Minecraft celebrates Halloween, Minecraft Dungeons announces new 'Spooky Fall Event'

Minecraft Halloween Season
Minecraft Halloween Season (Image credit: Mojang Studios)

What you need to know

  • Minecraft, and now its spin-off titles, are aiming to celebrate spooky season, otherwise known as Halloween, with style this year.
  • Plans include DIY projects for kids at home, new Halloween-themed merch and costumes, and in-game events for Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons, and Minecraft Earth.
  • Minecraft will have special Halloween-appropriate content available in the Minecraft Marketplace, including some freebies.
  • Minecraft Dungeons and Earth will host an in-game event, complete with new challenges and rewards for completing them.

Spooky season, or Halloween if you dislike fun, is finally here, and with it comes a barrage of in-game events, celebrations, and limited-time seasons so that everyone can enjoy spooky season no matter where they are or what they're playing. Minecraft is hopping on the spooky bandwagon with a host of activities, merch, and in-game events across the entire Minecraft universe, and I have the pleasure of sharing all of those details with you. Mojang Studios is celebrating in a few ways here, so we'll go through each of their three Minecraft games, and what each is doing to celebrate!


The OG Minecraft game, or, in other words, Minecraft! The world's most popular game, an open world creative sandbox of epic proportions, is quite the household name nowadays, and the Minecraft brand is celebrating Halloween in a number of ways.

  • DIY projects at home: To begin, Minecraft knows that a sizeable portion of its dedicated playerbase is comprised of children, which explains the importance of Minecraft: Education Edition and its use as an educational tool. For the parents and their children at home, Minecraft has a couple of fun DIY projects including Minecraft-themed Halloween masks and stencils to be used in art projects. Download the masks here, and the stencils here.
  • Halloween merch and costumes: Are you or someone you know looking to share your love of Minecraft with the rest of the world Halloween night? Well, Mojang Studios has an all-new Halloween collection to peruse, with a wide range of different costumes to choose from. Want to be Steve, a Creeper, or even the might ender dragon? Then take a look at the Minecraft Halloween Collection on Amazon. Oh, and there are choices for adults too.
  • Minecraft Marketplace Halloween Collection: Finally, Minecraft will have a Halloween Collection in the Minecraft Marketplace where players can go to buy Halloween-themed maps, texture packs, skins, character creator items, and much more. It all goes down starting October 27 and ending November 3, 2020, and during the event there will even be a free skin pack and character creator item for players to redeem. You didn't hear that from me.

Minecraft Dungeons

Taking things down half a notch, Minecraft Dungeons is celebrating the spooky season with their Spooky Fall Event, which will begin October 26 and last until the end of November 3, 2020. During the event, Seasonal Trials will offer unique challenges for players to overcome, in exchange for exclusive, limited-time rewards. There will also be a new Night Mode, further adding to the challenge by turning all the lights off. Be sure to put in the time to secure the rare gear before the event ends.

Minecraft Earth

Finally, we have Minecraft Earth, the often forgotten mobile AR sibling of Minecraft. Minecraft Earth is entering the most spooky of times with the new Boo! Spooky! Season, featuring new challenges and rewards. Three new mobs are also coming to the game, between the witch, viler witch, and climbing zombie, adding to the already very expansive list of mob variants that Minecraft Earth can boast.



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