consulted and when it rolled out, not many knew how to use it so it scrapped, time and time again. Unfortunately some think doing nothing but throwing money into a pit it will level it out eventually....  
  • Of course they support it, they are going to get a chunk of that $4 billion.
  • Supporting this socialist on anything is a black mark in my book, and between that, Win10 Mobile being a mess, the failure of 950XL to be a decent purchase and other issues means Microsoft is running out of forgiveness in my books.
  • Thank goodness. We need less of people like you, the type of person who looks for negativity in everything positive by adding your unsolicited political ignorance.....oops I meant ideology. That same ideology that destroyed this country's economy in the first place. Go read a Trump article or something.
  • Maybe obama is not exactly socialist, but he is surely not a good person, it's a criminal, someone who steps and doesn't care about the constitution. Someone who has promoted and divided the country with his racism and stupidity. do you really believe all he says? do you think he has done a good job? are you so blind you can't see this world is going down more and more thanks to him? what about his lies about troops and instead he is spending more and more money in wars that aren't worth it and need it. are you so blind and ignorant? ​You are actually the one bringing crap here, "go read a trump article". wow, what a DUMB reply, it's not like Sunstorming was talking to you, but it's dumb to actually say something "unsolicited political igorance" (you are the ignorant idiot anyway). and then bring Trump to the sentence.
    At least Trump can be a hope for people, just like Ted Cruz (even if he is canadiaaaaaaaan), or Rubio (the one that speaks better than all candidates) Rand Paul (not my guy but his father was good man, so he can live off his dad image). at least there is a hope for a new tomorrow, instead of being stuck in Obama crap for more years (well he can call marshal law and stay in power... I wouldn't feel shocked if this happens).
    But let me guess, you will vote for Hillary? I wouldn't call a surprise if someone like you was so blind and zombie mentally slaved to actually vote for someone like that, look at your words, so much crap, I wouldn't be surprise if you vote for Hellary. 
    It's funny people like you who can't accept people who oppose and are against what Obama has done during all these years thanks to stupid people who voted for him (and fraud), so it's good there is an opposition and there is no zombies mentally slaved like you getting your feelings hurt over someone disliking Obama and his evil circle. 
  • OK, commie (absolutshame) ... your name fits your attitude, you should be ashamed of yourself for thinking that taking everything great about America, including its soverignty, and ******* it away on purpose like Obama - and which all other left wingers want to continue - is the right course of action.  If you like his policies so much, I think you can continue to get them in places other than the USA.  And enjoy your high tax rate and lack of freedoms, politically correct bullshit somewhere else.  
  • Can you idiots take your Obama Derangement Syndrome rants else where. This is not the forum.
  • Apple and Google are 100,000,000x more liberal than Microsoft.
  • Liberal, elitist, socialist. All pretty equal.
  • This is going to be good. The young mind is very important and I can see many new directions for code and kids getting a jump start with building the new apps, tech, and future of computers. No more "what it's" but when now. And for all of you guys with negative issues keep it to yourself. Maybe you can take the courses and learn a few things and make apps and learn to stop complaining
  • I think not everyone wants to be an IT professional, but basic/intermediate computer knowledge is recommended.
  • How will kids know if they do or don't like it if they're never exposed to it? Same with every subject, which is why at least through high school we need a well rounded education, touching lots of different topics, computer science being one of them.
  • Better spend a few hundred million to build ecosystem around your "mobile first" approach of your CEO Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think it should be 4 billion for the schools nation wide and 100 million for the states.
  • Total waste of time in the US. As a programmer for a major IT company for the last 28 years I have watched our jobs be steadily shipped out of country since 2001. I have five kids and I told them do not go into a job that does not require you to be hands-on with the customer. Otherwise it will be set offshore. We have lost most of our manufacturing jobs and now losing our tech jobs. Have fun working at McDonald's everyone.
  • @xzb6np. As long poverty exists in the world there will always be "cheap labour". A little food for thought.
  • Science :)
  • You'll never see Apple do anything like this. 
  • Is good for Microsoft