MixRadio's final update bids you farewell and thanks for the music

Following the recent, shock news that Line is to close down MixRadio for good, there is one final update waiting in the Store for its many Windows Phone fans around the world. Sadly, all it does is remind you of what's about to happen and bid you farewell.

It's been handled a little differently to how its gone down on iOS and Android it seems, with users on those platforms getting an update that locks them out of everything in the app aside from The Last Playlist, generated to say goodbye.

On Windows Phone it looks like mixes still work, though Play Me seems to have stopped for us. There's a link in the app to an FAQ section on what happens now. In short, when it's over, it's over. Offline mixes it seems will still work for 30 days from their last refresh, so if you've got stuff saved you can enjoy it for a little while longer.

It's still sad news, especially for the people behind the service, some of whom we've grown to know quite well over the years. Our best wishes remain with them in their future endeavors.

But for now, it's farewell. And thanks for the music.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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