Mobile marketing expert says Facebook could purchase Nokia to build "FacePhone"

We wrote up quite a lengthy article the other day detailing the possibility of a Facebook smartphone, or "FacePhone" for giggles, so we wont go into too much detail here to save your eyes some repetition. According to a report over at Computerworld, a mobile marketing expert based in Paris has predicted such hardware will emerge in 18 months. Yep, we know what you're thinking. Take this with a truck-load of salt.

Paul Amsellem, managing director of Mobile Network Group and the soul who believes such a device will become reality, also states that Facebook could buy Nokia with the state the manufacturer is in, which would give the social network an easy opportunity to get into the mobile market. This in itself is a wild prediction.

"Facebook will launch the FacePhone. And whether it has a blue color and a logo with a big F on it, it will definitely be disruptive. Even at this moment, Facebook doesn't know what it will look like, but they need to do it. Facebook needs somebody with an understanding of networking, technology, carrier relationships and logistics. They can acquire one of these two players [Nokia / RIM] for not a lot of money." 

Amsellem goes onto say that the company needs to do something, which everyone will agree with. Facebook has found itself in a hole with stocks, revenue streams and innovations for the service itself. For the time being, the social network hangs on as an integrated service or app for current mobile operating systems. This will have a negative impact on advertisement revenues with more and more computer users moving to / adopting portable devices.

Rob Enderle, an analyst at Enderle Group, hits the Facebook situation nail on the head though.

"Facebook appears to be trying to emulate Google, much like Google tried to emulate Apple. A copy of a copy likely won't end up well, given how powerful both of the primary iOS and Android platforms are."

It boils down to the fact that Facebook really is just a place to communicate with friends, and occasionally water the crops. Is there space for Facebook as an ecosystem with a mobile platform to compete with Microsoft, Apple, RIM and Google? Probably not, but then again this is just an analyst's prediction, and we all know first-hand how inaccurate these can be.

What do you guys think? Would Facebook be punching above its weight?

Source: Computerworld

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • They are probably already punching above its weight.
  • That would be the worst thing I could imagine happening. If Facebook bought Nokia there is no way I would ever buy a Nokia device. I am already upset enough at Microsoft for their Facebook relationship status.
  • +9999999
  • +999999
  • This a 100 times! I am already upset that Microsoft has big ties with the social networking giant. The only advantages for it being bing maps integration, integration with social search/ask friends feature and a deep integration in WP. For those reasons alone they are a necessary evil.
    Face people can buy blackberry if they want cuz I don't care about them, do not go near Nokia and ruin a company that has been on a rebuild path since its WP ressurection.
  • Would it be the FacePhone.... or PhoneBook? Lol
  • Gotta give you props on that one.
  • Phone book actually makes a lot of sense because most people's contacts are on Facebook... Well maybe not most people, but a large amount use Facebook, and when syncing a device for the first time most of a lot of peoples contacts are comprised from Facebook.. PhoneBook! I like that! Yes you deserve props. I have no problem with a FBP,,, as long as it's starts screen has live tiles on it, and it doesn't alter the WP theory,,, in a bad way. I'm open minded, and WP can use all the help it can get as long as the help doesn't ruin the experience. In other words, a FBWP has to be executed by the WP design team for Facebook, or it will just be a skinned WP device. Now, if FB just wants to use the WP kernel, and they design a totally original UI thats not related to WP thats fine. Whatever. Just shows how good MS software really is. Think positive guys!
  • "Dude, do you have a PhoneBook?"
    "I have a few, I use them as supports for my tables"
    "No, the phone"
    "I thought you said phonebook, not a phone"
    "No, I mean the PhoneBook phone"
    "My.. phone can act like a phonebook with Local Scout or Bing... I... guess?"
    "It's the name of a phone. Like Facebook, but replace face with phone"
    "Oh. No, I don't have one then. I have Facebook integration anyway"
  • If they use WebOS, it can be called FacePalm Phone. :D
  • In lieu of this ever making it to reality... I am face palming right now!
  • I think HTC is more likely...and that's what...someone said...
  • HTC is not a publicly traded company so it would be hard for Facebook to buy them if they aren't for sale...
  • Yes they are. 2498.TW
  • Lol I see Microsoft buying Nokia or RIM before Facebook does lol. Or partner with both.
  • I'm sorry but screw that and screw Facebook for thinkn they could do that Nokia wouldn't do that RIM more likely to do so tho
  • First off, Facebook doesn't think this, its an analyst talking. Second, with a public company, if you have enough money, it can be bought.
  • Microsoft has money Facebook is a fad that will go away for something else to come along in its place they wouldn't buy Nokia that will not ever happen!
  • F facebook
  • +1
  • Fuck Facebook!
  • +1
  • To me it sounds like Facebook is just angling to get one of the big companies, like Microsoft, to give them a sweet deal.
    It doesn't really make sense for Facebook to compete with MS, Google, and iOS.
    And I would guess that if Facebook tries a takeover of Facebook, that MS would step in and compete with them.  I doubt that Facebook wants to get into a bidding war with Microsoft.
    However, if Facebook partnered with one of the major ecosystems, then that could be big.
  • I think you mean to say Facebook may try to take over Nokia, not themselves!
    But, other than that, I agree and hope as well.  It really doesn't make sense for Facebook to try to guild their own mobile device.  Hell, look at Samsung Bada  and that should tell you all you need to know.
  • No! Now that Facebook is public they might have to fight to own the majority of themselves. Think about shares.
  • 56% of Facebook shares are held by Zuck
  • For Microsoft to succeed with Windows Phone, they absolutely NEED Nokia.  They don't need Facebook.  I certainly would hope that MS finds a way to either block it, or prohibit any buyout of Nokia by Facebook.
    However, with Facebook losing 10% of it's value in a week, one has to wonder why would they do that, and would investors really think that's a wise idea with the only other branch of Android that is successful is the Kindle Fire.
  • This is all a bad idea and whoever predicted this is an idiot. Either way things aren't looking too good for Facebook.
  • I always thought Nokia was too big to be purchased by the likes of Facebook. Is this not the case?
  • Nokia's market cap is only 10 billion these days, and they only need a majority of that 10 billion. 
  • As if Microsoft would ever allow that to happen.
  • I agree!
  • I vote FacePalm for the new phone name.
  • Lol brilliant
  • +1
  • No.
  • Doesn't anyone remember that Facebook already had a phone and it was a huge flop? HTC tried..with a shiny blue button proudly proclaiming its fb status and did anyone buy it? Heck to the nah! Worse idea ever,....
  • That was a feature phone, and you sound like those haters who are always downing WP because of Kin. Lets not be like this people. Anything is possible,, Some said that WP would not succeed a year ago, but it's succeeding just fine. Lets stay open minded people and think of how this could benefit WP/Nokia/MS. As WP users we should be confident and not have to hate like those fans of other platforms who are always on the defensive because they know WP is good. Yeah, we dont have to do that because we know that WP is safe!
  • Your reply has nothing to do with what @infamousdaveman said...
  • Says the person who criticized Nokia for using Spanish names. Can't get more racist than that
  • Wont happen. 
    Microsoft / Nokia have 5 year agreement together. So if someone wants to buy-out Nokia, they have to go through Microsoft and get approval first.
  • "Truck load of salt" was an understatement
  • That is an insult to Nokia, stupid.
  • Its bad enough we got depressing news from friends nd people. Nd not to mention arguments through Facebook, last thing i wanna hear is about is a facebook phone
  • Microsoft already has Nokia and facebook would make themself look greedy.
  • Facebook could also buy RIM. I personally feel their 28 - yr old hoodied CEO needs to get their stock off the ground before acting like some hardened businessman.
  • Agree
  • Palmtothaface phone
  • What does everyone think they can make a smartphone wen they don't have one and think it will work lol
  • I think ideal situation is MSFT + NOK + FB jointly bid for RIMM. FB takes the network (BBM), MSFT the OS IP, and NOK the hardware IP, then the three collaborate on making a flagship Nokia-built, Facebook-branded, Windows Phone 8 (9?) device..
    That device will be promoted as the 'hero' WP (like Samsing Galaxy for Android) and will be heavily customized with FB content and be refreshed just once a year, a la iPhone..
  • The Best Dream evah!
  • I can't believe they think that anyone would actually WANT a Facebook phone. Dumbest thing ever.
  • I always ask and I will ask again, What version of the Facebook app is in the picture?
  • What came before the UI overhall.. early build ver ~1.5/2
    Looks nicer how it used to be
  • As long as Nokia didn't get rid of NSN there won't be any takeover.
  • Ultimately, Facebook is an increasingly boring and useless tool, and will die out like MySpace and bebo.
  • I don't really understand all the hate for Fb. Is it because Zuckerburg (sp?) is stinking rich? It reminds me of those annoying fanboys who hate on "M$" purely because of their success. Okay, putting all this aside, it would be catastrophic if Fb acquired Nokia. For starters, a Fb phone will flop, and more importantly, it'll take down Nokia with it. This is a threat to WP and one that MS should take seriously.
  • I don't get it either. You would think there was some mandate forcing folks to use FB. And yes, this just sounds like a bad idea. But the masses thought Heath Ledger playing the Joker would bomb and look how that turned out. So I'm gonna wait to see how this shakes out
  • FacePhone? The sound of it makes want to hurt somebody. Sure their in the big leagues, but don't get ahead of yourself.
  • This sounds like a great venture for Facebook... IF AND ONLY IF they are trying to capsize their stock price even further, lol. This is worthless. They would be better off working with Microsoft as a partner for further FB integration in Windows Phone. At least that has potential for market growth and user adoption.
  • This would be the end of Nokia and I have no intention of ever going back to any other platform than WP and Nokia Is my brand for that if Nokia should no longer be making WP then I will not longer be buying Nokia simple as that
  • MS should outbid FB if it ever comes to this
  • I'm not gonna even read all the comments. But I'm sure all the Nokia fans are frothing at the mouth right now at the possibility, lol
  • MS better not let that happen. They would lose their only partner that as an invested interest in WP
  • If Facebook can automagically make it vast portfolio of PC browser apps natively work on which ever mobile OS platform they choose to develop on, then I think they could be a strong contender in the mobile OS wars.
  • If that were to happen I would delete my Facebook.