Want to know just how many Windows 10 installs have already happened in the last day or so since the global rollout began? A Microsoft employee has posted a quick video that offers a hint on the rate of Windows 10 upgrades so far.

Jonathan Sampson, who works on the Microsoft Edge browser team, posted the video above on his Twitter account, adding:

"This is the far-right side of a very large, and rapidly-increasing, number. This is incredible. Windows 10 is alive."

The 11-second video shows the counter's final three numbers beginning at 155 and ending at 335. With some simple math, that comes to about 16.3 installs of Windows 10 a second worldwide. Hopefully, Microsoft will reveal more info about just how many Windows 10 install happened on launch day in the near future.

Source: Jonathon Sampson (Twitter); Via: Neowin