Microsoft tops Lithium's 2015 Social Power Rankings

Microsoft has come out on top of the 2015 Social Power Rankings list from Lithium, the company behind Klout. The rankings measure the social media presence of a number of companies, with the most engaging coming out on top. Microsoft stood out as the most active of the big brands on social media, as well as the one that offered the most engaging content.

From Lithium:

"Microsoft also stands out in social, because they constantly share compelling stories (i.e. authentic customer stories), leverage other corporate accounts (such as @windows, @nokia, @outlook) to cross promote and are very active with customer care issues. They don't shy away from responding quickly to customers (even with the good, bad and ugly commentary)."

Microsoft was followed on the list by Amazon in the second spot, and MTV in the third. Facebook game in fourth, while Google took the fifth place spot.

Source: Lithium; Thanks, Bob S., for the tip!

Joseph Keller