This new interactive map shows the scale of Microsoft Azure's global cloud footprint

Azure global footprint
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Have you ever wondered just how far the global Microsoft operation spreads? Well, wonder no more, thanks to this new interactive 3D map from the company. 

In recent years, cloud tech has become Microsoft's bread and butter, powered by Azure and an array of associated services. Whether you're a business building applications in the cloud or a consumer using a service like Office 365 or Xbox Cloud Gaming, practically every Microsoft service has some kind of cloud association in 2022, and likely will for the foreseeable future. 

If you're someone who ever wondered just how close you are to a Microsoft data center, this fun and interactive 3D tool on the official Azure website can help you to visualize it

The map shows just how far the global Microsoft operation reaches, complete with undersea cables and satellite operations in three dimensions. The key on the top left gives you an idea of what all the icons mean. It shows the spread of data centers throughout the United States and across Europe, as well as into Asia. It also shows a range of geographies labeled as "coming soon," with plans to expand into emerging economies in Africa, as well as build up operations in the Middle East. 

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Interestingly, the map also showcases some of Microsoft's climate investments. You can click into the various icons to get more information on regional privacy compliance standards, and the climate sites showcase the type of investment, as well as the megawatts generated. It perhaps doesn't show everything, though. For some reason, it doesn't show Microsoft's Climworks investment in Iceland, which is exploring carbon capture technology as part of the company's commitment to carbon neutrality.

The interactive map showcases just how massive the Azure operation truly is, particularly when you take into account the plans for expansion. Microsoft's cloud dominance is extending even in a tough economy, with the company confirming cloud growth for its most recent financial quarter to the tune of $23.4 billion.

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