Microsoft's book welcoming Nokia employees is beautiful and full of history

London-based media company The Church of London was approached by Microsoft in late 2013. They were tasked with crafting a brand book for Nokia and Microsoft employees in celebration of the recent acquisition of Nokia's Devices and Services division. The book itself contains archived photography as well as some original illustrations throughout. The end result is a colourful presentation of ideas and values shared by both parties.

Covering the history of Nokia and Microsoft in their early days, the book runs through historical achievements, principles and even contains an illustrated notebook, designed for employees to 'write the future' of the newly formed Microsoft. There are numerous facts and fun pointers to keep everything informal, which was the main goal for the media company.

Even the design of the book cover itself is an interesting feature. From afar one would consider the book to have been printed back in 1950, but analyzing the design closely will reveal some hidden elements that really fit in with the text and imagery inside. The team behind the book also opted to use illustrations over the original photographs to achieve high quality results (there were noLumia 1020 handsets back in the 90s).

It's a beautiful book to remember how both Microsoft and Nokia have changed the world so far, and how the newly merged tech giant aims to add more chapters full of soon-to-be-history.

Source: The Church of London, via: Creative Review

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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