More of This, Please: China to Standardize to USB for Cell Phones

The bane of the US is that our cellphones always seem to be step or two behind the rest of the world. I blame deregulation. I'm not saying I want a Communist dictatorship, but I do like the idea of having a single standard for charging phones. I have way too many wall warts (aka AC adapters) and I can never keep them straight.

China is moving to standardize all cellular phones sold in the country to using the USB port for charging. The thought is that having one charger for every brand of cell phone will make it easier for consumers. It will make it easier on consumers, but cut into the profits for he accessory makers. I would imagine that if China standardizes to USB, we will likely see all cellular phones going to the same standard. However, China has set no date at which they will begin enforcing the standard.

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WC Staff