Microsoft will shut down its MSN China site on June 7

Microsoft will shut down its MSN site in China on June 7. The move represents a shift away from offering content in China to delivering services and products to Windows 10 devices.

According to The Wall Street Journal

The software giant, which is under investigation by Chinese antitrust authorities, said it plans to continue to invest in other business in the country as well as maintaining its research and development operations there. "Microsoft is deeply committed to China, offering a range of products including Windows 10, cloud services, and hosting the largest research and development center outside of the U.S.," said a Microsoft spokeswoman.

  • With the government forcing out a long list of foreign competition, why aren't any sanctions being placed on them for their anticompetitive behavior?
  • Because they are a communist dicatorship they can do whatever the ef they want.
  • China is not a country that you can just "place a sanction".
  • The infamous political will.. They've tageted one business at a time for as long as I can remeber and waiting until your country is left with menial low-wage jobs isn't the time to take action.
  • In other news China banned livestreaming of people eating "banana" seductively.
  • Apple is also having a tough time there!