Solar Panels

Microsoft is set to purchase 175 megawatts of wind energy from the Pilot Hill Wind Project in Illinois, located about 60 miles south of Chicago, which will form a 20-year agreement. Moving forward with a more renewable focus on energy consumption, the goal is to power Microsoft's Chicago data center with the wind farm, following a similar deal in Texas back in 2013.

This deal is not only a bonus for Microsoft with regards to stable energy production and points from the general public, but it's also a major signing for EDF Renewable Energy, the company which owns the plant. This deal will ensure a long-term flow of revenue is secured to get the facility off the ground and operating. The plant will come online next year.

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Microsoft also has ties to the Purus River in Brazil's Acre State, a rain forest conversation program, as well as covering its California campus rooftop with 2,288 solar panels. It's positive to see other tech companies like Apple going green too. Microsoft is attempting to go further by aiding others in research on how to become yet more energy efficient and rely less on non-renewable sources.

Check the full blog post for more details.

Source: Microsoft

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