Microsoft's InstaNote Windows Phone app makes fast work of note taking in meetings

Microsoft continues to release new and interesting Windows Phone apps as part of its Microsoft Garage program. One of those new apps that launched today is InstaNote, which has been designed to help people who are taking notes during business meetings.

The app can capture the audio portion of the last 30 seconds of a meeting. Microsoft says:

"Once activated, the Windows Phone app records the entire meeting, but the touch of a button marks the portion you need and saves it. Features like tagging, task assignment and importing information (like speaker identifications) from the Outlook calendar makes it easy for user to recall and organize information captured."

Jie Liu, a program manager at Microsoft's Bing division, came up with the idea for InstaNote during the company's "oneweek" hackathon event in 2014. He later got a chance to take six months off to devote to InstaNote, with some other team members, as part of Microsoft's Bingcubator program

Download InstaNote from the Windows Phone Store

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John Callaham