Microsoft's App Hub maintenance begins this Friday, downtime expected next Monday

Microsoft will begin upgrading the App Hub's infrastructure this Friday. Upgrades that will add more server capacity to better handle the load increases and streamlining the processes in an effort to speed up the rate in which apps can be submitted, certified and published.

Developers planning on submitting new apps or updates should do so no later than tomorrow. The maintenance work may cause delays in app certification and publication.

The maintenance will also require the App Hub to go offline on Monday, August 6th for about 24 hours (or less). When all is said and done, the maintenance should improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Marketplace submission and certification process.

We'll be keeping our fingers crossed that all goes well. 

Source: Windowsteamblog (opens in new tab)

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  • Hurray! I'm so glad they are finally upgrading the infrastructure. Delivery app updates has been painful.
  • Great news. The performance upgrade is much needed. Great this is finally getting some attention. I also hope that at some point in the near future they can sort out other issues I find as well such as:
    The reports are confusing to understand. Get told my app has been downloaded 5 times in total on one report, but go to another page with a slightly different report and it says 25, with not enough detail in either of them to know which is correct, or what I am really looking at. Log in a few days later and the same report that previously told me my app has been downloaded 25 times now reports a total of 18 times since being published. I have been blaming myself for simply not understanding, only to read elsewhere that others are having similar experiences with the APP HUB.
    I also find getting timely updates difficult and slow and navigating your way around some of the pages are cumbersome. These are just some of the things I have noticed and I look forward to continued improvements :-)
  • Some welcome changes
  • Well, if it means handling more app submissions.... Hopefully developers will eventually begin to submit. We need top notch app in this OS!!!
  • Is this the new app hub? Stumbled across it.