Microsoft's Windows Live Writer blog tool goes open source as Open Live Writer

Windows Live Writer, a Microsoft-developed application that allowed users to write and preview blog posts offline, is getting a new name and a new lease on life. A few years after development of the app ended, a team of Microsoft volunteers have relaunched the app as an open source project under the name Open Live Writer.

Microsoft team member Rob Dolin stated in a blog post that Windows Live Writer was the number one app user for authoring a blog post to on a Windows PC, even well after active development of the app ended. He wrote:

"A few team members from my former MS Open Tech team took an early interest in joining Scott Hanselman to revive Live Writer as an open source project. By January 2015, a group of about a half-dozen engineers interested in spending some of their volunteer time to help release an updated version of Live Writer had found each other. Jon Gallant sent an email to a few large group email lists at Microsoft soliciting volunteers and we collected about 50 people interested in helping. Anne Legato, Ed Essey, and the team at The Garage were most helpful in sharing advice on launching external projects. Scott Guthrie also agreed to be Open Live Writer's sponsor."

The first version of Open Live Writer still lacks a number of features compared to the old Windows Live Writer, but the team has a proposed roadmap for future updates that will slowly add new functions to the app.

Source:, .NET Foundation

  • I am hoping they will do this to Photo Gallery and Movie Maker.
  • This
  • I would love to see Photo Gallery because of its advanced and simple tag organisation.
  • Basically open source the whole Windows Live Essentials suite.
  • So it's basically WordPad
  • Yes, with some blog related features. You can also see the webpage preview while writing your blog. It was good. I use to love it.
  • No it's not.  Can WordPad download blog templates and publish blog posts?
  • Microsoft style, change the name and reduce the features and call it progress
  • The point is that it's open source. WinBeta's article talked about what they did remove. For example, there was a third-party spell checker that was super old and they weren't sure if they could redistribute that component with an open source project.
  • Facts have no business in Windows Central comments.
  • That's a fact.
  • What I want is someone to port this to Linux, or turn this into a universal Windows app... just saying...
  • Why don't you?  
  • I could. Thanks for the idea. Will start as soon as exams end.
  • Already logged: Issued #46:  
  • I missed this tool and I'm so glad it's back. Hopefully more people will help with the development.
  • I use yo use this LiveWriter a lot, but now I wonder if it has any advantages over just using MS Word.
  • Heck you can even use powershell if you know what your doing
  • Very nice to see this come back, will give it a go now that I've started up my WordPress again.
  • I still regularly use this program. Making it open source is smart... Hopefully they can do the same with Mail, Movie Maker and Photo Gallery
  • So is going universal with its new app, and yet Live Writer is still going to be redeveloped as a x86 app?
  • That was my assumption too, but, alas, the new Wordpress app is a Win32 desktop app, not universal!
  • Honestly these blogging features could of have been merge into WordPad
  • Oh man, I remember using Windows Live Writer to post to my Windows Live Spaces blog, those were the days lol