Microsoft How-Old

Microsoft announced a face detection API last month, rolling out a demo to showcase the new technology through a website called The Azure-based website allowed users to upload their photos, with the API predicting their age and gender by scanning their faces. The website went viral, and Microsoft is now bringing the utility to Windows Phone with the launch of the How-Old app.

The app offers similar functionality as the desktop version of the site, with users having the option of uploading images to the service or taking one with the phone's cameras. The publisher behind the app is listed as Microsoft Online, which is the hardware giant's Chinese arm. Hence, the sharing functionality is a little bare as of now, with users only able to share results to social networks popular in the country, such as Weibo and WeChat.

Head on over to the link below to download the How-Old app. For what it's worth, Microsoft thinks that I'm 38, which is slightly exaggerated given that I'm 26 (I'm blaming the beard for that). It at least got the gender right, so that's something. Let us know if you fare any better in the comments.

Download Microsoft How-Old for Windows Phone (free)

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