Microsoft's Vision API can automatically detect and filter adult and racy pictures

Microsoft has rolled out a new Vision API which can automatically categorize imagery of an adult nature. The machine-learning API is part of Project Oxford, and like the face detection API announced yesterday — which determines your age and gender based on a photo — is aimed at assisting devs in creating more compelling apps for Windows and Windows Phone.

The Vision API analyzes an image's visual content for "image categories, pornographic detection, dominant color, and more:"

  • Use the adult and racy features to enable automated restriction of sexual content and protect your users.
  • Utilize categorization to help append tags to images, as well as group images into clusters.

In addition to image categorization, the API can generate a 'high quality and storage efficient" thumbnail from an input image:

  • Leverage thumbnail generation to help present images in the best form suited to your needs.
  • Use smart cropping for thumbnails that are different than the aspect ratio of your original image in order to preserve the region of interest.

There's also OCR (Optical Character Recognition), which converts any text found in an image to a machine-readable format:

  • Run on embedded images to generate text and enable searching.
  • Allow users to take photos of text instead of transcribing to save time and effort.

You can try out the features offered by Vision API by heading to the link below and uploading an image:

Vision API image categorization demo{.cta}

Project Oxford also features a Speech API that offers real-time speech recognition, Speech Intent Recognition — which leverages Microsoft's Language Understanding Intelligent Service technology to understand the intent of the intent of a sentence, speech-to-text conversion as well as a text-to-speech utility that converts written text into audio.

Source: Microsoft (Project Oxford)

  • Looks cool to me...
  • Is this open source? The API I mean?
  • I don't think so. Whether the API is free or not is another story. But I doubt it will be open source. Even didn't do open source to their APIs.
  • I heard Satya Nadella gets angry when he has sex.
  • Where do you hear such things..?
  • Tim Cook.
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  • Its just a joke lol
  • He asks, "Something funny?"
  • He likes hardcore
  • Johny Ives and Lord Tim.
  • Did I just read "pornographic detection"?
    Tried the website (based on this tech) I'm either 10 or 15yr older LOL
  • Guesses my age perfectly.
  • Yup, it gave me 11 years more and my girlfriend 10, so... Some,work to be done
  • Maybe you need work done. Jkjk
  • Microsoft can apparently do anything around BUILD. Its what happens throughout the rest of the year, which matters most.
  • Yeah. But I'm sure everyone will get lured to WWDC and it will get all the attention with the announcements of iOS 9 and a mac refresh. :/
  • Bound to happen. Although, they've said that iOS 9 will be a stability-oriented update, which is great. iOS 8 on our iPad 2 lagged a lot, even though it got better with incremental ".1" updates.
  • I gave my iPad Air 2 to my non tech savvy mate on her birthday. My entire family uses MS products now.
  • This API should be on HTML, if you know what I mean.
  • This project would have been "interesting" to be part of..... >.>
  • The Vision.
  • Avengers connection. I got. :D
  • Aww. I get it too. Ha!
  • Yeah the vision just debuted on avengers.
  • Won't be using that feature.
  • Good move against those disgusting adult sites. Hope all of them get taken down someday.
  • Lol. No ones forcing you.
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  • What would be the purpose of this? Easier for Grindr to take down your profile picture if it's not G-rated?
  • Great! This API can robot-search porn for me, yeah!!!
  • But Bing is already good at that.
  • Even if you wright ''cute puppies'' on bing it will show porn material :P
  • Lol
  • Bing, like other engines, tailors your results based on previous searches and clicks, so the question is: What are you regularly searching that you're getting porn for "cute puppies"???
  • The Vision from Avenger 2 ? :p
  • Tried it out, couldn't be more wrong. Says I am 38, but I am very much older than that. It would have been much closer if it tipped me at 50.
  • So this makes me wonder how many celebs will be sending in their Dicktures™ to this program?
  • Funny how adult content means sex, but not violence.
  •  is example for using this api
  • It detected me as 30. I'm only 20.
  • Seriously funny, use microsofts face swap app on Lumia the put it into I swapped an adult face with a child and I'm wetting myself with laughter
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  • Now when will bing visions tv movie detection be ready.
  • Detected me as 56 am only 19
  • Don't lie. Lol
  • Great. Now even more porn search. Lol
  • Not good for pervs.
  • Honestly, I'd love something like this at work. Can't say how many times I've tried googling some obscure android glitch only to run into some inappropriate pictures jumping out of a taboola ad. Maybe men are amused, but for a woman it's embarassing. Though honestly, I kinda just wish they'd let us use TPLs. They've locked down browser settings apart from cache and cookies. :(
  • Can they apply this to Bing image search?  Can't even use that at work because surprises...