Minecraft Earth: Location availability, and how to sign up for beta

Microsoft's upcoming augmented reality (AR) game looks like Pokemon Go on steroids, bringing Minecraft's creativity along for the ride. In Minecraft Earth, you'll be able to experience small slices of Minecraft in "Adventure" pockets on the overworld map, which uses Open Street Maps for all of its location data. You'll also be able to make small personal build areas dubbed "Build Plates," which you can then share with your friends, or place on a location in the real world for others to find.

There's zero doubt in our minds that Minecraft Earth is going to be huge. But when will you be able to get your hands on it? Here is all the latest information we have.

What platforms will Minecraft Earth be available for?

Minecraft Earth will be available on both Android and iOS devices, powered by ARKit and ARCore. If you have an older Android or iOS device that doesn't support the augmented reality frameworks, you won't be able to play. Additionally, Minecraft Earth is not planned for any Windows-based devices, as it depends on Google's ARCore and Apple's ARKit to function.

  • Android 7 or greater.
  • iOS 10 or greater.

Minecraft Earth release date

Microsoft announced at Minecon 2019 that Minecraft Earth will begin rolling out in early access in October, with a gradual roll out as the company tests server stability, and ensures player safety.

Where will Minecraft Earth be playable?

Minecraft Earth is currently testing in Stockholm, Tokyo, London, Seattle, and Mexico City. No future cities are currently planned for the beta, with further expansions instead held for the full release.

Microsoft's aim is to take Minecraft Earth global eventually, utilizing OpenStreetMap location data. Eventually, regardless of where you are in the world, you should be able to get in on the action.

When will the Minecraft Earth beta test go live?

Minecraft Earth's beta test is currently live in Stockholm, Tokyo, London, and Seattle, you can sign up over here.

How can you sign-up and join the Minecraft Earth beta test?

Microsoft is allowing users to sign up at a page on the Minecraft Earth website, and just for doing so, you'll get a free skin for the Minecraft Earth Bedrock Edition.

To join, you will need a free Xbox Live account, and you will also need Android 7 or higher, or iOS 10 or higher on your phone in order to be eligible. Hit the link below to sign up.

Sign up for Minecraft Earth beta

Minecraft Earth will (probably) be huge

Minecraft Earth has the potential to be truly massive if Microsoft nails all the gameplay promises we've been told about. You'll be able to collect mobs, create augmented reality Minecraft builds, and even create Redstone contraptions. Then, you'll be able to share those experiences with friends across the whole world, powered by Microsoft Azure.

Minecraft Earth @ Windows Central

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