Moleskine's Smart Writing Set now lets you create digital notes on Windows 10

Microsoft and Moleskine, known for its notebooks and paper products, have teamed up to help you digitize your physical scribbles. As noted by Engadget, Moleskine's Smart Writing System, which creates digital versions of your physically written notes, is coming to Windows with the Moleskine Notes Windows 10 app.

The system takes advantage of the Neo smartpen, which takes advantage of a built-in camera to track your inking as you write on special paper from Moleskine. From there, Moleskine's Smart Writing System app will transfer your writing to the Moleskine Notes app or a Microsoft Word document. You can also use the system to jot down notes and charts in PowerPoint and One Note as well.

As handy as digital inking can be, Moleskine's system should prove handy for anyone who prefers physical writing but still want's digitized notes. However, at $199 for the setup, the price to get started is a bit steep. But for anyone who already used the setup with their Android or iOS device, the addition of Windows support should make the setup a little more worth the cost.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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