Minecraft's Llama-filled Exploration Update lands for PC

Minecraft's Exploration Update, which was first announced earlier this year at Minecon, is now available for the PC (Java) version of the game. Ticking the game up to version 1.11, the Exploration Update brings the new Cartographer villager type, Woodland Mansions, and even Llamas.

From Mojang:

1.11 introduces the Cartographer, a new type of Villager who will exchange your spare emeralds for a map, marking the spot of certain treasure caches. But these locations won't give up their bounty so easily! Some maps may point you to mysterious Ocean Monuments, patrolled by spiny Guardians, others to Woodland Mansions - a new location, inhabited by the Villagers' creepy cousins: the Illagers!

Any loot you pick up can now also be transported by Llamas, introduced in the Exploration Update. You can even form a caravan of multiple Llamas and lead it across the land once you've saddled them up.

Keep in mind that this update is only available for the PC and Mac versions of Minecraft. Be sure to let us know in the comments what you're looking forward to checking out for yourself in the Exploration Update!

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • "PC version of the game" means the Windows 10 version or the regular Java version of the game?
  • Regular java
  • Indeed! Just added clarification in the body.