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Mills free, a puzzling puzzle game for your Windows Phone

Mills Free is a neat puzzle game for your Windows Phone that is simple to pick up, but a challenge to master. The game of Mills, also known as Nine Men's Morris, is one of the oldest strategy board games around. The game even landed a spot in the popular Xbox 360 title Assassin's Creed III (opens in new tab) as a mini-game.

As far as the Windows Phone version is concerned, Mills Free offers you three levels of difficulty and if you only have time to play for a few minutes, your game in progress will be saved for when you have time to pick things up again.

Mills Free is a challenging puzzle game for your Windows Phone and a nice addition to the Windows Phone gaming library.

Mills Free's main pages include your gaming page that has your player ranking and options to resume a saved game or launch a new one from the three levels of difficulty (easy, medium or hard). You also have a Dashboard page that has links to the game's rules, leaderboards, settings and other apps from the developer.

The game screen has your playing board and each player's game pieces at the bottom of the board. The board has twenty-four predefined positions where you can place (tap/hold and drag them into place) one of your game pieces. The goal is to line up three of your pieces vertically or horizontally. When you do, you create a "mill" and can remove one of your opponents pieces.

The challenge of the game gets interesting when you have all your pieces on the board and in play. You can only move your pieces along the lines of the board to a free, adjacent position to create a "mill". You are allowed to break and re-create a "mill".

The goal of Mills is to leave your opponent in one of two states; with only two pieces or unable to make a move. The game can end in a draw if a position is repeated three times.

Mills Free is a fairly easy game to pick up but once you think you have a handle on things, the computer creates a "mill" and screws up your next move. It's a fun strategy game for your Windows Phone.

Mills Free is a free, ad-supported game for your Windows Phone. You can find Mills Free here in the (opens in new tab) Windows Phone Store.

QR: Mills Free

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  • As you mentioned, this developer clearly must have played Assassin's Creed 3. Still I do wish he/she also gets round to creating the other board game in ACIII, really enjoy that one. Good game though
  • haha, this made me laugh... if you think the game origins from Assassin's Creed 3 then you are wrong. It's very old game from medieval times, not XXI century.
    ... yep, you noticed ;)
  • Well obviously Ubisoft didn't create the game lol. ACIII was set in the 18th century so one can only assume it was a commonly played game at that time and maybe even created earlier than that, as you say medieval times.
    What I'm saying is he probably got the idea from playing ACIII.
    Not trying to knock them for that, I liked the game in ACIII and just downloaded it now. It would be me trying to knock EA for creating the monopoly game app just because the board game existed before lol
  • One of the devs here.
    We did not know the game was in Assassin's Creed 3 (we learned this from a rating review). We used to play this game as kids and this is where the inspiration came from.
  • The computer in this game pisses me off lol
  • so they didn't screw up the AI it seems ;)
  • Lol!  I know, right?  Probably why I'm not going to uninstall it.  I'm gonna win!
  • Can someone do me a big favor and post the microsoft account server address on wp8, i altered mine to then force a sync but didnt expect it to be so hard to track down!
  • If you happen to have a Windows 8 device you can get the game on Windows 8 as well (named Kodar Mills):
    We also have a collection of other board games called Boards & Pieces. The paid version also includes ad-free version of Mills - 
  • I like this game a lot, trigex is awesome in the other set of games.