Monster Hunter: World Xbox One buyer's guide — Editions, bonuses, release dates, and more

Following its success on rival console platforms, the Monster Hunter series is on track to make its Xbox One debut this month. Bringing its beast-slaying action to the console, Monster Hunter: World will be the most ambitious title in the series yet, with revamped graphics, a new open-world structure, and seamless co-op integration.

With several versions of Monster Hunter: World packing in-game content and preorder bonuses, it's harder than ever to choose which is best for you. Ahead of the game's release on January 26, we wrapped up each of the game's editions set to drop at launch.

Monster Hunter: World preorder bonuses

Depending on where you preorder your copy of Monster Hunter: World, various bonuses may be up for grabs. Across most retailers, the "Origin Set armor" and "Fair Wind charm" are included with preorders, which provide in-game buffs to your character. Alternatively, some retailers also have physical goods available with preorders. Here's a recap of preorder bonuses across major U.S. retailers.

Monster Hunter: World editions

Monster Hunter: World (disc)

The standard version Monster Hunter: World costs $59.99, with additional bonus content depending on the retailer. This version of the game is most common and will be stocked by the majority of video game retailers. Some retailers in Europe also stock a special variant of the base game packaged with a shifting lenticular cover.

Monster Hunter: World (digital)

A digital version of Monster Hunter: World is also available for $59.99, sold as a pre-paid code to be redeemed via Xbox Live. Most retailers that stock codes will distribute codes ahead of launch as Xbox Live currency, to give players the chance to preorder and pre-load the title. Like digital copies purchased directly from the Xbox Store, these copies of the game will unlock at 12:01 a.m. in your time zone.

Monster Hunter: World Digital Deluxe Edition

For those looking for the complete Monster Hunter: World experience, a higher-tier "Digital Deluxe Edition" is available for $69.99. Offered only in a digital form, this version of the game provides access to exclusive in-game content for use during your monster-hunting adventures.

Included is the Samurai armor set, alongside the "Zen," "Ninja Star" and "Sumo Slap" gestures. Other cosmetic items are also bundled in this pack, including the "MH All-Stars" and "Sir Loin" sticker sets, the "Wyvern" face paint and "Topknot" hairstyle. This content will also be available for purchase after launch to standard edition owners, via a "Deluxe Kit" upgrade.

Monster Hunter: World Collector's Edition

For true Monster Hunter fans, the game's "Collector's Edition" offers a premium package packed with goodies. While it won't come cheap, priced at $149.99, this version includes a Nergigante statue, 32-page hardcover art book, and a digital copy of the soundtrack. Although a physical disc-based copy of Monster Hunter: World is provided, a redeemable code for the Deluxe Kit also comes in the box.

The "Collector's Edition" might be tempting for many but this GameStop-exclusive product is currently out of stock in the U.S. With a restock being unlikely, foreign stores or local resellers may be your best bet, though likely at a higher price point.

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Monster Hunter: World merchandise

If you want to take your love for Monster Hunter: World to the next level, we recommend heading over to "Numskull" – the officially partnered distributor of its merchandise. Among its offerings are officially-branded shirts, caps, and mugs, as well as other unique Monster Hunter: World goods. Prices vary from item to item, though all come in below $30.

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Which version of Monster Hunter: World are you planning to pick up on launch day? Make sure to drop into the comments below with your pick!

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