MixaMonster - a fun, colorful Windows Phone children's game

MixaMonster is a relatively new Windows Phone game that is designed to help children learn about colors and what can be created when they are mixed together.

The Windows Phone children's game has you mixing colors that will transform into an interactive monster. Available for low-memory Windows Phones, MixaMonster may not be appealing to everyone but if you have young children, MixaMonster comes across as a fun, educational game for your Windows Phone Kid's Corner.

As you would expect with a children's educational game the main menu for MixaMonster is simple and straightforward. You have a Play Button that will jump into game play at your last played level, a button to view the entire gaming level map and a button to view the About screen.

The game screen for MixaMonster has five colored dots running across the bottom of the screen and a color swatch that is positioned in the top center with a mixing plate sitting just above the dots.

The goal is to combine the colored dots on the mixing plate so they will match the color swatch. Just tap and drag the colors you want to mix on to the plate and swirl them around with your finger to create the new color. If the color matches the swatch, your monster will appear. If the end result does not match, the colors will fade away and you can try again.

Should you get completely stumped on which colors to match, tap the swatch to receive a hint on which colors to mix up.

Once your monster comes into play, MixaMonster will offer you a few items at the bottom of the screen that you can feed to your monster and an item at the top of the screen that will have the monster dance and jiggle on the plate.

Tap and hold the object to move it around the screen to see the monster react. When you are ready to feed the item to your monster, just drag it over the monster's mouth.

Overall Impression

MixaMonster comes across as a fun way to teach your children colors. The monsters are nicely animated and the sound effects are sure to please our younger Windows Phone users. Not only will the game teach your children the relationship between colors but also gives you the opportunity to spend some time with your kids.

It is hard to find anything critical about such a simple game. The monsters are along the lines of what you would find on Nickelodeon (more goofy looking than scary) and the interface is simple enough a toddler can figure it out. The only thing I might suggest is to have the ability to remove a color from the plate if you realize that you have chosen wrong.

Otherwise, while MixaMonster may not be a mainstream Windows Phone game but if you are looking for titles to fill your Kid's Corner then MixaMonster is worth trying. The trial version gives you access to the first few levels of play while the full version unlocks the full game along with any extra monster packs that become available.

Please note that if you tried to install MixaMonster and received a hardware compatibility error, the developer has updated the game to correct this issue.

George Ponder

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