Microsoft throws its support behind AT&T

With so much scrutiny being applied to the proposed AT&T purchase of T-Mobile, Microsoft has decided to weigh in on the topic. In a letter to the U.S. Department of Justice and Federal Communications Commission, Microsoft has expressed the opinion that the positives of such a merger would outweigh the negatives. The letter reads,

"The FCC must seriously weigh the benefits of this merger and approve it."

Microsoft's support of the purchase is joined by Facebook, Research in Motion, Oracle and Yahoo!. Leading the charge against the merger is Sprint.

The FCC and DOJ promise to give this proposal a high level of scrutiny and the approval process could take up to a year to complete. So, is this such a bad thing? Or is it an unfair monopoly that would end up harming the industry?

Source: WindowsITPro

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  • its not a monopoly. Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T. The big 3 of cellular companies. Much like the gaming front as their are only 3 competitors. Sprint is just nervous of the amazing coverage AT&T will have with this merger.
  • it's ma bell all over again. more competition is better for the customer. as a t-mobile subscriber, i'm not looking forward to this merger, even if it means better coverage. prices will go up, data plans will no longer be unlimited, etc.
  • Your data plan isn't "unlimited" on T-Mobile, it gets capped, and your speed slows down to a crawl once you hit a limit. As a Netflix user, I've hit this, twice already. It's a real pain in the **** lol
  • I'm not a T-mo user, but my roommate was it the throttling was the worst thing ever. It was like slower that 56k, I couldn't believe it.
  • Yeah, it's pretty bad when I've hit it, I'm not sure when you hit it exactly, but it made the most simple of tasks, like checking my Twitter almost undoable...
  • it hits after 2gb. but i still prefer throttling to paying an extra $10 per gb like at&t
  • You've obviously never hit the throttle point then lol, I'll pay the extra $10, at least my phone will be functional... T-Mobile doesn't warn you and gives you no way to keep track of the usage...I love the company, I'm just saying though. And people are giving my other comments a thumbs down because they think if T-Mobile doesn't merge with AT&T it will somehow, magically survive and take over the market... They have no idea it's doomed regardless and has been losing money for a while now.
  • All the TMo data plans are unlimited with caps on the High Speed part of it. The largest high speed data cap is 10gb the lowest is 200mb. Once you reach your Data cap it goes from 4G/3G speeds to Edge speeds I believe. My Son and I are heavy Netflix users and have yet to reach our 5gb limits. I was going to change our plans to the 2gb plan to save $20 a month but I saw by checking our data usage online that we go over that amount almost every month so I didn't bother.
  • actually my data plan is UNLIMITED with no cap. Tmobile just recently added the capped unlimited plans, and that does not apply to old customers that had an unlimited plan before. Unlike AT&T, Tmobile doesn't f-over there customer and force changes on them. With Tmobile if you have a certain plan you get to keep.
  • When AT&T moved from unlimited data plans, they grandfathered those that already had the plans. So I still have mine from the Cingular days. :-)
  • There will only be one major GSM carrier in control of all of the fiber and cell towers. I think you misunderstand the meaning of monopoly.
  • I am opposed because competition benefits consumers and provides them with choice. T-Mobile has the best plans and pricing for my specific needs, and those will likely be eliminated once the merger completes, forcing me to choose from fewer options. In other words, I'll either pay more or lose connectivity or have lower usage limits.
  • T-Mobile won't exist, Sprint fought hard to acquire them and lost the bidding war. DT doesn't want T-Mobile anymore, it isn't profitting, and is underachieving. We just need to decide it's best fate, and I think AT&T is a better fate for it than Sprint.
  • I left AT&T for T-Mobile many years ago, actually when it was still Cingular. Back then, I despised the harassment, pricing, and coverage of AT&T. Many years have indeed passed though, and we're stuck here seeing that AT&T is actually doing what Cingular failed to do. I've also seen companies like Verizon and Sprint gobble up smaller competition without any scrutiny, yet AT&T can't sneeze without the public breathing down on them.I do agree, competition is better for the community. But, to be fair, T-Mobile has been unachieving for a while now, and DT has been trying to unload them. They aren't profitting. Yes, they are a great consumer company, and yes, I love my Magenta, but Sprint was in talks with DT for a good while to acquire T-Mobile, so doesn't anybody find it a bit hypocritcal for them to be against AT&T for their same attempts? AT&T forked over more cash, and won the bidding war. Had Sprint won, there would still be a T-Mobile-less world. They aren't going to survive, DT WILL sell them to somebody if this falls through.I much rather have AT&T own T-Mobile and utilize it properly, than the poor Sprint coverage and **** service destroy it completely. Yes, I'll miss my rates, and yes, I'll miss the amazing customer service. But, rather than seeing all the negativity spew from AT&T to T-Mobile, can't we just hope some positive aspects move over to AT&T?I hated AT&T as a T-Mobile customer, but we have to see the real world scenario being painted here. And Sprint needs to show its true colors to the public and share their attempt to buy T-Mobile in all these anti-AT&T statements they're spewing everywhere.
  • Att expensive, cap data, Verizon same thing** $print sucks... What choice do I have???? NOTHING
  • Sprint with a money sign? lol Verizon and ATT charge more and Sprint was actually ranked second with ATT so get your facts straight... Of course unless you live in a bad area!
  • Thais is a bad move by Microsoft, they should not be commenting on this at all, Sprint is in a sence a customer of Microsoft and it is up to them to put WP7 on their network ... Not a good move.
  • Actually this is the only move I can see Microsoft making. ATT is the only carrier here in the US that has given WP7 any Love. Sprint and TMo's backing so far has been pretty anemic and Verizon might as well have just given them the finger with their backing of WP7. That being said, as a TMo customer I am not happy about it. I will probably take my two lines to Sprint when it happens.
  • I am behind Sprint all the way!!! I am sorry to say but all the companies saying yes agree to monopoly. I love Microsoft but they did have one of the biggest monopolies and now Oracle wants to buy every database company and RIM had a lock (not a monopoly) on business phones, etc. We will see what the future holds!
  • Microsoft should have stayed out of it. Granted the merger makes life easier for them, but it certainly won't make my life better.Over the years I have compared the available services and prices. T-Mobile has always come out on top for me with highest usage caps and lowest prices compared to the other biggest three. Customer services has always been good to me as well. The one thing I didn't like so much was lack of choice for phones.I do expect T-Mobile USA to disappear eventually. When it does, I expect my new provider's "equivalent" plan's usage caps to drop 50% and rates jump 50% compared to what I have now. At least I'll have more phones to choose from. Whoopie-do-dah, when I'm bent over the barrel every month.
  • I'm disappointed in you Microsoft.
  • Why would you support a jackass of a company who overprices everything, pretend to support you when all they do is shove iPhones and Androids all the time and delay all the updates??? **** you Ralph
  • Go figure, giant mega-corporation supports the idea of giant mega-corporations. In other news whales support the melting of the polar ice caps.
  • att is the premiere carrier of wp7, off course they will support it..if ever this merger is approved i, just hope the wp7 updates wont be affected,u all know how greedy att is...
  • MS stay out of this. but then hey they have a device with live tiles/hubs pile on the data time... empty your pockets to AT&amp **** at that point owning a WP7 wouldn't be worth the price every month. lest not in this economy. Hey any bets that AT&amp **** HOLDS up mango until April of 2012 $100.00 says that in Jan 2012 AT&amp **** will still be looking at mango..this is a joke. MS stay out of this.
  • Good for Microsoft, AT&T is the only one who really had the balls to support Windows Phone 7 to a full extent. Everyone else got it as a back thought, with supporting Android or the iPhoney.As for T-mobile going away, good, yea, your $39.99 a month unlimited sucks for you but, a company can't stay in business offering those plans. With LTE comming, TMO could not afford to upgrade it's network to compete, so, it is being sold.Verizon is the only nationwide company with better than anyone else coverage, if TMO goes to AT&T, they should be able to compete with with Verizon. I wish this would get done already, I might actually move to AT&T from Verizon (Verizon's 3G internet speeds are too slow). I'm tried of having a new Verizon phone that the internet is just too slow.
  • I can see that Microsoft could stand to gain by having one less carrier to support.But I'd like to know what these organization stand to gain from the merger:* Facebook* Research in Motion* Oracle* Yahoo!And out of the blue...* NAACP* GLAAD* National Education AssociationCuriously, the last three received a healthy chunk of change from AT&T. Isn't that convenient?