Minecraft Earth is an augmented reality (AR) game from Microsoft, bringing the world of Minecraft to Android and iOS devices.

It was revealed on May 17, 2019, as part of Minecraft's tenth-anniversary celebrations. The Pokemon Go-like free-to-play game allows players to experience Minecraft in the real world, through the lenses of their Android and iOS cameras. It utilizes all the same rules as regular Minecraft, including mob breeding, redstone circuits, and construction, with an overworld metagame based on location data from Open Street Maps.

When traveling around the world, you'll be able to enter augmented reality Minecraft "Adventures," which allow you to get some of the rarer blocks and mobs for use on your "Build Plates," which are personal Minecraft building areas. You can display your builds in public or in shared worlds with friends, working together to make the builds of your wildest dreams.

Minecraft Earth is set to roll out towards the end of 2019 to the U.S. and globally in 2020 and beyond. Check back here regularly for all the latest information.