Microsoft's (old) Xbox 720 roadmap through 2015 leaked online [Updated]

Update: Microsoft's lawyers (Covington & Burling LLP) have had the document in question taken down from the source, tacitly confirming the legitimacy of the leak.

Sometimes we have leaks with small tidbits and then on the rare occasion you get the motherload. That just happened minutes ago as what looks to be Microsoft's entire game plan for the Xbox 720 (yes, even they're calling it that) has just leaked online.

The document is called "Xbox 720 9-24 Checkpoint" and looks to be about two years old, but it is full of some glorious details about what Microsoft has (or had) planned for the living room. Everything from the 720's architecture to its base OS (Windows 8) is online to be viewed.  Ex-Microsoftie Shane Nokes also notes it's "an old discussion deck" but not necessarily that it's legitimate (though the amount of details suggests that it is).

We're still going over the massive slideshow, but here are some highlights:

  • XTV - Xbox TV will be launched "Holiday 2012" and will be what it sounds like. Full support won't be till the Xbox 720 though in 2013. It will work on the Xbox 360, Phone and PC.
  • Fortaleza (Kinect 3D Glasses) in 2014 with WiFi for living room; by  2015, it will have a cell radio/4G for use everywhere
  • By 2015 "Xbox experiences served up form the cloud. Instantly on any screen."
  • Xbox 720 Media Hub - "Record TV in the background and serve up to any device in the household.Stream your personal videos, music, photos and more and play them back from any device. Start and play your favorite Xbox games from other devices like phones and PCs with RemoteFX technology...Take your entertainment everywhere. Start on one screen but instantly  pause and play it again from any other device makes it best way to enjoy your TV, movies and music when you’re on the go."
  • Kinect v2 Sensor (2013) - Better 3D Play Space (closer, wider, deeper); Improved Voice Rec.; 4 Player tracking; Dedicated Processing; Improved HD 

Some now are speculating that Monday won't be a Microsoft Tablet but an "XTV" announcement. That makes sense as Los Angeles is the entertainment home. Regardless, if Microsoft doesn't announce it Monday, you can bet that it's coming soon (if it's to be ready for the holiday season).

We're sure there are more nuggets in there, and we'll update as we go through it. We can imagine there are some nervous folks at Microsoft right now but honestly this is some fantastic stuff.

Source: Scribd (download removed at the request of Covington & Burling LLP); via Michael Gillett (Twitter); More slides after the break...

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • mind=blown
  • Agreed, It makes me happy that I have a WP and not something that freezes all the time, or the very outdated small icons (iphone). My phone (HTC Trophy, stupid VZW) can go days without freezing maybe even a week. Try that with an Android. Can't wait for Monday!
  • My Omnia7 has never frozen! Amazeballs!
  • My HD7 goes not freeze, I have not restarted my phone this year lol.
  • I don't see how devices freezing, iPhone and Android got into this conversation. This article is not even about devices freezing... I don't care if you like MS or not, stop acting like a moron. You make the whole community look bad. Plus, this is irritating.
  • Lx23, that was cold...
  • Lx23 +1
  • Good thing is MS is going to make this universal. You can have an iphone/ipad/android/or wp and you will get the same experience with the new xbox and kinect.
  • That is probably one of the things that will make the next Xbox become king of the next gen consoles too. 
  • I had read somewhere that MS will make the whole thing Android/iOS friendly & it makes sense because that will convert other OS fans turn to MS & see what they have been missing all along!
  • +1
  • Lumia doesn't freeze, but I have a lot of wonky issues... Like not being able to back out or turn off.
  • Ditto omg55
  • I have a L900 as my personal and the Trophy as my corporate phone. Although I'm very disappointed that VZE, I have to say I've never had problems with my trophy or Samsung focus Gen 1 (actually, someone stole the focus when I passed it to my son once I bought the L900)
  • Be honest with you my wp 7.5 hardly freezes at all and only time I did.a restart on my phone was a month ago. If it was an android.or.iphone it will.freeze or crash within a week. Total junk phones. I have about over 89 apps installed and still fast and fluid. Best part I only have 16gig and using a 1ghz snap dragon processor :-D while other android phones have dual core and some of them still crashes or freezes. Yup shows you windows phone is a true smathphone.
  • My Focus Flash freezes about once a day on average...though this is thankfully a problem with the phone itself and not the OS. Ugh, never buying a Samsung phone again.
  • WOW...even if this is old/outdated its still jizz worthy
  • Awesome Microsoft futures seems very bright
  • Yes Microsoft is future is very bright while Apple future is to steal ideas of Microsoft features LOL.:
  • Lol Microsoft steals windows from Apple back in the day. So now Apple returns the favor and steals ideas from Microsoft. History just repeating. Lol
  • It's a pretty well-known fact that both Microsoft and Apple "stole" the GUI idea from Xerox Parc. Steve Jobs just had a much bigger tantrum over the whole thing.
  • +1
  • Well that's seems pretty accurate based on what there showing. The 720 looks more like a bluray player on the images provided. Now the Kinect v2 is a surprise. Completely forgot about it
  • Blueray is nice, but it really hasn't caught on as much as people think. Besides, I don't know why people make a big deal about bluray if everything in the future will be cloud base to be downloaded and play from any device, why would you need a ROM drive???
  • First, there are still many people who prefer physical copies of their media. Consider it a transition period. Second, not everyone has (or has access to) broadband. In which case, this setup would be worthless. Now, why continue to use optical? Unlike many other forms of media, they are very cheap and can safely retain data for a very long time.
  • Also many home broadband providers are moving to tiered data models, which could render cloud services unfeasible for all but the wealthy.
  • Blu-ray is not being included because of movies, game devs have been complaining about limitations of DVD for years now. If it was just for movies theres no way there would be Bluray in Xbox 720.
  • BluRay hasn't caught on? Riiiight... You're the same guy that said cars are going away too aren't you? :-)
  • Quality of HD downloads is much lower than BluRay as well. The average HD movie download is a 720p and has a size around 7 gigs. Average BluRay movie size is 1080p and around 20-25 gigs for the movie itself. Some of that difference, maybe a couple of gigs, is taken up by the lossless audio tracks. The rest is in the video compression. Given that the codecs are substantially similar in quality and performance that amounts to a pretty hefty difference in video quality. That doesn't even include special features that some people actually enjoy. Until broadband speeds are drastically increased and caps lifted there will be a place for optical media.
  • Bandwidth caps
  • +1  Everyone talks about cloud based storage and services and how great they will be, but they don't talk about how ISP's are going to start limiting usage and charging you for your time again just like they used to and like Cell Phone Service companies are now.  If all of your data comes from the cloud, how much data do you think you'll be moving in a month...and that's just with current generation HD...what about future gen HD?
  • Yes Bluray. I can sell my PS3 now.
  • I'm sure the blueray is more for game discs than movies, DVDs wont have enough storage for the kind of games you'll probably be able to run on an Xbox720.
  • Now apple and google to try copy.
  • Why would they try to copy? This has more to do with their Xbox division than their Windows Phone division. If anyone was likely to try and copy it would be Sony and Nintendo, not Apple or Google
  • +1
  • Thank you for pointing that out. I'm so sick of seeing "ZOMG Apple and Google copy nao" on every post I see even when they're barely related to the topic...its like nobody can praise Microsoft without s*** talking the competition...even when that s*** talk is mostly irrelevant.
  • Tv yes Monday we will get major nelson on Xbox live
  • XD
  • Alot has changed in two years, although alot of these things will still be happening im sure theres alot more the come :P hate when things are leaked but I can't help but read! Haha
  • Lol when is editing posts coming to this awesome app :P
  • If was top 10 leaks os decade this one get number 1.
  • Omg this sounds to good to be true *-* I cant wait to get to 2013 and play with kinectV2 and Xbox 720 fingers crossed for this all going according to schedule :P
  • I can't wait til 2014 - 2015. Augmented reality w/ cloud computing. Hardware no longer being a limiting factor. Bringing the game into the physical realm. Holodeck esque!
  • Holy cow that would be sweet >.
  • Fake
  • <rolls eyes> c'mon, really?
  • If was leaked by that mad guy from the forums
  • ? No, it was not and if you check the link you'll see it has been taken down at the request of Covington & Burling LLP, Microsoft's law firm. You'd may a really bad tech reporter, no offense.
  • This was leaked about 2 months ago, before E3, yet it showcases SmartGlass, which was revealed at E3. That alone leads me to belive that this is a legit discussion slideshow from about 2 years ago.
  • Xbox tv is what they were calling the video apps they launched last yr
  • Even called it that in the announcement on stage at e3 2011
  • I remember Xbox Video and Xbox Music but not Xbox TV or 'XTV'.
  • That's not really the same thing though...HBO to go, Amazon Video, deals with Comcast, etc. were already existing on the Xbox. The E3 announcemnt just expanded upon that foundation.
  • Microsoft: do this!
  • I remember one Apple fanboy who said Microsoft can't innovate and deliver amazing technology. His surname was something like "Jobs".
  • If this is real this is my favorite line:
    "1.720: > 6x perf + 360 back compat.Always on, low power, green."
  • Some one else mentioned this but I took a google at it. ABC Disney and Time Warner have a partnership, throw MS in there and you have a large instant lineup of programming. Just my guess. I could see the push to replace your cable\sat box with an X device. All you would need is internet.
  • Please excuse my use of the word Google. To clarify, someone in a comment from an earlier blog post mentioned ABC. News has been that Cable and SAT companies are concerned as more people are dropping services and going ala carte. So if this is true, these companies may just be pushing forward the inevitable. Could be a cash cow for all involved.
  • All I can say is WOW... :-) Bill Gates talked about this 20 years ago. Said he wanted to put everything in one set top box in the living room..looks like his dream is coming true.
  • My mind was just blown
  • Continue from previous post.....if everthing will be cloud based as mentioned above, wouldn't HD, 3D, Clearblack, retina screens, etc be more important than bluray?
  • This roadmap was a few years old. Regardless, they won't be relying on Bluray. Remember there are a good number of people with DVD and Bluray media collections. Would make sense to have it if they want you to have a one box solution. I would let the bluray thing go.
  • They aren't just competing against other consoles. They are also competing against TVs, BD players and other devices that are aiming to be all in one solutions. If they don't have support for those formats they are shooting themselves in the foot. People would still have to have a BD player which is likely to have many of the same features for less money. Plus BD drives are cheap enough these days that it wouldn't add substantially to the price.
  • The MS future looks alot brighter as each day passes. :-)
  • I'm sold. Sorry PS3. You had a good run. First was Atari then NES then SNES then Ultra 64 the PS2 now PS3 will soon be XBOX 720.
  • This like multiple cruise missiles aimed squarely at Nintendo, Sony, Apple, TiVo and other PVR makers, Google, Samsung and others. Three screens is such an amazing idea and with TV services launched recently, Metro UI refresh and now Smart Glass many of these seem to becoming true. Time for me to get an Xbox.
  • Anyone else get the idea that the 9/24 in the slides somewhat referenced Corinthians 9:24?
    "Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it."
  • 6xPower + XTV + DVR + BluRay + voice recognition + streamed to all your devices = revolutionary package The slide describing Smart Glass in abstract is interesting. I wonder how recent the branding was determined.
  • A lot of it sounds familiar. The 2011 and 2012 stuff seems to be about where we are. The 2013 listing for 3 screen experience sounds a LOT like Smart Glass doesn't it?
  • Now I'll certainly wait till 2015. But howwwwwwww?
  • See, that's how you do it. I've argued with Apple fanboys that are waiting for a dumb "Apple HDTV" that it's dumb to restrict yourself to one TV size, maker, etc. (think Sony Google TV) when having a set top box, such as this one, allows you to slap it on whatever display I want. Microsoft is doing a phenomenal job at bringing innovative technologies to consumers. I do have one question, I thought the reason the Xbox 360 doesn't have Bluray is because Sony owns the rights for the technology and doesn't want to license it to Microsoft. I mean I get that now would make financial sense to license it.
  • not qute, the license rights are managed by the Blu-ray Disc Assotiaton, of which Sony's just one member out of 19 major players.  but the BD-ROM specs weren't even finished by the time the XBox 360 was released, and high costs of blue diodes for a long time made it not a good financial decision. for reference, most of Microsoft's reasoning behind supporting HD-DVD instead was because of the Blu-ray spec using Java for interactive technology
  • Michael Pachter said on one of the Giant Bomcast e3 episodes that this is what Microsoft was starting to aim for. Maybe he had prior knowledge of these slides. He also predicted that it would replace sat/cable boxes and be subsidized by cable companies. I just hope that the tiered data model doesn't drive prices through the roof. I still think it'll be called the Xbox 8.
  • Not sure which bombcast you are referring to, but these slides were originally leaked about 2 months ago, so if the bombcast was recent chances are he saw the original leak.
  • Fortaleza here we come!
  • Why not present this stuff at E3?
  • They did present Smart Glass at E3. But true to Microsoft style, they don't generally announce something at E3 unless it is going to be released that holiday season.  There are really good chances that we will see the next xbox announced at E3 next year, with rumours and leaks coming out in the couple of months before hand.
  • Next week = awesome.
    Phone conf on the 20th. Now they have the Monday event to reveal some major (definitely not phone related per Daniel Rubino) which is a terrific marketing maneuver. 2 distinct events the same week to reveal secret-esc info.
    Microsoft is going to completely steal Google's momentum for their conf the following week. Tie that in with the weaker than usual Apple event that just happened and you have a brilliant future for Microsoft.
  • Wow, Bluray hasn't caught on? LOL. Well that was entertaining... Honestly I do not understand people arguing against an optical media. It's like the people that think we should scrap the registry. All it does is show a complete lack of understanding, both of business as well as the industry... It just makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to anyone.
  • No, it doesn't. Blu-ray is a good move for Microsoft, it will allow them to capitilize on larger disc sizes for future games, for which most devs already utilize because they make games for PS3 as well as for Xbox, those devs will also appreciate only having to make BD games instead of BD and DVD based games.  Consumers will also appreciate not having to own a PS3 or a BD player to play BD's, it gives consumers more options.  This plays well with Microsoft's intention to turn the Xbox (and all of their products in general) into a large multimedia experience. 
  • BD is old tech. I'd much rather they adopt some of the new media in development with 10x-100x the capacity. I wonder if having everything on USB3 memory keys would be viable...
  • Microsoft is just loving giving competitors access to this kind of information.  I'm surprised Scribd has not pulled this content and blocked Sean Wilson.
  • 2 year old information, so of which was recently announced at E3.  I doubt any competitor gained any more knowledge from these slides than what was already known or assumed.
    Edit: "This content was removed at the request of Covington & Burling LLP"
    Funny that it happened now, when  Sean uploaded it back in May. 
  • Wow so many sites, NO ONE HAS CONFIRMED ANYTHING
  • Confirmed anything? Microsoft's lawyers had this document yanked. What more confirmation do you need? 
  • +1 SevenDeadlySinz - spot on. There can't be a hole in the offering if it aims to be the only box in the living room. Internet browsing, VOD, cable/sat DVR, music collection, social media, oh yeah.... And video games
  • I wonder if the Fortaleza glasses will incorporate Kopin's golden-i tech.  I understand Microsoft has a close relationship with Kopin (golden-i is a Windows Embedded device, per ).
  • This is FAAAAKKKKEEE!!!! Microsoft said the XBOX is supposed to last 10 next Xbox=2017
  • You're either joking or need to check your facts. Everyone knows that Sony and Nintendo have new consoles coming out in the next 2 years and the 720 has been talked about for the last 18 months actively. Moreover, this docment has been removed at the request of Covington & Burling LLP, Microsoft's law firm. Fake documents don't get taken down at the request of lawyers.
  • You apparently need to go back to High School and finish basic math. The 360 was released in 2005, making it run end in 2015. Microsoft discontined the Xbox in 2007, 2 years after the 360 was released. Keeping that timline, Microsoft is obviously having the next xbox being released 2 years before the 360 is to be discontinued in 2015. Next time do a little research before making idiotic comments.
  • Now that Windows 10 has been revealed, we can see just how accurate this is!
  • Wow Xbox One and Windows 10.