Check out how quickly people are installing the Windows 10 update

Want to know just how many Windows 10 installs have already happened in the last day or so since the global rollout began? A Microsoft employee has posted a quick video that offers a hint on the rate of Windows 10 upgrades so far.

Jonathan Sampson, who works on the Microsoft Edge browser team, posted the video above on his Twitter account, adding:

"This is the far-right side of a very large, and rapidly-increasing, number. This is incredible. Windows 10 is alive."

The 11-second video shows the counter's final three numbers beginning at 155 and ending at 335. With some simple math, that comes to about 16.3 installs of Windows 10 a second worldwide. Hopefully, Microsoft will reveal more info about just how many Windows 10 install happened on launch day in the near future.

Source: Jonathon Sampson (Twitter); Via: Neowin

John Callaham