MobiSystems' OfficeSuite makes the jump to Windows PC

MobiSystems has officially launched a Windows PC version of its OfficeSuite bundle of programs. The productivity suite, which was previously only available for Android and iOS, packs alternatives to Microsoft's own Office offerings, including editors for documents, presentations and spreadsheets.

Here's a bit of what you can expect out of OfficeSuite for Windows:

  • Powerful PDF management options including quick conversion and sharing options, digital security and certification, and advanced markup and annotation!
  • Create beautiful-looking DOCUMENTS with the included Microsoft Font Pack, as well as a large selection of preloaded templates!
  • Powerful capabilities for editing your SPREADSHEETS include cell formatting, extensive formulas library, conditional formatting with data bars and color scales, all perfect for editing large-scale data!
  • Make your PRESENTATIONS more engaging with dozens of customizable shapes and transitions!

On top of the above features, OfficeSuite is compatible with all Microsoft document formats, so you should have no trouble working with files made in Microsoft Office. The suite also supports PDF files with madvanced markup, as well as OpenDocument file types and more.

If you're interested, you can check out OfficeSuite for Windows for free at MobiSystems' website. Do note that you'll need to purchase OfficeSuite Premium to print documents without a watermark, however.

Download OfficeSuite for Windows

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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