Fresh Paint for Windows Phone 8

If you want to “unleash your inner artist” then you will want to grab the amazing Fresh Paint app for Windows Phone 8. The popular app was released awhile back for Windows 8 and it brings the ability to basically paint and create original artwork right from your phone or tablet.

The app itself is relatively easy to use and straightforward, making it a simple choice for those of you want to paint on-the-go. Likewise, with the phone version you can take advantage of your phone’s camera to snap a pic and then hand color it in. Paint your cat, paint a statue, paint your boss...whichever floats your boat, we suppose.

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Fresh Paint for Windows Phone 8

From the app description:

"Unleash your inner creative with Fresh Paint – the ultimate canvas for your big ideas.  Fresh Paint is a fun and easy to use painting app. Create original artwork or turn photos into beautiful paintings automatically. From whimsical pictures of your friends to amazing landscapes, Fresh Paint enables you to create anything."

  • Realistic oil paint and brushes
  • Transform photos into paintings with artistic camera lenses
  • Easy sharing with a tap, text message, email or SkyDrive
  • Custom mix colors to create the perfect shades

The technology behind Fresh Paint is quite impressive on both the phone and Windows 8 version. It should be ideally suited for kids and adults who have a penchant for drawing or painting.

Pick it up here in the Store. Windows Phone 8 only. Free. 22 MB. 1GB of RAM required. 

Thanks, Andrew K., for the tip!

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