Windows Phone 7 will be getting Live Messenger.  It's the when and by whom that has become a bit of a mystery.  Microsoft is farming out its development but now two developers have staked a claim for developing Live Messenger for Microsoft.

There were reports last month that Bewise was working on the application. Now, another developer, Miyowa, is stepping forward claiming they are developing the Windows Phone 7 application. This could mean that we'll have multiple Live Messenger applications to choose from, regional differences/releases (Miyowa is popular overseas) or simply that Microsoft changed developers at some point in the process.

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Microsoft has alluded that Messenger would be a part of the Windows Phone 7. Earlier this week Chris Jones, Microsoft's VP for Windows Live Engineering posted, "Windows Phone 7 is the first device designed from the ground up with Windows Live in mind. Right from the start, you can enter your Windows Live ID on your phone, and it will connect over the air to Hotmail, Messenger, SkyDrive, and the rest of Windows Live."

Is it really an issue who develops the app? Isn't getting Live Messenger onto Windows Phone 7 the more important issue?