Minecraft Earth R27 update released, adds redstone contraptions and pistons

Minecraft Earth
Minecraft Earth (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Minecraft Earth is the mobile AR spin-off of Minecraft from Mojang Studios.
  • It lets players bring Minecraft into the real world, using AR tech in modern smartphones.
  • The latest release was promised in Minecraft Live, and finally adds redstone contraptions to the game.
  • With Season 11: Redstone, players will be able to build pistons and sticky pistons, a big addition for Minecraft Earth.

One of the smaller announcements during Minecraft Live was for Minecraft Earth, which is getting a new update today with R27. This latest update brings Season 11: Redstone to the game, which as the name implies finally brings vital redstone mechanics to Minecraft's AR companion in the form of pistons and sticky pistons. This will be a big deal for any Minecraft fans that was looking to take their AR builds to the next level.

The full changelog for Minecraft Earth R27 includes:

New stuff

  • We're seeing red, but only because Season 11: Redstone is coming soon! Get your engineering hat on and prepare to build mechanical creations with new challenges and rewards!
  • We don't mean to pushy...wait, actually we do! Stock up on redstone and get ready to push with new pistons and sticky pistons!

New mobs & variants

  • We've patched sheep!? No, that's not right. Oh, I see now! Introducing the new Patched Sheep variant, with its cute little patches on its cute little knees. Cuteness overload is available in a tappable near you

Bug fixes

  • Various bug fixes

The update should be rolling out as you read, and Season 11 will be starting momentarily, bringing all of the wonderful new redstone features to Minecraft Earth. While the game may not have delivered on its initial promises of greatness, it's good to see that the game continues to improve with added features.



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